Queens Dog Training

Need dog training in Queens?

Did you know that a dog’s temperament, a training method, and a dog’s age or breed are not the only things that determine what type of obedience training your dog or puppy requires?

Your geographical area is a big factor in determining a dog training program. Dog trainers in Queens, NY face challenges that other trainers in more rural areas would not.

Queens is unique in many ways, it hosts two major airports: JFK and La Guardia, it is also one of the busiest cities in America.  Apartment buildings create close living quarters for much of the Astoria, Long Island City and Ridgewood  areas of Queens.  When you think of all the noise that emanates from the airlines, one could safely assume that a tailored Queens Dog Training Program would concentrate on distractions, loud distractions, not to mention vibrations. Our Queens dog trainers have been trained to devise dog and puppy training programs that are best suited for the environment, family, and of course…dog or puppy!

Our programs are not limited to addressing:

Jumping, nipping, running around the table, hiding from you under the table, refusing to come when called, excessive whining in the crate, chewing on your kids toys, the moulding, and your furniture are only a few problems that our Queens Dog Training Services have helped many families with.

Opposite, you have private single family homes that sit on spacious properties, these homes can be found in the following Queens neighborhoods: Little Neck, Douglaston and Bayside.  This suburban layout can pose other types of obedience training wants or needs.

If you’re seeking a headstart to your training needs, you may want to consider our doggie boot camp that we offer to many Queens dog and puppy owners.


Our Queens Dog Board and Train

This program is often taken advantage by dog and puppy owners in Queens that have and want to spend a significant amount of time with their dog and puppy; our board and train provides the same commands as our advanced Queens Dog Training Program, however, we do all of the dog and puppy training for you.

Because of the borough’s large and heavily populated areas containing many industrial locations, our Queens dog board and train program is designed to prepare your dog for that level of training. An evaluation of your dog and a consult with you and family members is required before we can accept any canine into our doggy boot camp. We first need to assess your dog or puppy’s ability to be able to be trained to respond to on and off leash obedience commands. Just as important, during our evaluation, we will get a chance to answer any concerns you may have about our training and expected results at the completion of the board and train.


Queens Puppy Training

As you know owning a puppy can be hard work. There are many areas that need your full attention in raising a puppy, puppy training, for lack of better words is very crucial. This is where bad habits can form. Most puppy owners forego obedience training and chalk up undesirable behaviors to “he or she is just a puppy; they will grow out of this.” Truth is, somethings need to be trained and or better yet properly prevented. Learn more about our puppy training programs that we offer in Queens.

Puppy Kindergarten Queens

In the near future we are hoping to begin puppy kindergarten classes in Queens. Puppy Kindergarten in our opinion is awesome for many puppy owners, if, and ONLY if….they have an understanding of what these classes are. To begin with puppy classes are great for:

  • Canine socialization;
  • Human integration;
  • The puppy owner to learn how to effectively and properly raise their puppy and
  • Introducing the puppy to basic command through positive reinforcement methods

We will keep you updated on the progress and hopefully soon launch of our Queens puppy training classes.