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Powerful, Puppy Workshop
Get Started Off on the RIGHT Paw!

Success For Years to Come with our Proven System!

This program is for puppies between the ages of 7 weeks & 4 months old.  All lessons MUST be used by 4.5 months old.

See BELOW for all the IMPORTANT areas that we will cover during our workshop!

Note: Our puppy workshops are predicated on using crate training for housebreaking.

Note: ALL other dogs, puppies or animals MUST be eirther crated or in a different room so we can focus on the puppy during the initial lesson. If you elect to have an additional lesson then we can help with recommendatins and suggestions on how to integrate your puppy with the other(s).

Initial 90 Minutes

Power. Impact. Insightful.
$ 150
90 minutes
  • Our puppy workshops are GREAT for experienced puppy owners looking for a different start this time around & are IDEAL for first time puppy owners that want to learn how to raise their puppy for success the same as a professional dog trainer!

Subsequent Lessons

Want reassurance
$ 75
per 45 minutes
  • Although unnecessary, some clients opt for additional lessons for reassurance.
    We are here for YOU!

Potty Training

Our Puppy Workshop has helped many new & seasoned owners with potty training & housebreaking their puppy.


Have you tried everything to combat your puppy’s nipping?  We can help to reduce/eliminate the nipping.


A dog that jumps is usually a result of puppy training.  Learn the right techniques today for a better dog tomorrow.

Behavior Vs Training?

Gain an understanding of the differences between “training” & “behavior.”  For example: jumping vs sitting


Age Appropriate Training

Setting realistic goals based on your puppy’s age & maturity level is often the difference of acquiring the results you want (or need).


Children & Pups

Learn how to properly integrate children & your puppy. Children should have a role, but knowing how much influence should they have can greatly effect your training goals.

      James was an awesome trainer. I had a previous trainer that didn't really help us with what we needed. Our 1 year old dog was having problems with nipping and... read more

    thumb Andrew Q.

      James has been awesome helping us to train our husky. Before training, our dog Axl would jump on visitors, run all over our couches and actually run away from our... read more

    thumb Nicole W.

      Seldom do you meet people like James anymore. His fees are more than reasonable, his level of expertise is impressive and he is truly passionate about helping you and your... read more

    thumb Randy L.


Gain an understanding of why dogs know commands, but do not do them.  Your relationship has with your puppy has a lot to do with their responses to known commands.

Play Vs Training

Is there a difference between Play & Training?  Become aware of how to use both to create a well-balanced relationship to acquire desired behaviors and mitigate less-than-desirable ones.


MOST every pet owner struggles with their dog’s IMPULSE control because they didn’t address this with their puppy.  Learn how your relationship, play & training influence IMPULSE control.

Crate Training?

The truth about crate training your puppy.  Many dog trainers share different views on using the crate – Learn the “pros” & “cons” of the crate.


One accident socializing your puppy can lead to an aggressive dog for years to come.  There is a right way to do this.  There is also a “proper time.”  We’ll arm you with the information.

Puppy Equipment

Discover what equipment to stay away from as well as what equipment that you MUST not go without.  

Come Command

The RELIABLE “come” command.  The MOST missed opportunity  by puppy owners. Learn our system to gain long-term success.


Prevent/mitigate a major problem with dogs, Separation anxiety.  There are many things that your average puppy owner’s dog incorrectly that causes them issues for years to come.


Contrary to popular belief, dog aggression doesn’t happen overnight.  Often, aggression is a result of how we raise our puppy (or how we do not).

About us

Dedicated Dog Training has been helping families to coexist happily with their puppies and dogs.  Specializing in puppy development & customer service to help you along the way.

Our mission

Realizing it is more than your puppy, Dedicated Dog Training creates training plans based on your life-style and family…….and, of course……your puppy!

Our offer

  • Proven puppy workshop
  • New puppy owners or
  • Seasoned puppy owners looking for a new start.