Dog Aggression Behavior

Unfortunately, dog fear & aggression issues exist in many households on Long Island.  Dog behaviorists are sought by many aggressive dog owners.

Dog fear & aggression related issues are the MOST complicated for even the so-called BEST dog behaviorists Long Island has to offer.  Here at Dedicated Dog Training we provide clear cut plans that are best suited for your dog’s aggression.  Below are some of the most prevalent scenarios that many dog behaviorists on Long Island are contacted for:

If you have an aggressive dog that shows signs of dominance or has bitten a person or another dog, or attacked two or three other dogs or people we’d like to help you via our dog behavior modification program on Long Island. Or maybe, you’re observing aggressive dog behavior that seems to be getting progressively worse and you do not want to wait any longer for something to happen. If this is the case our canine behavior modification program may help you.

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Private Dog Training for Aggression

Some dogs or puppies with aggression may benefit more from in-home dog training lessons where there may be a higher focus on the owner & family or certain situations that may be better off handled or resolved via one on one lessons.

Note: It is of the UPMOST importance that the pet owner of a “truly aggressive dog” understands that in MOST cases, their dog’s aggression will NOT be eliminated.

In our experience, MANY aggressive dog owners have a goal to “fix their dog’s aggression.”  This in MOST cases is an unrealistic goal for the truly aggressive dog.

A more realistic goal is to be able to better control your dog’s aggression when around people, dogs or other stimuli.  We accomplish this “control”  in the same manner as we do for non-aggressive dogs which is via obedience training commands.

Owning and training an aggressive dog requires a certain understanding by the dog’s owner.

Although dog behaviorists or dog psychiatrist are often viewed as the entity that is going to fix your dog’s aggression, this is not true.  Most of our Long Island dog behaviorist will recommend the dog owner:

  • To stay away from certain triggers
  • prescription of medicine;
  • some conditioning exercises (desensitizing techniques);
  • to have realistic expectations

Regrettably, we receive a lot of our inquires from pet owners after they’ve been to a dog behaviorist.  Many dissatisfied with the results or recommendation that they received from the dog behaviorist.

We’re not hear to dispute and Long Island dog psychiatrist or dog behaviorist because we believe that both dog trainers and behaviorists use a lot of the same techniques.  Usually, the differences between obedience trainers and dog behaviorists are how much & when to implement the above techniques.

Dedicated Dog Training believes that the disconnect between pet owner and dog behaviorists and trainers alike are not because of some conflicting information, but because of preconceived notions, goals or expectations.

Look, everyone, dog trainers and dog behaviorists want to be able to cure ALL dog aggression, but the reality is – it is more about controlling your dog’s aggression for the safety of your dog, other dogs, humans and to improve the quality of your dog’s life by being able to take him or her with you more.

Before we can modify a dog’s behavior we must change ours. Many times dog owners are set in their ways, we at Dedicated Dog Training understand this, but so does the dog – many times this is where the problem is.

Unfortunately true dog aggression cannot be fixed to the point that your dog will be independently non-aggressive. In other words, an aggressive dog needs to be obedient to the handler or the handler or owners’ presence.

There is a big misconception with training aggressive dogs and puppies – the pet owner is seeking their dog to go from aggressive to accepting of people and dogs (not casting blame on he dog owner here. As a matter of fact, there are many dog behaviorists and trainers still searching to reach that desired goal).

Private training lessons for aggressive dogs in our opinion and experience is the best obedience training platform because if we are ready to accept that we can NOT change our dog’s temperament we then understand that we MUST be able to properly control our dog’s aggression. And that is what a dog behaviorist or obedience trainer should be focusing on.’

Moreover, our dog trainers are more than just showing you the techniques of how to handle your dog’s aggressive behavior. They will also make suggestions on other areas that can help with owning an aggressive puppy or dog.

Both programs are designed to help you with:

  1. Fear Aggression – this is the most common aggression with dogs, in our experience it probably constitutes over ninety (90) per cent of aggression in dogs. It is worth it to mention that fear aggressive dogs often display other aggression as well.
  2. Dog handler aggression – this is when a dog will bite the owner in certain circumstances or family members; dog handler aggression is one of the worst aggression because, when the relationship between the handler and dog is not right – there is no level of control over the aggressive dog when other people or dogs enter the picture.
  3. People Aggression – is pretty self-explanatory, but here we’re referring to people other than family members;
  4. Dog aggression – is very common in dogs, and sometimes can be mistaken for leash reactivity.
  5. Territorial Aggression – this is when your dog protects or claims a certain area (couch, bed, bedroom, doormat in the vestibule of your home, etc….)
  6. Resource Guarding – Does your dog or puppy growl when you come close or attempt to remove something form their possession? If so, this would define this type of aggressive behavior.
  7. Food Aggression – This is like resource guarding only with food.
  8. Dominant Dog Jumping – This type of of jumping can often lead to stronger dog dominance and then aggression.

It is important to note: resource guarding & food aggression can be:
a) dog on dog;
b) dog on people
c) or both.

Littermate Syndrome

Additionally, we can help with littermate syndrome (when you have acquired two (2) or more puppies from the same litter and reside with one another. For this type of dog behavior modification program it requires a lot of work and usually a change in life-style from the puppy owner. If you’re in this situation feel free to get in touch so our we can guide you down the right path for your puppies and your family.

Our Dog Behavior Modification Program Can Help You

If you’re having trouble with the above behaviors and would like more information on how we can help you through our management and dog behavior modification program, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can help make things better for you, but only if you make the call.

Very often the only things that prevents pet owners from getting help is not making the call. So, please if you have dog aggression in your home and are sitting on the fence contact our professional dog training school in Long Island. Even if it is just to talk; you know what they say talk is cheap – with us it is free! You can also learn more about our dog aggression obedience training by contacting is via email: [email protected]

Doggie Boot Camp Long Island, Aggressive Dogs

Our doggie boot camp for aggressive dogs, is recommended for the right dog and owner. Our boot camp is an intense program that lasts no shorter than one (1) month and takes place in Nassau County. This board and train program is designed to develop a communication style via obedience commands so you’ll be able to better manage your dog and be able to apply a behavior modification system. Dedicated Dog Training wants to make you better coexist with your dog relieving your dog, your family & you of stress. Our main goal is to make your dog better and to help you.

Your dog will be trained by the best dog trainers Long Island has to offer who understand aggressive dog behavior and know how to train, recondition and apply dog behavior modification techniques and teach. Upon the completion of your dog’s training, we will take the next important step to relay all the information with ALL the support you need to maintain our obedience training results.

We hope to hear from you!

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