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Can Dog Aggression Be Fixed


The question that everyone wants the ANSWER to!  Can dog aggression be fixed is probably one of the MOST difficult to answer for many dog trainers, even the the best dog trainers. Without trying to sound ambiguous, we're going to give you the honest answer which is YES & NO!...

We Can Fix Any Aggressive Dog


"We Can FIX Any Aggressive Dog!" is one of the biggest BS statements made by dog trainers! However, there’s a reason – many pet owners that have aggressive dogs contact dog training schools and dog behaviorist trainers explaining that they need their dog’s aggression fixed! [caption id="attachment_2167" align="alignnone" width="700"] Close-up...

E Collar Training for Resource Guarding


Unfortunately, many pet owners mistakenly use e collars to treat aggression in their puppy or dog. When inapproriately using an e collar to train an aggressive dog, it can lead you down a path where you'd prefer not to go. Before we get into how well e collar training works...

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