Dog Board and Train

Elite Dog Training Program

Our enhanced dog board and train program can bring you & your dog to the HIGHEST achievable level possible! Experience the Power, Precision & Perfection that Dedicated Dog Training’s board and train venue has offered to past & present clients on an extremely consistent basis.

1 Month of Board and Train
Complimentary Private Training Lessons

On & Off-Leash Training

Reliable on and off-leash dog training where permitted is one of the many great benefits that our board and train program offers.

Reliable Recall

Your dog’s recall (come command) is a main component of our Long Island dog board and train.  We begin this command from the very start to ensure that it is highly reliable in the face of HIGH distractions.

Advanced Focus

Does your dog lack focus? Through our dog boot camp, we find what makes your dog click and apply that to our training regimen.

High Level Control

There’s no substitute for experience and time.  Our 30 day dog boot camp provides your dog with the necessary repetitions needed to make control mandatory.

Sit, Down & Stay

We know, your puppy or dog already knows how to sit, down & stay…….but doesn’t do it all the time; he does it when he feels like it.  That’s where our dog board and train program comes in.  At the end of the day, your dog not only has to know commands, but they have to do it when you need it.

Impulse Control

One of the main reasons pet dog owners struggle with their dog is impulse control. During your dog’s boarding and training we’ll identify his or her triggers as well as recognizing how we can counter and then of course pass the knowledge and technique to YOU.

Secrets to Success!

There’s more (MUCH more!) to obedience training than sending your dog to a doggy boot camp. There’s information that needs to be transferred to you, your dog’s new trainer in order for you to maintain your dog’s high level of training.

Restoration of Happiness to Family

When all is said and done, you’re not sending your dog to a doggie boot camp to learn a whole bunch of commands; our advanced obedience training program is designed to ensure that these commands, secrets to success knowledge come together to ultimately provide you with peace and harmony with your family/dog.

Our thirty (30) day transformation dog board and train program allows your dog to be professionally trained through low, moderate & HIGH distraction levels. Our goal is to provide you with FULL control over your dog where needed while maintaining an upbeat personality & strengthening your relationship with your dog!

What Do You Get With Our Long Island Dog Board and Train?

  • Professional Dog Training & Coaching
  • The Truth & Nothing BUT the Truth:(We are not here to sell you, we’re here to train dogs & people) This means that you can rest assured that what we’re telling you is what you need to hear to SUCCEED like our clients do, not what you want to hear (of course, we’re very nice and professional about this.)
  • TOTAL support (we put a lot of HARD work into caring and training your dog, the last thing we want is for it to fall apart when we transfer the dog to you.
  • Private Lessons
  • Outside business hours and training session support via phone, email or text. We’re here when you need us!

Your Dog Will Learn the Following Commands

Elite Dog Board and Train Long Island

Obedience Commands Conditioned In to Your Dog’s Training:

  • Come Command (on and off-leash – under distractions)
  • Heel (on a loose leash/off-leash)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Place (remain in a place until released)
  • respect the NO command
  • Yes command
  • High Level of Distraction
  • Dog Leash Reactivity

At the completion of your dog’s board and training we’ll show you how to insert the above commands to handle canine behaviors such as:

Control These Behaviors Via Above Commands:

  • jumping
  • nipping
  • counter-surfing
  • digging
  • begging for food
  • hyperactive, unwanted behavior
  • excessive barking or whining

And any other areas that are discussed and agreed upon.

FREE Private Dog Training Lessons:

  • Upon completion of our dog board and train Long Island program, you’ll receive FREE Private dog training lessons to help transfer what your dog knows to you.

Please contact us via email: [email protected] or by phone (516) 512-9111 to learn more about our program as well as availability

We know how unsettling or nerve racking an untrained dog can be. Whether you’re the one home taking care of the kids or the one getting the phone calls at work because the dog is creating havoc, we can help you to eliminate all of that. We accomplish this by doing ALL the work for you. We have taken many unruly, hyper, “dogs that just won’t quit” and have reformed them while easily transferring the power and knowledge to you.

