Resource Guarding in Dogs


Resource guarding begins with your dog guarding a resource such as, but not limited to:bones, chews, toys, food (which is also known as food aggression), socks or anything that your dog views as:

1. limited;
2. Scarce


Workshop Itinerary:

  • Meet with you & your dog
  • Gather some information about your dog’s resource guarding through you
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Observe your dog’s behavior
  • Go over feeding schedules & make suggested modification, if needed
  • Give you a realistic manner of how to handle resource guarding in dogs properly
  • No empty promises or gimmicks, just a game plan that has worked for so many of our clients
  • What not to expect or dog with regard to resource guarding in dogs
  • Eliminate the guess work out of what you should be doing
  • Clarify some of the mixed information that you’ve been receiving
  • Save you a lot of money on gimmicks and products
  • FREE temperament test while we’re at your home
  • Answer any questions you may have about resource guarding in dogs
  • Discuss any other obedience training
  • MOST important, to be treated with utmost RESPECT

Please take a look at our calendar below to book your workshop, we look forard to helping with your dog’s resource guarding!

Resource Guarding in Dogs, Dedicated Dog Training Can Help You!

Resource guarding in dogs is often looked upon through the wrong lenses.  Many pet dog owners are trying to “FIX” their dog’s resource guarding aggression.  In other words, they want to eradicate the dog aggression.  Regrettably, resource guarding in dogs is very rarely eliminated to the point that many dog owners are seeking.
As with any type of true dog aggression, your main goal should be to better control the aggression to reduce or eliminate physical injury through biting.  More specifically, with resource guarding in dogs the focus should be on how to properly be able to reclaim items that your dog should not have or can pose potential danger to them, without getting bit.

At times, when you maintain consistency via our dog management system, you may observe your dog behaving the way you like with less and less guidance; however, this should be a bonus, NOT a goal.  

Below are some questions that you may find helpful in determining whether or not our program can provide the same benefit as it has for many other pet owners that have had issues with their dog’s resource guarding.

resource guarding Faq’s

Most frequent questions and answers

Can resource guarding in dogs be fixed ?

In our experience, true aggression, which includes resource guarding in dogs is very rarely eradicated.  Instead, it is properly managed to help reduce the frequency of potential physical injury to either a dog or human. 

Can you help with dog to dog resource guarding?

Many times dogs exhibit resource guarding only to other dogs and not people.  We can help with this too!  

FREE Tip: Do not leave bones, food, toys, clothes (socks) or other items out & for food aggression, feed separately.

Can a Two (2) Session Help?

YES!  Resource guarding in dogs is something that is better manged; this calls for the pet dog owner to be active & engaged.

We have helped many in two (2) hours with their dog’s resource guarding.

We believe in you paying for RESULTS, not time or extended unnecessary lesson amounts. 

What if I need another lesson?

MOST of our clients pick-up relatively quickly on this training issue.  Remember, it is something that you’ll be doing on a regular basis.  The dog trainers part is to determine the BEST training venue for your dog and your household & show you how to implement it.  The rest is up to you.

” If you’re looking for someone to do it ALL for you…….We’re not your school…….
However, if you’re seeking help on how to train your dog – we can help you! ”

Owner, Head Trainer

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