Puppy Training Packages

Below you will find our puppy training packages for Nassau & Suffolk County residence.  Our puppy training packages consists of answering all of your questions, providing insightful recommendations (housebreaking, potty training, nipping, excessive barking, the importance of relationship & bonding & MUCH more!).

Additionally, our puppy training packages focus us: relationship & bond building – SO important, beginning commands via motivational & positive reinforcement.


Virtual Zoom (Q&A) | (1) Hour

Our typical clients are either expecting their puppy or have just acquired one & are seeking to have their questions answered by a proven professional canine trainer.  Questions are not limited to: potty training/housebreaking, nipping, hyperactivity, feeding, bond building, how to begin getting attention, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, how to mitigate/prevent bad behaviors (environmental, not genetic, separation anxiety, aggression) & forge GOOD ones.  Learn More – Click here!

4 Puppy Lessons

Cost:$395  Lessons: 4   Duration: 45 minutes

Occurrences: 1x per week

Where: At your home

What’s covered? Motivational & positive reinforcement to train the come command, Intro to bond building, the proper use of food for training, the start of attention, a MAIN FOCUS how to address: nipping, jumping, housebreaking, unruly behaviors, high energy puppy’s & MUCH MORE!

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8 Puppy Lessons

Cost: $650  Lessons: 8  Duration: 45 minutes

Occurrences: 2x per week

Where: Backyard

What’s covered? For the puppy enthusiast who wants to work side by side 2x per week with the benefit of having more access to in-person training.  Because of the twice weekly additional lessons, this package is more detailed.

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Age Appropriate Training

It’s important to understand that training is a process & it begins with puppy training. That said, it’s a lot like Kindergarten for kids. The idea behind puppy training is to create a strong bond to encourage future learning while introducing the basics. It is not the last step to training, it is the first step. The teaching phase. The second step comes when they are 5 months & older – often referred to as the proofing phase.

Lesson Structure

Our lessons are structured by showing you what to do. If needed we will make some adjustments based on your execution of our techniques and/or on your puppy’s responses. Every puppy is motivated differently; we find what works best for your puppy. We will show you how and when to be proactive as well as when you should or shouldn’t be reactive. In other words, we are going to tell you where your time should be best spent for your puppy’s age & personality.

Customer Experience

Our goal is to not only teach you how to train your puppy but, also to provide you with an excellent experience while training with you. This is important to us! You can rest assured that we have your back during and outside of your training sessions. We are quick to reply to all inquires by our enrolled members.

Lastly, we are extremely confident that we can exceed your expectations, as we have for so many, via one of our puppy training packages!

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