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dog barkingWhile dog boarding and training programs provide real value to many of our client families and dogs; it is sometimes not the best obedience training platform for many dog behaviors. For example: dog on dog resource guarding which is sought of common (with varying) degrees in multi-dog homes.

The reason why dog on dog resource guarding requires more supervision than human resource guarding is because there a third entity involved here (the other dog). And to make things more difficult the 3rd entity is – another DOG!
As reputable dog trainer on Long Island who handles a lot of dogs with aggression it would be irresponsible to tell you what you WANT to hear vs what you NEED to hear in terms of dog aggression & resource guarding.

Can Dog on Dog Resource Guarding Be Fixed?

Dog on dog resource guarding PROBLEMS can be overcome, but we’re afraid that a board and train is not the route to go with this dog behavior issue. Simply put, when dealing with resource guarding with multiple dogs, leaving them alone to supervise themselves very seldom works.

Moreover, if the aggressor is having a bad day, any type of regression can be fatally undone.
The real SOLUTION to this type of phobia is better to properly manage. That said, it is VERY possible while in your presence to NOT have an incident between dogs over a bone, toy, food, etc….

I will even go a step further, it is also doable to be able to be in a different room then the dogs with no aggression being shown.

And yes, it is even possible be in the backyard or front while the dogs are inside with no aggression shown.
The common denominator is: YOU are in the picture!

Let’s Go Back to Our School Days to Help Our Dogs

Let’s regress to our school days where certain kids (perhaps you) did not like each other, BUT they were going to SHARE and mind their manners with the other kid in front of the teacher. If the teacher left the room and was chatting in the hallway with another teacher, that may be enough for some kids to become a bit unruly.
If that same teacher left the room and went into another teacher’s room, that would probably stimulate more children and bring out more pronounced ill-behavior in other children. Here are three (3) things you should consider:

1) Know your dog(s);
2) Supervision has varying degrees
3) YOU must be that TEACHER that the children RESPECT.

Today, I do not care if my children LOVE their teacher, BUT they MUST respect their teacher. I EXPECT the same from my dogs.

I always found it easier to install a hybrid approach to the above scenarios by controlling the environment but preparing for the worst (when you accidentally are not looking).
If you’re struggling with the “know how” or the technical aspects of how to do this properly – Dedicated Dog Training can help you!

Note: It is IMPERATIVE that you FULLY understand that we are training you how to properly handle your dog’s aggression towards other dogs with regard to resource guarding; we’re training you how to elicit obedience from your dog(s).

This training require commitment and a level of consistency. Because we respect your time and money, we want to make it very clear – If you feel that you’re unable to provide this due to time constraints please save your money and time. We are here to help with your dogs aggression but we cannot totally do it for you.

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