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    Puppy Workshop

    First & foremost, with the unfortunate advent of COVID-19 many dog trainers on Long Island, New York, as well as across the country have moved some, if not all operations to an online dog training lesson venue.

    With this drastic & popular change, not only comes marketing & advertising, but also comes GREAT suspect from pet dog owners. You may be wondering is this type of training effective, or is it just effective for dog trainers to keep some source of income during these challenging times.

    So what’s Dedicated Dog Training’s view on the efficacy of online virtual training lessons?

    Ideal Virtual Client

    Our ideal clients for our virtual puppy workshop should understand that this workshop is MOSTLY informational.  Our ideal client should be eager to learn and take a hands on approach to raising their puppy.

    Most puppy owners make the mistakes of focusing their energies on the wrong areas for their puppy’s age.  This is missed opportunity.  Through our years of puppy experience with varying breeds and ages, we know where you should target your efforts.

    If you are motivated to learn and are ready to roll-up your sleeves for you new journey, we can provide you with a road map & directions, but we can’t drive the car – you have to!

    Tell Me More!

    Duration of puppy workshop:60-75 minutes
    Age: puppies between six (6) – 16 weeks old.
    Benefits: forge professional habits, prevent, mitigate bad habits, and much more! Inquire here!!

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