We'd love to share our experience and secrets with you to help you achieve amazing results!

Congrats on your new Puppy!  We’d love to help you to achieve amazing things with your puppy via our Long Island puppy workshop program!!

We’ve helped make it very easy for many puppy owners.  We want to help get you off on the right paw with your new family member.

Below are just some of the areas that we cover in our powerful puppy training workshop!

Time Managment

Owning a puppy can consume more time than you expected.  We show you how to use your time effectively & properly to enjoy your puppy’s progress!

puppy separation anxiety at night because of potty training efforts

Potty Training

Potty training a puppy can be a challenge; or it can be a simple process.  We prefer the latter.  Let us show you how to do it the right way


We can tell you through many years of experience that you do not need to spend a ton of money on every gimmick out there.

puppy in crate

Crate Training

Have questions about crate training?  We have the answers to all the conflicting advice you’ve been getting!

dog barking


Learn how to handle the nipping without breaking the relationship or trust

Anytime Help

When you enroll in our puppy training workshop, we are here to answer your questions during and AFTER business hours

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puppy separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety?

Learn what puppy (dog) separation anxiety (SA) is and what you can do to try to avoid/mitigate it from being activated in your puppy

dog barking


You may be wondering, aggression? Here’s a secret, it usually doesn’t begin with a dog…..

On Our Watch

Our workshops always leave enough of time to have any of your questions answered…….because that’s what’s most important to us!

The puppy workshop consists of three (3) lessons which take place in your home/backyard areas.

Lesson #1

Is approximately ninety (90) minutes in duration & addresses:

1) potty training

2) crate training

3) jumping

4) nipping

5) defines socialization to canine & human

6) new experiences

7) separation anxiety (SA) and MUCH, MUCH more.

8) Yes & No command (intro)

Lessons #2 & 3 are approximately 45 minutes in duration and are considered follow-ups to make sure that all is going as planned as well as to make adjustments if necessary.


3 Phase Intro To the COME command (when done properly at an early age you’re able to instill a habit that MOST puppy owners miss!)

email, phone and text support! You are not alone!

puppy workshop cost is only $295

Puppy Training is Vital

Please let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help you!