Puppy Workshop

Our puppy workshop takes place in your home, is two (2) hours long and cost $295.

To be honest, most puppy owners will NOT really find value in our puppy training workshop as it is a more proactive approach to training, very instructional, SUPER informative & results are not immediate and limited because your puppy is still maturing.

The ONLY reason we still keep our puppy workshop around is because from a dog trainer’s view point – it is SO important.

If you believe KNOWLEDGE is POWER and are seeking a game plan to move forward, please feel free to review the details of our puppy training workshop below and use the calendar below to book if you believe our puppy workshop is right for you.

This program is designed to educate:

  • the NEW puppy owner
  • the puppy owner that has been out of the game for a while
  • the puppy owner that wants a DIFFERENT start than they had last time

What Do Your Receive With Our Puppy Workshop?

  • Two (2) hours of all your questions answered
  • Game Plan to move forward to address: nipping, jumping, potty training & MUCH, MUCH, MUCH More!
  • Introduction to commands via Positive Reinforcement
  • Email support until your puppy is 4.5 months old
  • Phone support until your puppy is 4.5 months old
  • A 10% discount if you decide to enroll your dog into our dog board and train program on Long Island

Although we interact with your puppy, you should know that this program is intended to provide you with the proper information on how to raise a puppy to prevent/mitigate undesirable behaviors & phobias. It is your puppy so much of the work will fall on you. We show you what to do, but you must do it!

We will show you how to properly with positive reinforcement how to teach commands (the first phase of obedience training); however, those commands will NOT be reliable because of the puppy’s age — IMPORTANT notion to ponder.

Our Puppy Workshop is NOT For:

  • the puppy owner that wants it done for them
  • expects to have an obedient puppy after a workshop
  • has little time to commit to helping their puppy
  • is not good at taking and/or following directions
  • is ONLY seeking confirmation from the dog trainer (this is a BIG one, and we’ve seen many disappointments when we disagreed with the owner on puppy training areas of concern

That said, our Long Island, Queens puppy workshop is VERY INSTRUCTIONAL; we provide the game plan that MUST be carried out by the puppy owner who is with their puppy daily.

Our puppy workshop is a segment of our puppy training  programs.  We also provide puppy training lessons which encompasses our puppy workshop, but is more extensive and command oriented.

Our puppy workshop is perfect for first time puppy owners (whether as an individual puppy owner or a family) or seasoned dog owners that want a different start for their puppy.  Our puppy workshop is excellent for:

  • Helping to introduce your puppy to another family dog(s)
  • expecting parents of a new born to prepare for the integration of their puppy and new born
  • Teaching the family how to properly raise their puppy to discourage future behavior problems

puppy separation anxiety at night because of potty training efforts

  1. Potty training
  2. Crate training
  3. Nipping
  4. Jumping

Our puppy workshop does not limit you to the above, as we concentrate on:

  1. Properly building confidence in your puppy
  2. How to effectively use the crate for more than housebreaking
  3. Proper exposure to:
  • People
  • Animals
  • Environments
  • Health and puppy behavior
  • How to effectively deal with puppy hyperactivity
  • Knowing what to do, but just as important what not to do

Dedicated Dog Training also offers professional puppy training lessons that include the puppy workshop which is the very first session PLUS three (3) additional lessons.

Puppy Workshop Benefits

Unfortunately, MOST pet puppy owners underestimate the importance of puppy workshops.  Many pet owners believe that obedience training is not needed until the later ages of a canine.  This is the furthest thing from the truth.  Sure, it may be necessary to obtain the services of dog trainer later; however, proper training as a puppy can many times prevent the need for dog training.

Most of our puppy workshop members benefit by having a pro dog trainer reveal the proper way to get off on the right paw with their puppy!

Our puppy workshop on Long Island, NY affords them the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from our experience with a wide array of puppies and situations.  We take the guess work out of it.

Most importantly:

  • Our puppy trainers will be able to give your pup a temperament test with a great degree of PREDICTABLITY on how your puppy will be as a dog in the ensuing months.
  • AFTER a few tests, we can discuss the important factors revealed and talk more about a program that would be MOST EFFECTIVE for you pup and family based in the info and observations.
  • The LUXURY of having a pro dog trainer in your home is: they can look into the future and make decision that can change or better the future…..at a fraction of dog training.

How Does Our Puppy Workshop Work?

The process is SIMPLE!  If and when you decide to move foward with our puppy workshop you will be trained by a professional dog trainer Long Island or in Queens (our workshops for puppies are currently given in Nassa, Suffolk and Queens County).

Your puppy trainer will walk you through everything and explain the “why’s & how’s” educating you on puppy behavior and how to deal with certain behaviors.  The education part is SO important because you’ll learn how to apply training techniques to future scenarios.  The truth is “knowledge is really power.”  We train you how to effectively raise your puppy.  Our advice has helped many Long Island, Queens puppies to reside in harmony with their human families.

If you notice we said that you’ll be trained by your puppy trainer.  This is very important.  Your puppy is brand new and young and will go through changes that you’ll need to know how to adopt to.  The knowledge that our workshop for puppies provides to pet owners is priceless – if you take it and run with it.  Which leads us to speak more about who a puppy workshop is not for…..

Puppy Workshops Are Not For Everyone

Like any type of training, there are certain people that fit the bill and others that do not.  We know that many puppy trainers would suggest that talking about this would not be good for business, because  it could discourage potential clients.  We feel it is important for potential clients to understand that to be successful they will need:

  1. commitment
  2. time
  3. patience
  4. and REALLY important – the confidnece in their dog trainer to stay the course

If you to not possess the above, you may be setting yourself up failure.  And, if you’re reading this before acquiring your new puppy make sure that you’re able and willing to adhere to the above.

Here’s a quick list to help you prepare for the new arrival of your puppy.