What is a Puppy Workshop?

Our puppy workshops are designed to give puppy owners a jump-start on the beginning of their relationship with their new furry friend.  With special attention on potty training/housebreaking systems to GREATLY speed along the process & be on your way to a FULLY potty-trained canine!


We also address the relentless nipping through a very common-sense approach to help severely reduce the nipping while building a better bond with your puppy!


Jumping is another area of concern with puppies, we’ll take you down the same path that we use to minimize the jumping but still provide your puppy with the attention they deserve!!!


Be sure to scroll down to see the wide array of areas we can also help you to prepare for.  In our experience, building a strong foundation and having a professional GAME PLAN from the very start with your puppy can produce TRUSTED RESULTS that many pet owners aspire to have!


* We take make it easy by taking you step by step, providing detailed descriptions and reasons and are accessible to help you!

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