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“We Can FIX Any Aggressive Dog!” is one of the biggest BS statements made by dog trainers! However, there’s a reason – many pet owners that have aggressive dogs contact dog training schools and dog behaviorist trainers explaining that they need their dog’s aggression fixed!

an aggressive dog

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After a while, or should I say, after losing a lot of business ($), many, but not all dog trainers figure out by advertising that they can fix or rehab any dog would pay the bills way better than honesty.

After all the:

  • marketing & advertising
  • phone consultations
  • face to face dog evaluations and
  • all other messages between the two (dog trainer and potential client) parties

Aside from these reiterating what you WANT to hear, there’s a contract which usually reflects the facts & protects the dog trainer from the unrealistic claims of being able to “FIX ANY dog’s aggression!”

Dedicated Dog Training Aggressive Dog Management

To help present a more realistic picture, below is a video of a segment of one of our dog training lessons with an aggressive Pitbull Mix; mostly fear based (yes, this dog is a sweetheart with the owners, but can be a liability with strangers). Here is the difference: Although, in the second portion of the video it may appear to some that the dog is FIXED, he is NOT. He is being properly managed & controlled by his owner (That’s what dog training for aggressive dogs is!), who is doing an extraordinary job!, so they can enjoy better, frequent and more predictable walks which ultimately will help his aggression and behavior modification.

He will have good days and not-so-good days, but the overall picture of his days as well as the owners’ days, should be A LOT BETTER.

The truth about owning an aggressive dog is not always what we want to hear. The longer we procrastinate & keep searching for the answers that we want to hear, instead of what we need to hear, the longer we delay helping our dogs & families. Simply put, you need to partake in the dog training process. If you don’t, the chances are your dog’s aggression will progress.

It is difficult, but you MUST accept:

    • that you have a different dog than you had before
    • that you dog is not like the neighbors’ dog
    • that you’ll probably never change his temperament, but can change his behavior.
    • that using the same obedience training methodology over & over again, will not help
    • that your dog is NOT human
    • that you need to modify your behavior, before dog behavior modification can be attempted
    • that you have to put in the time effort

We’ve helped many families, with very aggressive dogs, BUT those were dog owners that knew & understood what dog aggression training entailed.

Less Business, But Awesome Management & Dog Behavior Modification Results

Now, at the same time, we have lost a lot of business because owners of aggressive dogs cannot identify with the above; they are longing for the dog trainer that will deliver the UN-deliverable – A NEW DOG! The reason we are so successful in helping pet owners with dog aggression is because they are willing to cooperate; if they’re not, it SIMPLY won’t work. When it comes to obedience training, especially training aggressive dogs that reside with families, we will not sacrifice your money, time or safety to make a quick buck.

Before Hiring A Dog Trainer Who Is Going to “FIX Your Dog’s Aggression….

If it were possible to fix any dog’s aggressive behavior, do you honestly believe that the shelters or rescues would be so jam packed?

Most of the time, dog trainers do not agree with one another; however, with great certainty, the better Long Island dog trainers, our competitors & friends will probably agree with this statement: Most dogs that are re-homed or brought to shelters or rescues for aggression is because of both the dog owner and dog. The sad part is, if the aggressive dog’s owner made changes many dogs could be saved. Sometimes, it’s easier to train the aggressive dog than the passive owner!

Another thing you should consider if all aggression in dogs can be fixed: why are so many puppy breeders breeding for temperament? After all, why spend so much money on acquiring the best studs and females to reproduce?

Even better, why would people go to puppy breeders (the reputable ones still be in business) if it were possible to adopt for free and then hire a local dog trainer to fix the problems?

How come an aggressive dog can excel with a dog trainer in a doggie boot camp, but days after being returned, revert and bite people again?

The dog trainer knows how to handle an aggressive dog properly, and even more importantly, knows how to reside with dog aggression (we can teach any aggressive dog owner, but we can’t make them do it!).

Believe me, I would love to tell you that ALL dog aggression could be fixed, but when you give it some thought, that is not true with humans – how can we expect more from an animal with different genetics, learning capacity & survival instincts?

Dog Training Marketing Vs. Dog Training Results

Personally, I believe that not only dog trainers, but many industries face the challenges presented by marketing & advertising and the product or services that are delivered. It gets tricky sometimes with marketing for dog training; you want to drive your potential clients away from your competition, but you want to be honest with your prospects as well – can this be done?

Yes, this can be done! Though, at what cost? Either the obedience training school will lose business to its competitors, or the prospect will not get the results they were led to believe by the marketing content of the dog trainer. Long Island has many dog trainers that are good at what they do. Unfortunately, that sometimes has little to do with acquiring your business.

