About Us

 Who is our Ideal Pet Owner?

Our ideal pet owner is someone that brings the fire, determination and desire to the table and is willing to follow our lead so we can help them. Most of our ideal clients have the same personalities: they have a burning desire to learn, implement and overcome their challenges and to be happy. They want a clear and specific game plan to follow (many of our obedience training clients opt for our one month dog board and train Long Island training platform. They understand that at the completion of our dog board and train program, they must be a part of the training in order to maintain the optimal, long lasting results, that all of our clients are equipped with and that they too are seeking!

Many of our pet clients own a dog or puppy that is creating havoc by jumping uncontrollably knocking the kids down, nipping like a shark out of water, talking back and nudging you to play or pet them at the most inopportune times.

Our ideal client often has tried saying “NO,” “DOWN,” “OFF,” and probably a few other adult words to no avail. Maybe our ideal dog training client has had previous training with other trainers who tried methods that did not work, or obedience trainers that were great at having the dog listen to them, but when they left our ideal client was back to where they began.

Our perfect pet owner is ready and willing to let us take the lead while they follow and then let Dedicated Dog Training pass them the torch of harmony!

 What do I enjoy when I’m not training dogs and their owners?

Like any husband and father, I enjoy spending time with my family. My family consists of my wife, two wonderful but energetic children, James (9), Alexa (7), and my furry children, Niko, my five (5) year old Yellow Labrador and Mater, my competition dog three (3) year old German Shepherd.

While I enjoying coaching my son’s Levittown Soccer Team, I also enjoy watching my daughter play soccer on Sundays. After soccer, I head over to the field in Nassau County for a Training with my German Shepherd Mater. So, the morning is filled with soccer games among other family things, then my afternoon to about seven o’ clock is filled with competition training.

During the week, I hold one to two (2) soccer practices, and also train and spemd some times with our dogs.
In between soccer and dog training on my days off, I like to go out to eat with the family. Watch some TV when I have a chance and just hang in the yard and play soccer with my pet dog Niko.

As you can see, family, soccer and dog training are what I do on my days off; thank goodness for my dog trainers, they are wonderful and because of them I get to spend a lot of time with the family and doing things that I enjoy!

How is your company different than other dog training on Long Island?

For starters, we know many great obedience dog trainers on Long Island and the surrounding boroughs. And, truth be told, dog training is really more than training dogs.
We’d like to believe that our ability, but more importantly our relentless desire to transfer our knowledge to you is at the forefront of our agenda.

We don’t want to show you how well we can handle your dog; we want you to show us how well you can manage your dog. This is the metric we use to gauge our success and this is what we strive for!

How do you achieve such great results in your dog training?

This may sound a little bizarre or even naïve to other dog trainers or business owners in Long Island, NY, but in all honesty, we’re able to achieve the awesome results that our reviews tout by sticking with ideal clients. What does this mean?

During our phone consultation and/or our in person evaluation if we’re not on the same page (and it could be just a difference of opinion on training programs, training methodology, potential results, costs, or even personalities, this happens and it is more than OK).

We would rather forego your business then to promise, change, or embellish our training programs or results. Too much of this goes on in the dog training world and leaves a bad taste in dog owners’ mouth when the training is complete and the results were not what they thought them to be.
Just as you, if we honestly feel that were not a fit, we’d rather save you money and time then to tell you what you WANT to hear instead of what you MUST hear.

Once we are communicating clearly with you, we can now begin training!

Dog Training Classes, Do You Believe in Group Training?

Let me start off by saying that group dog training has its place. The efficiency of it depends on a few variables. For instance, I did not mention that in my free time I travel to dog seminars, my last one was in Virginia. These seminars are kind of like work shops where there can be numerous dogs on the field at the same time, without incident.

This is possible because the dog owners have good command over their dog and have a great relationships and communications with their dogs. They’re all on the same page!

For trained dogs, perhaps AFTER completing our dog boarding and Training camp, group training classes can be an invaluable resource to polish up and add great levels of distraction to your training. In our opinion, to begin learning concepts in a group is not productive.
That said, we offer Long Island dog training classes in Suffolk County to members who have completed one of our training programs. This is Free of charge and grants extra training and guidance for your dog while forging friendships with other members!