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If you own a puppy on Long Island, then you know having a well-trained puppy in Nassau or Suffolk could really enhance the quality of life for both you and your puppy.  Our puppy training lessons help you get there!  With the space available that the suburbs offer, it would be a shame not to have a well-trained, Long Island puppy that could enjoy a good off-leash run here and there.

Leashed dog pulling a girl on the walkAs you know puppies have a lot of energy & there’s nothing wrong with that; they’re supposed!  There is also nothing wrong with channeling & harnessing that energy when you need to.  Dedicated Dog Training’s motto is “a controlled dog, gets more freedom!” Imagine your puppy training Long Island leading to an off-leash trained dog.  That’s what happens when you lay a good foundation via one of our puppy training programs.

Every county, city or town, just like every puppy owner, has different challenges as well as varying opportunities.  On Long Island, we have more space available compared to more urban areas such a Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and especially NYC’s Manhattan.  That said, a concentration on the “come command” may be a good idea – so we can use some this space to alleviate some of the energy that comes with puppies!

Running and blowing off steam works for humans, it also works for puppies.   The problem is usually when we need the puppy to come back to us.  This becomes a real challenge.  Our Long Island puppy training program details how to lay the proper & solid foundation to have an off-leash come command in the pup’s later months.

Finding the Most Successful Puppy Training Long Island Offers

With so many Long Island puppy trainers, we must wonder how to select the best for our new family member.  There are a few things that Dedicated Dog Training would like you to focus on:

  • Experience is always a PLUS (not really), Good experience is a plus. Before hiring your Long Island puppy trainer, you may want some type of proof about not only their puppy training accomplishments but their dog training ones also.  It would be nice to stick with one canine trainer for your dog’s different ages – wouldn’t it.
  • Does your puppy training Long Island professional offer support outside of office hours? There’s a lot more to having a puppy than the actual obedience training.  There are things that will inevitably pop-up outside of your puppy’s normal training session – will your puppy trainer offer after-hour support?


  • Even the most experienced puppy trainers Long Island has to offer may not be a fit for your schedule.  Let’s face it – obedience training may be a large part of your dog trainer’s day, but you have other obligations (kids, work, gym, etc….) on your plate.  It is imperative that you make sure that scheduling is somewhat flexible with your Long Island puppy training itinerary.
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