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Dog Fear Aggression


Understanding Dog Fear Aggression Dog Fear Aggression is one form of aggressive behavior that can severely impact your canine. Dog fear aggression is also one of the MOST common dog aggressions out there. Seeking professional help with any aggression always seems to be a good idea. Luckily there is no...

Dog Board And Train, Dog on Dog Resource Guarding


While dog boarding and training programs provide real value to many of our client families and dogs; it is sometimes not the best obedience training platform for many dog behaviors. For example: dog on dog resource guarding which is sought of common (with varying) degrees in multi-dog homes. The reason...

Littermate Syndrome


When you are thinking about bringing home a puppy, don't be taken in by an extra pair of puppy eyes and bring home two. The problem with bringing home two puppies from the same litter is littermate syndrome, or even from different litters at the same time, is the strong...

E Collar Training for Resource Guarding


Unfortunately, many pet owners mistakenly use e collars to treat aggression in their puppy or dog. When inapproriately using an e collar to train an aggressive dog, it can lead you down a path where you'd prefer not to go. Before we get into how well e collar training works...

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