Becoming the Pack Leader


Becoming the pack leader is really not difficult to do. Did you know that most of the time poor canine leadership exists because of lack of knowing what is supposed to be done. On many occasions, we find that pet owners on Long Island, NYC have good intentions and really give it their all to bond and form a healthy relationship with their puppy or dog. Through a variety of commands our Dog Trainers on Long Island can help you achieve pack leadership

Your Dog is Not Human

The MOST important thing to learn and then accept is to know that your puppy or dog is NOT human. This is difficult for many dog owners, more so, for a lot of first time puppy owners. Months ago, a friend who is a dog trainer on Long Island summed it up the best when he said “puppy training is crucial.” The context of the conversation that solicited that response was dog sports talk. It does apply puppy pet training as well. Many habits in pet training, like dog sport training will not be detected until the later years. Dog separation anxiety would be a great example. Our puppy training programs build confidence, which is often a key component of separation anxiety in dogs and puppies.

Want to be a Pack Leader?

If you endeavor to have a positive relationship as well as impact on your puppy or dog being a pack leader is not discretionary. What does being a pack leader mean? And how does a dog owner do it? First off, it is very important that you understand that a canine needs a pack leader, they want clear communication or direction, they’d prefer NOT to be in control, but need to know that some being is in control. This is extremely important for dogs, more so, for building confidence in your puppy. Why is this?

There is a great distinction between humans and canines. We, humans, strive to become, better, more productive, wealthier, respected, we want to take on more responsibility in our job because we know that is a conduit to moving up the ladder and furthering our position in the hierarchy; then we teach this to our children.

The dog world. Dogs that are not natural leaders do not strive to obtain that status. Instead, they prefer to follow a strong leader. They stay in the crowd, and do not cause any problems so long as they are eating, moving, and sleeping. It is when the leadership can no longer provide this for them when the trouble begins. A dog will, when they feel their necessities and safety is being threatened or depleted will unwantedly attempt to take charge.

Research informs us that in the dog world, the leader eats first, walks first, etc….The body language of the leader is assertive. If the pack leader moves into another dog’s area and wants to claim it, he does so, without incident or words; body language is very important and can be found in most pack leaders.

How to Become a Human Pack Leader of Your Dog

Obviously, becoming the pack leader for a dog in the woods is naturally easier than becoming a human pack leader. However, the concept remains the same – leadership! So, yes, modifications have to be made to become the leader of your domesticated canine.

If you’re having trouble becoming the pack leader in your home with your dog, Dedicated Dog Training can help you. We can make owning your puppy or dog a lot easier for you. Our puppy training programs focus on pack leadership throughout training. Furthermore, we believe the best dog training Long Island, NYC programs MUST focus on leadership.

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