Below are some marketing tactics that sound great at face value especially if you’re in a frenzy with your aggressive dog who may have just bit someone or in search of the holy grail for aggressive dog behavior modification training and aren’t really thinking at full capacity from a logical standpoint. Instead you are thinking from an emotional one.

We Offer Ongoing Support For Your Dog’s Aggression

Many dog training schools will say this and many respected dog trainers will honor it. Dedicated Dog Training will also offer ongoing support to our members; however, we will never tell you that WE CAN FIX YOUR DOG and offer on-going support, because if you give it some thought & apply a little logic, it doesn’t make sense.

If a dog training school has both marketing headlines:
1) We can FIX any dog;
2) We offer ONGOING support for your dog’s aggression
…. that should tell you something, shouldn’t it?

Here is the question I would ask!

“If You Can FIX My Dog’s Aggression, Why Would I Need Ongoing Support?”

E-Collars And Dog Training Equipment

Another big misconception or misrepresentation is that e-collars or dog training equipment FIXES dogs. They don’t! They help you to control your dog’s aggression. Additionally, dog owners don’t get the desired results because they find it difficult to comprehend that it is more than dog behavior modification they need.

Many dog trainers utilize remote training collars or better known as electric collars in their training program. Dedicated Dog Training specializes in the use of such tools, for both our Long Island and NYC pet dog training clients as well as advanced dog training programs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

We use e-collars (electronic collars) because it makes it easier for the dog owner to maintain the training. Many other Long Island dog trainers utilize e-collars as well. And some of our competitors also use them to a high degree of success.

Note: We also use flat collars, food, toys & heavy praise; training tools are not the puzzle, but a piece of the puzzle to be used in conjunction with other tools and the ultimate……dog engagement, exercise and a great relationship!

Here’s the thing. Remember what I mentioned above? The use of electric collars makes it easier for the pet dog owner to maintain their dog’s training or control dog aggression.

So, if your potential dog trainer’s message is:

1) We can FIX any dog;
2) We offer ONGOING support for your dog’s aggression
3) At the completion of our dog training program, you’ll keep the e collar so you can maintain.

It even makes less sense that dog trainers can fix any dog. Why would you need ONGOING SUPPORT & a TOOL TO MAINTAIN a FIXED dog?

Dog Behavior Modification Takes Two

Owning an aggressive dog takes a commitment, and it takes two (2) – YOU and the DOG. It is that relationship. Nobody is going to fix your problems, but our Long Island dog training school can help you to control your dog’s aggression. If you want to play an active role with your dog or puppy’s aggression we’re the best dog training Long Island has to offer for aggression. However, if you’re looking for a Long Island dog trainer to FIX your dog’s aggressive biting and behavior, you’re lucky too! There are many of those dog trainers throughout New York and the nation!

  • Ryan Goldstein

    I have two pitbulls that we adopted 9 months ago, recently one has been very aggressive with the other to the point of attacking almost on site.

  • Jennifer Hernandez


    My name is Jennifer and I have a six-year-old American bully named Rocco. I had him since he was two months old and he’s a handful sometimes. I would like him trained by a professional. He’s obedient most of the times but there’s been a handful of times where he worried me. I would like to get him properly trained instead of giving up on him. Please help.

    • dogtraining

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch with Dedicated Dog Training! We are sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your American Bully; they are really a cook breed! Training for him sounds like a great idea. Also, if you’d like some more knowledge, we wrote a small article on owning an aggressive dog that you may find helpful.

      Would you be to more specifically share some of your challenges & concerns with your dog? If you’d like, feel free to email us as [email protected]/ with some details. We would be more than happy to send more information your way as well as program details, cost & answer any questions that you may have.

  • Cheryl DeGroat

    I have a Cavalier (not even close to a normally aggressive dog) who developed aggression issues out of nowhere at around 7 months, I don’t mean to be cynical (I guess I am) but I assume (based on conversations and how well i know she has been cared for) that it must be genetic. If you think you can help me for a non outrageous price (as i have limited resources), please contact me.

    • dogtraining

      Hi Cheryl,

      Sorry to hear of your dog’s aggression. Yes, dog aggression can be due to genetics, but environmental can play a role in the degree of aggression, handling & managing the aggression. Owning an aggressive dog does require a different set of rules and boundaries vs residing with a non-aggressive canine.

      Aggression comes in different forms. Many types of aggression in dogs are easier to manage than others. Please feel free to get in touch via phone: (516) 512-9111 or contact us through email so we can get a better take on where you are with your dog’s aggression.

      Thanks again for reaching out.

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