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The Real Secret to Your Success

 Having a well-trained dog is NOT only finding the right dog trainer, with the right techniques, experience, great reviews & fancy videos. 
The true secret to your success is to view dog training as a course and you as the student. We are teaching you how to train dogs, starting with your own.

Below Programs | Not Good For

If you are unmotivated, inconsistent & strapped for time these programs are not going to be right for you.

This is meant with the utmost sincerity to save you time & money.

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Below Programs | Good For

Our dog training programs are for the person that is motivated, has the time, ambition & is eager to learn from a proven professional how to be their dog’s trainer.  We are teaching you how to train your dog.

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The TRUTH About Results

A total of 4-5 hours of a dog trainer, training your dog is NOT going to grant you lasting results.

We teach you how to train your dog.  That’s the ONLY way to success. 

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Inside Manners Program

Age: 4.5-5 months or older (10 pounds +)

Cost: $450 older

Location: Inside your home

Lesson amount: 3 lessons
Lessons: 1st lesson (1hour) 2,3rd (30 minutes)

Appointments: Typically we meet 1x per week

This is where our clients begin their journey of properly learning how to become their dog’s trainer to promote good behavior inside their home. 

You will learn how to properly communicate with your dog by exercising control & management over:
unruly behavior
prodding into or bothering you while eating
excessive barking
Going on furniture (if that’s your policy
other inside behaviors

Equipment: All training equipment is included in the cost

Who is this program designed for?
This program is ideal for canine owners who only need to exercise a little management & control over their dog inside of their home.

For those pet owners that are seeking outside & inside control our program (Inside & Out) will cover both

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Premium Program

Age: 4.5-5 months or older (10 lb +)

Cost: $995

Commands: Heel (walk by your side), Sit, Down, Stay, Come

Behaviors: Through the above commands, we address: jumping, nipping, pulling, excessive barking etc….

Location: Inside of your home & Outside & around your neighborhood

Lesson amount: 5 (1st lesson 1.5 hours; each subsequent (1) hour or so

Our Intermediate Training program will focus on a higher level of distraction outside around your neighborhood as well as contain everything from the Inside Manners program.

We will teach you how to generalize the training foundation.

We’ll make recommendations how to successfully navigate around higher levels of distractions for a more relaxed, controlled and enjoyable time with your canine.

With respect to both programs, we are teaching you how to train your dog.

The more you practice, the better you will get. And the better you get, the better your dog will get.

Equipment: All training equipment is included in the cost

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How It All Works!

1st Lesson: On our initial lesson/evaluation we’ll answer any questions that you may have.

We’ll also make recommendations that can be immediately implemented to help you achieve your goals.

Additionally, we’ll jump right into some training

Lesson Structure: Our lessons consist 3 components:

(1) Us working with your dog (2) Both of us working with your dog (3) YOU working with your dog (because at the end of the day that’s what really matters most).

Homework: At the conclusion of each lesson, you will be assigned homework. You must practice and completely understand that training is not q set it or forget it; you must train your dog daily – we make it easier than many believe by integrating the training with your life-style

Support We pride ourselves on support, not only during our session, but in between sessions – you need help email, call, text. We STRONGLY encourage this!

Guarantees: Unlike many of our competitors we do not provide a guarantee other than while we are training together, you will see results!

However, at the conclusion of our lessons, the rest is up to you (to maintain).

The more you practice, the better you will get. And the better you get, the better your dog will get.

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Important Stuff

All of our programs, including our dog board and train venues. come with unparalleled customer service.   We pride ourselves on quick response times to assist in anyway possible. We believe that a support system is just as important as being a good teacher.  We want & encourage our students to have access to us.

Note: Our dog training programs are designed to teach you how to train your dog (as well as other dogs); results will vary on every single dog that you train – even if it were possible using the same exact system.  Although science is what training is predicated on, there are too many variables to make this an exact science – for one, the dog that you are training. 

In our honest opinion, this is what pet owners and trainers alike often fail to accept; whence, there mechanical ONLY way to training.

There is NO doubt as far as we’re concerned that upon completion of our anyone of our programs that you will NOT leave without a way better understanding of canines and training.  We look forward to teaching the committed student!  

Please Note: potty training, separation anxiety are not the core of our programs; obedience training is.  That said, while you are our client we’ll make suggestions on how to help and improve your situation with the aforementioned.  Our potty training system, when followed correctly often greatly reduces the amount of frustration & speeds up the potty training.


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