Dog Board and Train

Our board and train program takes place in Suffolk County. If you are struggling with the integration of your dog & family. If you dread walks or the prospect of seeing another person or dog during your walk – our board and train Long Island program will help you!

On & off-leash dog training for all breeds. Have the ability to exercise your dog off-leash & the confidence to control your dog. Our unique training has you covered.

Excessive barking & unruly behavior that creates stress in the family is not uncommon among dog owners. We understand that our dog’s behavior have consequences with family. Applying the same logic, having command over your dog after our board and train will have a powerfully positive impact!

Ideal Clients for Our Dog Board and Train

Dog boot camps are ideal for MOST puppies and dogs. However, they are Not the best suited training options for some pet owners. If you are willing to put the time into your dog’s training & understand that obedience training is ongoing then our Long Island dog board and train program may be the perfect solution for you!

“Superior Results”

On & Off-Leash Dog Training

Real World Results

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    Long Island Dog Board and Train Benefits?

    Imagine having a dog that responds well to you around people and dogs on neighborhood walks, in an open field and the likes. Dedicated Dog Training’s board and train program plants the seeds for you to grow with your dog’s training.

    When your dog’s needs are fulfilled through mental & physical stimulation via exercise, training & discipline (which is incorporated into your dog’s board and train – the love and affection come naturally and much more often. The benefits provided to the right (person & dog) team through our dog board train Long Island program can be priceless & described as unlimited!

    How old to enroll in Puppy Boot Camp?

    Typically, with few exceptions, we like to begin our Long Island puppy boot camp enrollees at five (5) months old. Prior to that we strongly encourage taking advantage of our virtual puppy workshop.

    Breakthrough Results.

    How Long is the Elite dog board & train?

    Typically, our dog board train Long Island is thirty (30) days Long. In most cases this allows enough time to cement your dog’s training foundation. We would like the opportunity to get to know your dog’s personality. It makes for more tailored training. We prefer to design an obedience training program based on your dog’s personality.

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