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Will A Dog Board and Train Fix My Dog’s Reactivity to other Dogs?


Here’s the truth about dog board and train programs for dog reactive dogs. Unlike conventional thought, a dog board and train program does NOT make your dog like other dogs. That said, what we usually discover in dog on dog leash reactivity cases are: 1) The dog lacks confidence in...

Dog Boot Camps, Who Are They Good For?


A dog boot camp is NOT good for every puppy or dog owner; however, dog boot camps can be perfect for the right pet owner. If you're the dog owner that is: Dedicated to your dog; Actively Engaged with your pet; Consistent; Believes that dogs and people are different; Understands...

Puppy Potty Training Boot Camp


Like doggy boot camps, some puppy owners are candidates for this type of puppy housebreaking program and other pet owners are not. Before going forward, we'd like to present a more inexpensive option to your puppy potty training needs on Long Island and Queens, New York. Simply put, it boils...

Doggie Boot Camp and Dog Separation Anxiety


Unfortunately, it has been our professional dog training experience that a doggie boot camp program to resolve separation anxiety in puppies or dogs is not the route to go. Many pet owners believe that separation anxiety in dogs is the same as a canine being disobedient or not following commands;...

Doggie Boot Camps, The Truth


Some of the greatest dog trainers around the world as well as “old school” obedience trainers don’t even know what a doggie boot camp is. And the dog trainers that have been brought up to speed, do not even entertain, nor see worth in a doggie boot camp. Their position...

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