Dog Boot Camp

Our (2) week dog boot camp has helped many families to gain and maintain control over their puppy or dog. This program is ideal for most puppies over four and one half (4 1/2) months old. Our two (2) week doggie boot camp is NOT for aggressive dogs; however, if you’re dealing with dog aggression we have a VERY Successful dog behavior modification program.

Your dog will be trained to respond to:

Heel (walk by your side nicely)
Yes command
No command
Come command (on leash and OFF-leash)

1 month dog board and train

Your dog will also be trained to respect the attention command and you will be taught how to control your dog’s behaviors such as:

counter-surfing (jumping on the table for food)
excessvie barking

….and whatever else agreed upon between you and your dog trainer.

Completion of Our 2 Week Dog Boot Camp

At the completion of your dog’s obedience training we will return your dog to you and transfer the commands, and our system over to you. It is very easy, remember, the dog was trained to respond, we now teach you what the commands are and how and when to execute and reinforce them.

This program is on leash and off-leash dog training but differs slightly from our more popular Long Island doggie boot camp, our thirty (30) day board and train programwhere your dog is trained under GREATER distractions!

BUT, it doesn’t stop there!

Although, most people do not have a need to take advantage of it, you receive on-site support for your dog’s training to ensure that your money is well spent!

Get Started! Book Your 2 Week Doggie Boot Evaluation

Below’s calendar reflects are next available dates that we have for you to enroll into our one (2) week doggie boot camp.  If you’re interested in this type of training program for your puppy (4.5 months or older) or dog, please reserve your date via our online calendar below.

After you reserve your date you will recieve a questionnaire to fill out and we will contact you shortly thereafter to select a date and time of your initial evaluation.