Imagine Walking Your Dog Nicely Around The Neighborhood

We know walking a dog that loves to pull on the leash trying to either say hello to every person or every person with a dog or puppy (especially those little wiry puppies that also seem to set our dogs off!) can be very frustrating and even create anxiety! And that’s if there is no strong dog leash reactivity involved or worse yet – dog aggression!

At the completion of our dog board and train program your dog will be able to walk politely on a loose leash or off-leash by other people or dogs; you will have a new relationship with your dog and will probably turn the heads of many! Giving you control over your dog will enhance your daily interactions with your dog, but also your family

NO More Arguing Because Of The Dog

It amazing, isn’t it? How an untrained dog can actually make them less beautiful, what’s more, an untrained dog can actually create a lot of conflict in the household. A lot of blame, a lot of arguing, day in day out anxiety of how stressful will this puppy or dog impact your household this evening.

Will the dog jump relentlessly while your trying to eat dinner, will your puppy run wildly while nipping the kids and upsetting your spouse because all they want to do after a hard day’s work is to unwind instead of being harassed by:

  • excessive prodding;
  • excessive barking at you;
  • nipping;
  • annoy other family members, which in turn, bother you;
  • always looking to do something creating anxiety in you;
  • feeling anxious about company coming over; worse yet, not inviting anyone over

Our dog boot camp will install features in your dog or puppy that will AMAZE you, you’ll be mesmerized at what dog behavior we can bring out in your dog. The arguing, second guesses of whether you should of even got a dog, the blame game between husband, wife and siblings can ALL disappear once we give you control over your dog!

A dog that will love you, but more importantly, RESPECT you – because when this happens, you will truly, not only Love your dog, but you will LIKE him or her!

How Is Our Doggie Boot Camp Different Than Other Dog Trainers’?

Our doggie boot camp which predominately takes place on Long Island is the perfect way to jump start your obedience training. Let your dog be trained by a professional dog trainer for an extended period of time in all levels of distractions. We will do all the heavy lifting and then provide you with directions on how to sustain our incredible dog board and train results.

After completion of our doggie boot camp you will receive FREE weekly follow-up dog training to polish up and help you to maintain the Awesome dog training that we have installed in your puppy or dog! Additionally, we believe as many of our past & current members would agree that our customer service, updates, and response time is second to none.

Many pet dog owners have placed there trust in Dedicated Dog Trainers to care for and train their dogs via our doggie boot camp, we’d love to add you to our list of happy members. We think what separates us from our dog board and train competitors the MOST is that we do not just work with any pet owner, we need to ensure that the pet owner is committed and motivated to make their situation better – when they are – we do the rest!

These doggie boot camps are designed for hyper active, unruly and dominant dogs or puppies. If your puppy or dog is aggressive, you can check out our dog boot camp for aggressive dogs and other behavior modification programs.

Ever imagine having your dog pay attention to you in the face of distraction, better yet, obey your dog training commands?

Dedicated Dog Training can make that vision a reality. Our dog board and train programs are geared to have your dog respond on and off leash to your obedience commands under different levels of distraction.
Here are some examples:

• Having your dog come to you when off-leash in a park;
• Being able to call your dog back to you in a dog park;
• Maintaining a dog off leash on your property;
• Being able to stop/prevent your dog from jumping on guests, without using a leash;
• Being to send your dog off leash to a designated place, such as their doggie beds;
• Having the ability to walk your dog off-leash or on a lose leash while distraction is present;
• Being able to control your dog in the presence of people and other dogs;
• Being able to take your dog on hikes, jogging, and long walks;

Well you get the picture.

2 Week Dog Boot Camp

Many pet dog owners do not require our advanced dog board and train off-leash dog training and excel beautifully with our Two (2) Week Dog Boot Camp.

Please contact us via email: [email protected] or by phone (516) 512-9111 to learn more about our program as well as availability