Congrats On Your New Puppy!

Now what?  If this is your first puppy, you may be feeing quite overwhelmed & looking for help ASAP!  Also, if the former is not the case, you may be deciding whether or not you should begin with puppy training lessons or wait until your puppy is a bit older.  These are the two (2) most common reasons why you are here!

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Puppy Training, Where to Start?

Having many years of experience in the dog & puppy training world, James can tell you firsthand that this is a bitter-sweet moment for many.  You are SO excited to have finally acquired your new puppy, but now feel the challenge of finding the right puppy training lessons for your new family addition.  “Where do I start?” is a very common question that you may be asking yourself.  Please see our puppy training Long Island options below to get a jump start!

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Virtual Puppy Workshop (Q&A)

Our virtual workshop can be a standalone option for new puppy owners (or for seasoned canine owners that want to begin like pro dog trainers begin). Our most typical client is either the new or potential puppy owner that has a ton of questions & wants to properly prepare or put their puppy on the right track with proven insights & recommendations.  This is a Q&A session about what to do with certain behaviors and prevention of others.

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Puppy Training Long Island

For those want a hands approach to positively reinforcing wanted behaviors and to learn how to mitigate or prevent less-than-desirable behaviors (that may become problematic/irreversible in the future) we offer a puppy training Long Island lesson course.  James will take you step by step through how he develops and helps other develop their puppies on Long Island.

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Step by Step
Puppy Long Island
Proven Results

Puppy Training & Play

Structured play is SO important for correct puppy development.  There are many thoughts & questions on “how to” correctly train a puppy (or dog).  Some common questions are: “should we let him or her get away with this behavior now?” or “Should we nip this in the butt now?” or “Is it OK to let my puppy jump now because she is young?”  Can we teach through play? Is our question to you!



Housebreaking a Puppy

Many puppy owners will try 19 different ways to housebreak their puppy.  And the truth is, some of them may be correct.  So, it is really not about which route to go with potty training your puppy – it is more about how long you stay on one method before jumping to another.  A general recommendation, if your puppy is showing even a modicum of progress – keep it going.  As always, should you have questions we are here!  Congrats again!!

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