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The Real Secret to Your Success

The real secret to your long-term SUCCESS is a click away! If you’re feeling upset, anxious or second guessing your decision to get a puppy or dog, you’re not alone. We’ve helped many enjoy speedy success. We can help you, too!

Focus, Focus & Focus

Does you dog lose focus?

Focus is key in obedience! Without your dog’s attention, commands do not work. They have to be attentive to you. Jumping, unruly behavior is often a result of lack of attention. Have you ever tried giving the “SIT” or “DOWN” command while your dog was jumping & wondering why it doesn’t work? Our program has the solution for you!

Walk by Other Dogs

Having trouble walking by other dogs and people?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Get focus, give the heel command and walk by other dogs/people with minimal to NO incident. Feel free to click here to get your heel on!

Trying to Eat

Does your dog bother you at the dinner table?

We know, you’ve probably tried the “PLACE” command as seen on Youtube and recommend by other dog trainers on Long Island. There’s a MUCH better way – an EASIER way – that works, too!

Stop Jumping
Control Hyper Behavior
Enjoy Walks
Relax & Enjoy

No More Leash Pulling

Are you ready to STOP leash pulling?

You deserve to enjoy a nice long walk with your dog, our Long Island dog training program can help you achieve that goal. Probably a lot EASIER than you imagined!

Excessive Barking

Does your dog demand bark?

Many dogs will bark excessively, demanding your attention. It doesn’t have to be this way. In a lesson, most demand barking along with other nuisance behavior can be eliminated. Allow us to help you eliminate those frustrating behaviors!

What you get?

Our program offers you a partnership…….

work side-by-side with a professional dog trainer, who will teach you and train your dog with a modern dog training approach with old-fashioned values. Obedience commands: heel, come, sit, down, stay & much more to address jumping, nipping, digging, counter-surfing, erratic behaviors, walking, and more! 5 lessons, 1 hour per lesson, dogs 5 months and older.

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