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Training Dogs on Long Island, NY & Teaching Dog Owners to Do the Same!

Long Island Dog Trainers

If your dog has you upset, frustrated or even angry, we want you to know that Dedicated Dog Training can help by giving you amazing results that are reliable which will return "harmony and happiness" to your home.
Our dog training system is not magical, but our Long Island dog trainers can do wonders for you. Here are some of the areas that our dog training can help you with:

Puppy Training

    • If you have a puppy from eight (8) weeks to four (4) months old, we offer powerful Long Island puppy training lessons to help establish an awesome foundation.


    • If your puppy is extremely nippy, mouthy, jumpy AKA “off-the-hook!” we can help you.


    • If you’re like most puppy owners that we’ve helped, puppy potty training is most pressing.


    • How to handle your hyperactive puppy


Dog Board and Train

You may be pressed for time and private dog training lessons may not be right for you. Another times that pet dog owners take advantage of our doggie boot camp programs are while they're vacationing. Our dog boot camp programs provide your dog with a strong foundation or our training system making the transition from us to you almost seamless.

    • Looking for us to do all the heavy lifting with a doggie boot camp?


a) Two (2) week dog boot camp Long Island is our MOST popular boot camp and ideal for most pet owners seeking powerful obedience training results. Dedicated Dog Training will care for and train your dog to respond to an award winning training system that has produced amazing results for many, not just in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, but through out New York as well as other states.
b) One (1) month ELITE dog boot camp (the Best of the Best dog board and train!) This is our MOST popular doggie boot camp on Long Island. Pet owners who are seeking advanced off-leash dog training, who are experiencing leash reactive dogs, dog on dog aggression or just simply an uncontrollable dog will benefit greatly as many other dog owners have from this elite dog training program.

Dog Training Lessons

We offer private dog training lessons for all breeds, sizes and ages. Train side by side with a professional dog trainer and learn the secrets to success, while improving your dog's obedience via our specialized training system. Our obedience training for dogs and puppies have helped pet dog owners to achive a high degree of success for years to come!

    • For canines over four and half (4.5) months we offer our in-home dog training lessons where we come to you and train you how to train your dog


    • Our dog training Nassau County program is ideal for pet owners who'd like to come to us and train. This program is great to train your dog to respond to your commands in a differtent enviornment at a reduced price compared to our in-home Queens dog training and Long Island lessons. Our dog training system is not limited to one area. We train you how to train and maintain control over your dog wherever you may go!

Our dog training lessons are designed to fulfill your dog training needs; in other words, we can train whatever you’d like to work on and review in our obedience training sessions:
a) How to get your dog to come to you
b) How to walk properly on the leash
c) Off-leash dog training
d) Off-leash come command and stay by my side
e) The “NO” command
f) “YES” command
g) Go to your doggie bed and stay there
h) Boundary obedience training
i) How to deal with annoying jumping
j) How to stop excessive barking or whining from your dog
k) How to have your dog leave you alone while trying to eat or relax
l) How to calm your dog down And much more!

Dog Aggression Long Island, NY

Dedicated Dog Training is one of the few Long Island dog trainers that help pet owners with their dog's aggression and achieve awesome results!

    • Have an aggressive dog and need to properly learn how to control the aggression?



    • Dog on Dog Aggression


    • Fear Aggressive dogs and puppies


    • Territorial aggression


    • Resource guarding or food aggression issues


Dog Behaviorist Training

Recognized not only in Nassau and Sufflok, NY, but other states as well, Dedicated Dog Training has become the popular dog behaviorist for many pet owners. If you're searching for the best dog behaviorist Long Island has to offer. look no further, Dedicated Dog Training can help with:

    • Dog and puppy separation anxiety workshops


    • Puppy help for a shyness or adjusting


    • Building confidence in your puppy or adopted dog


    • Puppy chewing