Want Professional Advice?

If you’re seeking professional advice on how to help with problem solving, we can help you.  Our virtual sessions are designed to render professional advice.  Give you a game plan to move forward with.  This is not for every pet owner, you must be committed.

Separation Anxiety

Getting close to your canine is awesome!  That said, sometimes our puppies & dogs find it to be very difficult when we are gone or in another room.

We are  not going to lie here, your results will vary based on a number or variables.

Same Household Canines

Introducing your new puppy to your older dog can be a challenge.  Do it wrong, problems may present themselves.

We’d like to help you do it the way we would to try to avoid some real pitfalls.

Integrating Kids & Canines

There’s a right way & wrong way.  How to do it right largely depends on your kids, your dog’s personality & your commitment.

We’ve been in your shoes & can share what we do.

Questions About Dog Play?

Having a tough time figuring out whether or not your dog’s are playing or showing aggression?  We can help via our virtual sessions.

We can take a look via our virtual session & advise you!

Excessive Barking or Whining?

Finding it difficult to control your dog’s excessive barking or whining?

Through our virtual session, we’ll be able to determine the origin & provide insightful recommendations.

Food Aggression

In our experience, most pet owners focus on ‘common’ remedies that often make it WORSE!

Let us explain to you what is “doable” and what’s not.


Does your puppy or dog guard socks, paper towels, food dropped from the table?

Do they growl when you pass their food bowl?

Let us provide you with modification program insights to help you.

Shy Puppy or Dog

This is another area where many dog owners, with well-intentions, inadvertently make manners worse.

Let us show you what NOT to do.

High Energy Dog?

Have a dog that is super high energy and not sure what to do.  Most will focus their efforts on how to calm there puppy or dog.

If you follow this view, you probable won’t have much success.

Let us share some ideas on what works for us!

Dog Training

Dog training is more than just training dogs, it is teaching dog owners how to properly reside with & interact with their dogs to send the right signals.

Problem Solving

Most problems are not derived form a sit or stay command.  Problem in the household are usually created by interaction, expectations and just not knowing what to do (or not)

Let Us Help

If you’re not looking for advanced training commands, but need information on how you should move forward, we can help you to achieve your goals.

Let us know and we’ll send you a link to our session!

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