Puppy Training

Our Long Island based obedience training school currently offers several different puppy training services:

Puppy Potty Training Phone Consultations: $50/30 minutes:

Our puppy potty training consult is ideal for the puppy owner that either wants to take a proactive approach to potty training their puppy BEFORE the bad habits get imprinted or for the puppy owner that is already struggling with their puppy’s potty-training efforts.

Our puppy training phone consultation has helped many puppy owners and provides answers not limited to:

  • Should I use a crate (how long, where should the crate be, what about playpens?)
  • The role of wee-wee pad usage and the negative impacts if used wrong
  • How to properly introduce and implement crate training
  • Expectations & time lines with your puppy’s potty training (age, etc…)
  • Food intake
  • Water intake
  • Puppy elimination outside & then inside the home

At the completion of the puppy training potty training consultation you’ll receive supplemental information, access via email, text to help you implement the system that has worked for so many puppy owners that we’ve coached throughout the years.
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Puppy Potty Training Workshop: $150 (in-your home):

  • Where the accidents are occurring
  • The size and location of the crate in relation to accidents
  • The wee-wee pad set up
  • The outside potty-training area location(s)

Similar to the potty-training phone consultations, you’ll receive FULL email, text access to your trainer to help implement our puppy training potty system and if necessary, make modifications to help you along the way.
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Puppy Training Lessons: $450/4 Lessons (4.5) hours in-home puppy training:

Please feel free to learn more about the structure of our puppy training lessons which are private one on one training which takes place in your home.

Although there is no exclusivity to our puppy training lessons, they are not for everyone. Our ideal puppy training client should possess the desire and have the time to be consistent to implement our puppy training methods on a steady basis.

Here are some of the areas that we have helped many with their puppy’s training and development:

  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Confidence building
  • Proper timing & Exposure to different elements
  • People and dog socialization (what to do, but MORE importantly, what NOT to do)
  • Intro to commands (heel, come, sit, place commands) via positive reinforcement methods
  • Problem solving with regard to nipping and jumping
  • Proper foundation in rewards for your dog with food, toys and verbal markers
  • Complete phone, email and text access for duration of the program, outside business hours
  • (45) day Email and text access AFTER program

That said, puppy training is FAR more important to dog training as it is the building blocks to the more advanced obedience training Dedicated Dog Training is known for.

What makes puppy training even more crucial is the short window period that puppy owners must take advantage to forging good behaviors and mitigating the less-than-desirable behaviors.
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