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It All Begins Here

One powerful distinction between pro dog trainers & pet owners is how they view training.  You probably believe that dog (older dog) training is more important than puppy training (raising for a better word); it is NOT.

Learn what to focus on with your puppy, but more importantly, where not to spend your time.  Below are some of the areas that our puppy workshop will cover with you.

Help with Puppy Potty Training

For many puppy owners, potty training can create a lot of frustration.  Let us help you how to get it right from the beginning.

Help with Crate Training

Get this wrong form the beginning & you may pay the price.  In all Honesty, crate training needs to be done early.  We can help guide you.

How to Start Focus

Most pet owners begin to teach focus when they are competing for their dog’s attention, why not let us help you before that?  Pick your date

Help with Your Puppy's Nipping

A natural behavior of puppies.  We show you how to not only decrease the nipping but how to use it to build a bond

Separation Anxiety?

Most puppy owners never consider this until it is too late.  Let us help you to mitigate/eliminate the effects of separation anxiety.

Mitigating Aggression

Yes, there are things that many puppy owners do to invite aggression.  There are ways to reside & interact with your puppy to help reduce the chances of future aggression. Learn more

Building the Relationship

Dog training has evolved so much.  Many trainers are still not caught up to speed.  You want optimal results?  It all begins with your “puppy.”

Proper Puppy Socialization

This misunderstood term leads to so many puppy bad things.  Let us show you what the definition to us means and how to do it properly.

Optimal Use of Food

You believe this is a simple concept.  Yes, so many people do it wrong.  Food can be lure, bribe, play.  Do you know when to switch the value? Schedule your session

How to Use Toys for Play

Another missed opportunity that toys usually brings to puppy owners.  How do toys effect the bond & relationship vs how do they enhance it.

Learn the Canine Timeline

Yet, another impediment to achieving desired results.  Are you focusing on the wrong criteria for your puppy’s age?  Where should your energy be?

Puppy Intro to Dog

This is a right way and a very WRONG   way to do this.  Unfortunately, many do it wrong & this can create problems for years to come.  Learn how we do it

Feed & Train, Learn How

How to become relevant through feeding times.  Another no extra time model to follow for great results!

Children and Puppies

What message are you sending to your puppy through your kids.  Are you unnecessarily stimulating your puppy at inconvenient times?

Puppy Play & Interaction

The active puppy owner complains about nipping less than the inactive one.  Why is this?  And how can you become the active puppy owner to gain the benefits (click here!)

Book Your Session!

Please take a look at the calendar and select the most convenient day & time for our  session.

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Lay the Foundation

Gain insightful recommendations.  Have all your questions and concerns answered.

Begin to gain control over your puppy to help mitigate/prevent less-than-desirable behavior(s).

It is SO much easier to be proactive than reactive

Begin your journey!



All the information in world is useless unless you put it into action!

Begin to immediately implement the suggestions into real world practice. 

Puppy Workshop – BONUS

Thanks so much for taking the time to check our puppy workshop out!  Upon completion of the workshop you’ll receive the following to help you through the puppy months:

  1. Detailed written recap PLUS supplemental information.
  2. Email access up until your puppy is 4.5 months old
  3. Opportunity to send videos for feedback.

For puppies between six (6) and 18 weeks old most of the work falls on the puppy owners.  We make this service available to help guide you in the right direction.  We should be viewed as your puppy coach!

Please note: we respect your time & money so we want to be totally transparent.  It is of the utmost importance that you spend this time with your puppy at this age.

ADDITIONALLY, we like to address a very common inquiry that we receive at Dedicated Dog Training.  Everyone wants a board and train program to potty train, crate train and stop nipping. 

Here is some COMPLIMENTARY advice: In our years of experience at 8,12,16 weeks old your dog will not be returned from a boarding and training program FULLY Housebroken.  

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