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Victoria PersicoVictoria Persico
17:34 06 May 24
Me and my dog Blu have had such a great experience working with James. I originally contacted a few different trainers because my dog was a terror to walk, he would bark at any passersby and god forbid we saw another dog on our walk he would go crazy and try to drag me. Being that he is a large breed dog I figured it best to nip this in the bud at a young age before he was 150 pounds and I couldn’t control him. After speaking with a few trainers I felt that James seemed the most personable and after an in person consult where my dog seemed to absolutely love him, I chose to go with him for Blus training. After even the 1st and 2nd sessions the problems had already become so much easier to handle and soon after these behaviors disappeared all together. I now have a very well-mannered dog who I can bring to the park and around other people and dogs without having to worry how he’ll act!! A lot of the training is actually training me as a handler which is something I never would have realized before I started the lessons! James is such a pleasure to work with, very flexible, so nice and my dog is absolutely obsessed with him, which is always a good sign!! Even though we have resolved blu’s original leash walking issues I still see James for sessions to work on all kinds of things with Blu. I would recommend his services to anyone with a dog!! 10/10!!
Katie BackKatie Back
01:11 16 Jan 24
Sending our puppy to Dedicated Dog training was the absolute best decision. After spending 2 weeks with James our puppy had the baseline training that has made our continued training possible. Having that jumping off point has been a game changer. Working with James since has been a pleasure, he is so knowledgeable and responsive. We Highly highly recommend working with Dedicated Dog Training, you will not regret it.
Kaitlin BergerKaitlin Berger
16:20 13 Sep 22
I have a high energy lab puppy that needed assistance initially with puppy biting and general impulse control, which evolved into learning not to counter surf and minimize jumping. I started with one on one training sessions and ultimately sent my dog to James’ board and train program. Over the course of 4 months I have a much larger, but well behaved dog that listens to commands and knows how to process his own energy. James teaches you how to train your dog for the long term. Highly recommend.
E HinzE Hinz
20:40 26 Nov 21
My boyfriend and I adopted a high energy 8 month old Pitbull back in February. We decided to call James who was recommended to us through a friend because we couldn't gain any control over Dallas. He only listened when he wanted to and he ran the show. When we met with James he told us Dallas would benefit mostly from the 2 week board and train program and we're so happy we did it! During the time Dallas was away James would always update us on how he was settling in and would post videos of his progress. When it was time for Dallas to come home we couldn't believe how well he listened to us and walked on the leash like a gentlemen. Dallas will always be a work in progress because of how high energy he is but we're finally able to take control of him when needed. Our friends and family have even commented how they can see a big difference in him. We're able to let Dallas off the leash on property in upstate NY with the confidence that he will come back to us when we call him. James was always so honest and professional and the bonus training sessions after Dallas came home has been so great.Thanks James!!!Emily, Dylan, & Dallas
Lauren ColluraLauren Collura
16:55 10 Jun 21
I was feeling at a loss with my 1 year old dog. He is reactive towards people and other dogs. After the initial exploration call with James, I immediately felt better. We trained 1:1 with James and focused on obedience. After 3 months my dog has made so much progress. James set realistic expectations from day 1 and we have been extremely happy with the results we are seeing. You have to put in the work and train your dog at home weekly, if you are dedicated the results will follow! James is very open and honest so do not be afraid to ask questions. When you work with James it feels like you have known him for years. We are excited to see what future training holds!
Rebecca VainerRebecca Vainer
14:24 09 Jan 21
My husband and I cannot thank James enough for his dedication, kindness and pure talent in training our Bernedoodle, Ernie. After our first meeting, we knew James was the right trainer for both us and Ernie. We have seen such a major change in the way he listens and his behavior generally. James makes sure you have the tools to continue to properly train and maintain all that has been instilled during the month long program. James is readily available to answer any questions and was quick to send photos and videos throughout the time Ernie was with him. Going forward, we know that James will continue to support us and will remain in Ernie and our lives permanently.
Kimberly TaorminoKimberly Taormino
15:43 17 Mar 20
Our Jocko Tucker was labeled as "CRAZY" buy another trainer that we had hired. Jocko was then 5 months old. After about 5 weeks we decided to reach out to James. We can not say enough or thank James enough for his compassion, help & what he has done with our Jocko. Jocko went for the 4 week board & train. During his 4 week stay James sent videos of Jocko's progress & kept us updated on everything with him. The weekly lessons after board & train are an extra treat for us. (which are included in the price). We find them to be so helpful & for James to correct anything we maybe doing wrong. Plus Jocko loves seeing his best friend! Jocko now loves car rides, walks without distraction, we are able to have him lay down stay & us walk away till we say come...its just amazing that our puppy who was labeled CRAZY is now a lovable, enjoyable Lab. So if your considering this trainer do not hesitate to take our word...call James & your puppy will be completely transformed! James thank you thank you so much. WE Really appreciate all you have done! xoxox Jocko Tucker ,Kim & Peter

Our transparent, compassionate, but upfront approach helps to separate us from other dog trainers.  We’ll work hard for you.  We’ll unleash your dog’s full potential.  If you’re looking for time-tested, reliable, rapid & long-lasting dog & puppy training resultswe have an experience waiting for you!

Once becoming a member, we offer luxury in-home dog training lessons with flexible scheduling to accommodate your schedule.  We also employ an executive-level doggie boot camp headed by James.  Additionally, we have helped many 1st time & seasoned pet owners with our elite puppy training lessons and workshops for canines between 7-16weeks of age.

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Our main purpose is to understand you, listen to you & help make things better for you! We do this by placing ourselves in your shoes because we need to provide a solution that works for YOU!

Dog Board and Train (

Dog Board and Train (

As many know, most, Long Island dog trainers offer a variety of training venues.  Dedicated Dog Training is noted for their HIGHLY effective dog board and train program results.  For many years, they’ve been consistently producing reliable, lasting and top-rated dog training results.  An excellent program to help maximize a calm household and enjoyable outings with a dog that responds to your lead.  One of the fastest paths for SUCCESS for busy professionals or parents.



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Dog Behavior Modification (Dog Aggression & Anxiety)

Like people, dogs have their own personality and temperaments. Unfortunately, sometimes this can create havoc, worry and frustration in a household, especially if aggression is a factor.

This is not to say that dog separation anxiety or other phobias do not do the same. We can help you to better manage your dog’s aggression, whether it is fear based or dominant.

There are many forms of dog aggression. We can help you to manage people aggression, dog on dog aggression, food aggression or resource guarding aggression, territorial aggression to name a few of the most common in pet dogs. We can also help you with puppy’s that show signs of aggression.

Dog Behavior Modification (Dog Aggression & Anxiety)
Puppy Training (Workshops)

Puppy Training (Workshops)

For puppies younger than 4.5 months old, we offer virtual puppy workshops. Let’s face it, with puppies this age, it is more about training the puppy’s owner than training the puppy.

We help with the most common, yet frustrating behaviors such as nipping, jumping and yes, eliminating in the home – our puppy potty training proven method is EZ for many to follow.

If you’re an active and involved puppy owner that knows how to learn, this virtual puppy workshop can get you up and running in no time to forging a great relationship with your puppy & learning things that you never thought possible – you’ll receive a whole new appreciation for puppies and training.

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