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With so many Long Island dog trainers to choose from, we want thank you so much visiting Dedicated Dog Training! Our main goal is to provide you with the best dog and puppy training Long Island has to offer. We do this by employing an obedience program that has yielded outstanding & HIGH Quality results for many of our clients.

Before delving into our obedience training programs, it’s important that you know that our programs are geared for the dog owner that desires a higher level of training. With this comes more commitment on the dog owner’s end.

Many Long Island dog trainers offer a vast array of dog and puppy training programs for potential pet dog owners to choose from.  We strongly encourage you to take your time selecting the right dog trainer for you.

Long Island <br/>Dog Training Programs


Our main purpose is to understand you, listen to you & help make things better for you! We do this by placing ourselves in your shoes because we need to provide a solution that works for YOU!

Dog Board and Train (Puppy Boot Camp) Long Island, Suffolk County

Dog Board and Train (Puppy Boot Camp) Long Island, Suffolk County

Our most popular program for Long Islanders as well as many other States. We like to refer to this obedience training program as our full program which takes place in Suffolk County.

Your dog is professionally trained on Long Island for an extended period of time. Your dog will be trained in low to HIGH level of distractions. On and off-leash dog training where permitted.

Please feel free to visit our dog board and train program for more information. After reviewing the program you decide this is a fit, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] to immediately get started.

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Dog Behavior Modification (Dog Aggression & Anxiety)

Like people, dogs have their own personality and temperaments. Unfortunately, sometimes this can create havoc, worry and frustration in a household, especially if aggression is a factor.

This is not to say that dog separation anxiety or other phobias do not do the same. We can help you to better manage your dog’s aggression, whether it is fear based or dominant.

There are many forms of dog aggression. We can help you to manage: people aggression, dog on dog aggression, food aggression or resource guarding aggression, territorial aggression to name a few of the most common in pet dogs. We can also help you with puppy’s that show signs of aggression.

Dog Behavior Modification (Dog Aggression & Anxiety)
Puppy Training (Workshops)

Puppy Training (Workshops)

For puppies younger than 4.5 months old, we offer virtual puppy workshops. Let’s face it, with puppies this age, it is more about training the puppy’s owner than training the puppy.

We help with the most common, yet frustrating behaviors such as nipping, jumping and yes, eliminating in the home – our puppy potty training proven method is EZ for many to follow.

If you’re an active and involved puppy owner that knows how to learn, this virtual puppy workshop can get you up and running in no time to forging a great relationship with your puppy & learning things that you never thought possible – you’ll receive a whole new appreciation for puppies and training.

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