Long Island Dog Trainers

Training Dogs on Long Island, NY & Teaching Dog Owners to Do the Same! If your dog has you upset, frustrated or even angry, we want you to know that Dedicated Dog Training can help by giving you amazing results that are reliable which will return "harmony and happiness" to your home.

Although, not magical, Our Long Island dog training School can do wonders for you. Here are some of the areas that our dog training can help you with:

Puppy Training

If you have a puppy from eight (8) weeks and up, we offer proven & reliable enhanced puppy training on Long Island.  Dog training begins with puppies!  Feel free to check our puppy training out and take advantage of that small window that puppies have to offer regarding training.

Dog Board and Train 

Our dog board and train program consists of your dog being trained by a professional dog trainer.  Your dog will be trained to respond to a variety of commands which you'll use to enhance your relationship with your dog making him or her fit more into your family.

Please note: Our dog board and training program requires owner participation to achieve the outstanding results that we've been giving to our past, present & future clients.  If you're an active dog owner that wants to enhance your dog's training.........we can & want to help you achieve your training goals!

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Dog Board and Train

Dog Behaviorist for Dog Aggression Long Island, NY

Dedicated Dog Training is one of the few Long Island dog trainers that help pet owners with their dog's aggression to achieve awesome results!   

Have an aggressive dog and need to properly learn how to control the aggression? That's where our Dog behavior  modification program comes in.  We've helped many Long Island dog owners with dog aggression as well as dog owner from Queens, NYC and other states.

Dog on Dog Aggression

Fear Aggressive dogs and puppies

Territorial aggression

Resource guarding or food aggression issues

Dog Behaviorist Training Recognized not only in Nassau and Suffolk, NY, but other states as well, Dedicated Dog Training has become the popular dog behaviorist for many pet owners. If you're searching for the best dog behaviorist Long Island has to offer. look no further, Dedicated Dog Training can help with: