Will A Dog Board and Train Fix My Dog’s Reactivity to other Dogs?


Here’s the truth about dog board and train programs for dog reactive dogs. Unlike conventional thought, a dog board and train program does NOT make your dog like other dogs. That said, what we usually discover in dog on dog leash reactivity cases are:

1) The dog lacks confidence in the dog owner
2) The dog is insecure with him or herself
3) The dog is protective over the owner
4) The dog is scared

For the above-mentioned reasons, we cannot train your dog to act independently when encountering another dog on your walk. You MUST be his or her leader. Either your dog is trying to protect both of you, himself or lacks the confidence to stand alone and needs for you to be a strong pack leader – either way, you NEED to be involved at the completion of a dog boot camp for it to work!

Yes, I am sure that many dog trainers will tell you how they specialize in dog aggression board and train programs and have fixed your dog’s aggression, I am so sure, I have written on how dog trainers fix dog aggression.

Dog Board and Train for Dog Aggression Will Take you 50-75 percent of the Way

Like any other relationship, there is (or really should be two (2) components) to making it work) both dog owner and canine must have a communication-style to be able to walk by other dogs with little to no event; that’s where obedience training comes in.

A successful board and train program For Dog on Dog reactivity:
1) Finds out what makes your dog tick
2) Find out what is the best dog training equipment to incorporate into your dog’s training
3) Figure out what the primary & secondary rewards are that you’ll be employing while walking your dog
4) Learns about the dog owner and develops what the dog trainer believes to be the easiest program for the pet owner to maintain.
5) Teaches the dog owner how to reinforce the dog training system (not reinforce the commands – anyone can say a command word over and over – that’s not what it is about!)
And much more to assist in developing a language that your dog can flourish in.

Dedicated Dog Training’s Board and Train Results

With us, you’ll get excellent results from our Long Island dog board and train program! However, they come at a cost other than money. A cost that many pet owners who fancy a board and train are not willing to pay – being engaged with maintaining the training system!

1) Come
2) Heel
3) Sit
4) Down
5) Yes and No commands

And other commands that pertain to your situation and then giving you the keys to operate and maneuver your dog through situations via his or her training responses, you’ll succeed and be happy!
Even the best cars do not reliably drive themselves (that’s it for now!).

  • Bill Leider

    What you say makes sense. We live in Manhattan Beach California. Can you recommend a competent facility in Southern California that does what you do? Thank you.

    • dogtraining

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the question and feedback. Much appreciated! Unfortunately, we do not know of anyone in Southern California to help with your dog training needs. We are sorry. If you are ever in the Long Island, New York area we’d like very much to help with your dog’s training. If you should have any other question(s) on the subject of dog aggression or obedience training, please feel free to reach out!

      Best regards,

  • Mary

    We are at our last resort with our very reactive dog and we’re trying to find a good board and train
    Is there anyone you can recommend in New York?

    • dogtraining

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks SO much for the question. In our experience we find private dog training lessons where you learn how to properly handle your dog proves to provide the most optimal results. If you’d be interested in learning more about our program please let us know and we’ll send details your way.


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