Puppy Training

We take our puppy training very seriously as should you.

It’s an opportunity to install good habits into your puppy that can last a very long time.

You know the old saying “timing is everything,”


Letting this window escape, may not be the end of the world with your puppy’s training; however, why take the chance? Especially when you have a clean slate with your new puppy. Please feel free to take a look below at our age appropriate puppy training.

Puppy Training Boot Camp

Requirement: Must be at least five (5) months old & owner must be active in their puppy’s training.

Our puppy training boot camp is perfect for puppies five (5) months & older. Our puppy boot camp grants dedicated owners the opportunity to get it right form the start! Our unique, but reliable way of training puppies has earned us the recommendations of many which we are eternally GRATEFUL for!!

If you’re seeking professional puppy training with a proven track record for success with all types of puppies & training we’d like very much to help you meet your puppy training goals. Learn more about how our puppy training boot camp works!!!

Puppy Training Lessons Nassau County

Requirement: MUST have completed our puppy boot camp.
Our in-home puppy training lessons in Nassau County are the second half to our enhanced program. This part of our puppy training program is used to transfer the training to you. This makes it easy for our clients to achieve long term improvement and lasting SUCCESS. Please take sometime to learn more about our puppy training lessons.

Puppy Training Lessons Suffolk County

Requirement: Must have graduated from our elite puppy boot camp.
For those graduates we offer private puppy training lessons in Suffolk County on our training field where we can provide real world distractions (dogs, people, equipment) to simulate some of the situations that you’ll find yourself in with your puppy’s training.
To learn more about how these sessions are structured, please take a look at our puppy training lessons in Suffolk County section.

Virtual Puppy Workshop

While many other dog training schools provide puppy training lessons to canines younger than 16 weeks old, Dedicated Dog Training takes a more unique, amazing approach. We offer a puppy virtual workshop which provides you with extremely insightful & TIMELY information on how to do things right, right from beginning!

It’s More About Teaching You
Although our virtual puppy lesson will start you off on the important commands (the same way we do with all our puppies), truth be told, with puppies sixteen (16) weeks or younger, it’s more about teaching you what to (and more importantly, what NOT to do) than training your puppy

Puppy Training Lessons are Proactive!
Most puppy owners are dismissive about puppy training lessons & many only hire a trainer for puppy training lessons when something goes wrong. In all honesty, it is the wrong way to view puppy training lessons or a workshop.

Our virtual puppy workshop is “PROactive!” We are looking to “avoid” the mistakes, the bad habits, the frustration and sometimes, irreversible behaviors. We focus on Potty training, Nipping, Jumping & hyperactive behavior!

Puppy Workshop Video Course, Immediate Access

Immediate access to our online puppy training video course! This is an excellent choice for those who want answers to all their puppy training / raising questions. There’s a lot more to having a well-behaved puppy than training! Learn the secrets of how to reside and properly raise your puppy with immediate access to our puppy video library.

Online Puppy Q & A Videos