Dedicated Dog Training Background

Dedicated Dog Training was formed with the strong conviction that anyone that is willing to put the time into their canine’s training deserves to have a partner in their corner. We want to be your partner!

Our Purpose

Our main purpose is to provide motivated pet dog owners with an education, tools & path to success. This is accomplished by our passion, experience & desire to help you. If you bring the motivation to the table, we’ll bring our years of “know how” and together we’ll work towards your goals.

Our Training Philosophy

Dedicated Dog Training’s philosophy has always been that dog training is not for every pet owner. That said, we find it better to not enroll every pet owner’s dog into our program. We enjoy working with clients that are plugged into us as we are to them. The most important part of obedience training is the relationship between dog, owner & trainer!

About James

He’s hard working & has a passion for training dogs. He has a knack for and enjoys teaching pet owners how to train their canine. James is respectful and professional but believes in being a straight shooter to ensure that members get the MOST out of their obedience training programs.

To Exceed.

Challenges (Putting our Clients First!)

The main challenges we face are expanding our Long Island dog training business without sacrificing our training results, relationships & customer service. Finding an acceptable balance by our standards has been a struggle for many years. We will continue the pursuit, but only with the client’s interest as the top priority.

What’s Important to Us?

Growth. On a personal and professional level. Past clients of ours understand that our relationship began on a professional contact, but often grows into more. We pride ourselves on having the ability to not only train dogs to the highest levels, but to be accessible for our clients close to 24/7 (there are those that know!).

Long and Short Term Goals

Our long-term goals are accomplished by keeping our eye on the ball by continuing to treat every client with the utmost respect. We feel that long-term goals are better met by focusing on the daily short-term goals. We feel our long-term success is a result of our daily focus on our clients’ success. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing…….it seems to be working real well for our clients!

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