Puppy Training

Have a Puppy between the  ages of 8 weeks and 4.5 months? We are launching a short puppy training video series……coming soon! —>Sign up here, LIMITED<—-

We take our puppy training very seriously. It is an opportunity to install good habits into your puppy that can last a very long time. You know the old saying “timing is everything,” this applies to puppy training as well. Letting this window escape, may not be the end of the world with your puppy’s training; however, why take the chance? Especially when you have a clean slate with your new puppy.

Puppy Training Lessons Nassau & Suffolk – For all puppies up until 16 weeks :

Our puppy training lessons in Suffolk and Nassau Counties can help guide you through the tough challenges that come with raising a puppy (properly).

We’ll train your puppy and teach you how to effectively communicate with your puppy to decrease the unwanted nipping, jumping and the potty training accidents that can make many puppy owners wonder if they took on more than they can handle.

Together, your puppy trainer and you can make things a lot easier by developing a puppy training program that has helped so many of our Long Island puppy owners move forward.

Please feel free to get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or phone: (516) 512-9111 for dates available.

Puppy Training Lessons – Learn More!

Puppy Boot Camp Long Island

Although Dedicated Dog Training knows that a puppy boot camp is the VERY BEST way to go for puppy training. There is no substitute to a puppy boot camp where your puppy will be professionally trained and then you will be taught how to train and maintain your puppy for your ongoing success.

Puppy Boot Camp – 4.5 months to six (6) months – 4 week program :
Our puppy boot camp is the PERFECT start to your puppy’s training!

Having your dog trained professionally & not giving your dog a chance to develop bad habits while making commands like second nature is priceless!

During your puppy’s 4 week stay, he or she will learn a variety of commands, but more importantly, a training system!

Please feel free to get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or phone: (516) 512-9111 for dates available.

4 Week Dog Board and Train

Requirements for a two (2) week puppy boot camp

Puppy Boot Camp – 7 months and up – 2 week program :

For puppies seven (7) months or older, you’re more than likely to be a candidate for either our 4 week board and train or two (2) week puppy boot camp, depending on maturity level, temperament and obedience training desired.

The two (2) week program is a GREAT start for many puppies and their owners. Our puppy boot camp trains the puppy and then teaches the owner!

Please feel free to get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or phone: (516) 512-9111 for dates available.

2 week puppy boot camp

This being said, we understand that not all puppy owners require or desire this high level of puppy training. Many puppy owners are struggling with potty training or some frustrating puppy behaviors that they just want some instructional direction on how to handle their puppy. For this reason, our Long Island based obedience training school currently offers several different puppy training services:

Puppy Potty Training Phone Consultations: $50/30 minutes:

Our puppy potty training consult is ideal for the puppy owner that either wants to take a proactive approach to potty training their puppy BEFORE the bad habits get imprinted or for the puppy owner that is already struggling with their puppy’s potty-training efforts.

Our puppy training phone consultation has helped many puppy owners and provides answers not limited to:

  • Should I use a crate (how long, where should the crate be, what about playpens?)
  • The role of wee-wee pad usage and the negative impacts if used wrong
  • How to properly introduce and implement crate training
  • Expectations & time lines with your puppy’s potty training (age, etc…)
  • Food intake
  • Water intake
  • Puppy elimination outside & then inside the home

At the completion of the puppy training potty training consultation you’ll receive supplemental information, access via email, text to help you implement the system that has worked for so many puppy owners that we’ve coached throughout the years.
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Puppy Potty Training Workshop: $150 (in-your home):

  • Where the accidents are occurring
  • The size and location of the crate in relation to accidents
  • The wee-wee pad set up
  • The outside potty-training area location(s)

Similar to the potty-training phone consultations, you’ll receive FULL email, text access to your trainer to help implement our puppy training potty system and if necessary, make modifications to help you along the way.
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