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Dog Separation Anxiety At Night


You are getting ready to go to bed, and you notice your dog, Ralph, is getting agitated. Initially when he was a puppy he slept in your bedroom. There are many reasons puppy owners allow there new furry family member to sleep in their room at night. Perhaps: you may...

How old to a Fully Potty Trained Dog?


Absent any medical condition or any other exigent circumstances most puppies should be fully potty trained between six (6) months and 18 months, with one (1) year being the average. If you're struggling with your puppy's potty training, here are some helpful tips on how to potty train your puppy....

Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Their Dog Bed


First, no matter what the reason, YOU MUST be there to tell them NO (this is unacceptable behavior) when they begin chewing on the bed. We are looking to stop them at the fuse (chewing) rather to let them meet their goal of .....DESTRUCTION OF THE DOGGIE BED! Feel free...

Puppy Potty Training Boot Camp


Like doggy boot camps, some puppy owners are candidates for this type of puppy housebreaking program and other pet owners are not. Before going forward, we'd like to present a more inexpensive option to your puppy potty training needs on Long Island and Queens, New York. Simply put, it boils...

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