2 Week Dog Boot Camp

Our two (2) week dog boot camp is a refresher course for past clients that want to:

1. Add specialty training to their dog’s training (sports dog training (Schutzhund, now known as IGP dog sports), PSA or Protection dog training) or

2.  Foundation of Service dog training, Therapy dog training & Canine Good Citizen Training preparation or

3. Scent dog detection foundation or

4. Foundation for tracking (foot step) plus private dog training lessons afterwards.

5. Find themselves needing a refresher course on how to maintain the training form our 4 week dog board and train Long Island Boot Camp.

Two (2) Week Dog Boot Camp Refresher

    • Although enrollment rate here is EXTREMELY Low (we pride ourselves on top notch training & instruction to our clients), we do understand that households can get busy leaving less time to reinforce your dog’s training, so as a token of our appreciation we offer a two (2) week dog boot camp refresher to get you quickly & efficiently back on track!
    • New issues: Although some new issues may require a more extensive approach , these are far and few.  Most new issues can be addressed with our 2 week dog boot camp.
    • Vacationing: Taking a vacation?  This is where many of our past clients decide to reunite for a refresher with Dedicated Dog Training’s Two 2 week doggie boot camp refresher course.

1 month dog board and train

2 Week Dog Boot Camp Suffolk County

  • Sports Dog Training: After enrolling into our full program many pet dog owners become aware of how much their dog is capable of accomplishing (they didn’t know what they had!).  They see how much their dog thrives upon return & they desire more.
  • Schutzhund Training: Schutztund is a worldwide dog sport and is considered by many in the dog world as the most demanding, yet rewarding dog sport out there!  Although, certain breeds have been known to excel (German Shepherd & Malinois) it also takes a certain temperament or disposition which other breeds and mixed breeds can and do have.  We’ll let you know if your dog has it and we can expand on the training by teaching you & training your dog to become a team in a either parts of Schutzhund or who knows, you may become a competitor too!
  • PSA: PSA is  another highly regarded dog sport.  Those who know us @Dedicated Dog Training know that we are very upfront; we can train you what is needed for PSA training with regard to control work, bite work, protection and the highest distraction levels which are all present in the Schutzhund training arena as well, even though we do not complete in PSA.
  • Protection Training: If you have the right dog (temperament and solid nerves) and the obedience training is there from our Full Program, we can lay a foundation with our Long Island two (2) week dog boot camp & supplement with private dog training lessons in Suffolk county.
2 Week Dog Boot Camp Nassau County

  • Service Dog Training: Upon completion of our 4 week dog boot camp, your dog may be eligible from a temperament stand point to make the transition from “companion pet dog’ to “SERVICE DOG/Companion Pet dog” to help with any medical/limitations, etc….. 2 weeks of boarding and training followed-up by private dog training lessons in Nassau County.
  • Therapy Dog: VERY different from a Service dog; however, equally as AWESOME.  If your dog has the obedience training form our enhanced full program & the temperament we can enroll you guys into a therapy dog training 2 week boot camp to begin your journey!
  • Canine Good Citizen: Making it EASY!

Completion of Our 4 Week Dog Boot Camp

The above “refresher” obedience training & SPECIALTY dog training is offered to ALL of our clients that have SUCCESSFULLY completed our extensive Full Program.  As many of our clients know (as you should too) obedience training is the CORE of dog training; nothing else in our opinion and experience can be reliable and rewarding without obedience training.

Once we have a way to communicate with our dogs, sky may be the limit!

Our FULL program is on and off-leash dog training with higher level of distraction and GREAT Reliability.  You can learn more about  our thirty (30) day board and train program here!

We’re Ready when YOU are!

Please contact us via email: [email protected] or by phone (516) 512-9111 to learn more about our program as well as availability