Puppy Workshop Long Island

Welcome to our puppy workshop! Our mission is to get you started on the right footing. We make this happen by sharing our years of experience with puppies of all breeds.

We look to bring you the same Success as we have been consistency doing for so many puppy owners in long island.

Puppy Workshop

This workshop is ideal for ALL puppy owners that want to receive professional, reliable & sound advice on how to properly move forward with their puppy.  Our puppy workshop is ideal for the FIRST time puppy owner or owners that want a different start this time around.

How Long is the Puppy workshop?

Our puppy workshop is typically ninety (90) minutes long.

Puppy Workshop Benefits

Our workshop helps to set you up for success.  Many issues could be avoided or minimized by focusing on the right areas with your new puppy.  Very often puppy owners concentrate their efforts on things that are insignificant for their puppy’s age.

Our mission with our puppy workshop is to help demystify the conflicting information.  We accomplish this by years of experience and practical hands on approach with puppies of all breeds.

Spend your time wisely with your puppy.

Did you know that when it comes to puppies, spending time on the wrong things is like a double-edged sword?  When you spend time on areas that are irrelevant to where your puppy is on the canine time -line, you lose time on the important things that are time-sensitive.

What is Covered in the workshop?

We go over age appropriate items.  Answer and questions that you may have regarding how to properly raise your puppy.

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