Puppy Training

Seeking the best puppy training Long Island has to offer? Then you’ve came to the right place! Our puppy training programs are ideal for both the seasoned dog owner and the first time (ever or as an adult or family) puppy owners in Suffolk, Nassau and Queens Counties. Take a look at what our obedience dog trainers can help you with.

Puppy Training Lessons
Age: 6 weeks to 4 months
Location: We come to you (In and around your home)
Cost: $450/4 lessons of 4.5 hours of training for your puppy PLUS email, phone and text support!

puppy training lessons on Long Island
Congrats on your new puppy! Hopefully you’re here to take a proactive approach to your puppy’s training because this extraordinary window period doesn’t last forever, and it never comes back.
Also, offering Puppy Workshop at ONLY $150


puppy workshop


Our puppy training lessons are geared to not only the technical aspect of obedience training for your puppy, but how to properly rasie your puppy. Our training sessions focuses on implementing good habits, but also preventing bad habits. For first time puppy owners, we take you by the hand every step of the way. For seasoned puppy owners, our puppy training can give you a different beginning than your last time around.

Please feel free to learn more about our puppy training lessons and ask any specific questions you may have. You can also book our beginning session below:

—–> Also offering a puppy training workshop  ONLY $150<—–

Puppy Workshop
Age: 4 Months or less
Cost: $150 for nintey (90) minutes PLUS follow-up support via email

Our puppy training workshop is ideal for puppies less than four (4) months and is designed to get you started off on the right paw with your puppy. This puppy workshop consists of a nintey (90) minute home visit. We’ll go over many aspects of getting you started the PROPER way with your puppy. Our puppy worskhop focuses on Potty Training, Nipping and Jumping among a ton of of other areas.

Puppy Training VS Puppy Workshop

Acquiring a new puppy can lead you into a very dismal state; there are so many questions and decisions to make. How do we know what the right puppy training course of action is. It used to be simple, get a dog and sign them up for obedience training. Age fo your puppy wasn’t really a factor many years ago. However, like everything else, puppy trainers on Long Island and around the world are getting better and better, thus our puppy training programs are too!

The new training for puppies is in the form of a puppy workshop. The major differences between puppy training lessons and a puppy workshop is:

1) Puppy workshops: are more informational and preparation based. They are awesome for first time dog owners as well as puppy onwers that are hands on and just require professional advice and a game plan to move forward.

2) Puppy Training Lessons: Include our puppy workshop but go into further steps of the training process such as positive reinfrocement with obedience commands. That said, the real benefit that Dedicated Dog Training of Long Island provides to their puppy training clients is four (4) PLUS weeks of access to their puppy trainer. This is invaluable when beginning training with a new puppy. Things will come up and you have someone to turn to.

Why Is Puppy Training So Important?

Puppy pet owners and professional dog trainers will disagree and agree on many areas of obedience training. This is normal, there are many philosophies, methods and beleives with regard to training puppies and dogs.

That being said, there usually is one constant where pet owners place a higher importance on dog training than puppy training. You may hear it all the time “Oh, she’s just a puppy, she’ll grow out of it,” “we’re goping to wait and have her trained when she is older,” or “this puppy behavior will stop when she gets older.” Dog trainers have a different take, we’re like “she is starting a bad habit – we have to get in front of this before she does it a few more times!” Puppy training is primarily spent on preventing bad habits from being formed and forging good behavior. Whereas, dog training is usally more focused on trying to stop bad behaviors that have been ingrained in the dog and is more like second nature.

Potty Training Your Puppy

Puppy Potty training is one of the most biggest challenges that puppy owners face. Our workshop is ideal for your housebreaking or puppy potty training efforts. For potty training, a workshop would be more cost effective versus private puppy training lessons. A workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge to properly housebreak your puppy – our workshops have helped many.

Puppy Training Commands

If your the puppy owner that plans on being very active and engaged with your puppy and using obedience commmands to help provide mental and physical stimulation for your puppy, this is the program for you. By beginning your puppy on command training as early as possible you can lay a strong foundation. This puppy training foundation will greatly benefit in your later years with your dog. It can allow for off-leash control of your dog in moderate to high distraction. This level of training of course needs to be maintained. This control over your dog will give your dog much more freedom and allow you to fully exercise your dog while turning the heads of many other puppy and dog owners.