Puppy Training Lessons

Our Level I Puppy Training on Long Island, Queens is for puppies up until four (4) months old; for puppies older than 4 months, please view our private dog training lessons or dog board and train

4 Puppy Training Lessons

Lesson #1:

  • Potty training (how much freedom, schedules, and tricks!)
  • Crate training (the proper way to introduce & what NOT to do)
  • Nipping (probably one of the reasons that you contacted us)
  • jumping
  • Socialization (the proper way(s))
  • Confidence building
  • Food Training (How to PROPERLY use food with Intro to commands
  • Discuss training options
  • ANSWER ANY questions you have

Lesson #2:
Come Command – this is one (1) of the MOST Important commands & beginning with a puppy enables you to build a VERY STRONG FOUNDATION that has a limited window.

You will learn ALL Three (3) Phases of this command

Lesson #3:
Place Command – there are two (2) parts to this command, the first part is essential and habit building; this is the part we will cover in our puppy training lessons. The Place command is SO important for IMPULSE control as your puppy matures. This will be an invaluable command to assist in many more.

Lesson #4:
Your SIT command is another GREAT command and training this as a puppy through positive motivation can really help to gain your puppy’s attention and build a habit for years to come!

In ADDITION to the technical parts of our puppy training lessons (commands) and the KNOWLEDGE & SOLUTIONS that you’ll be receiving, you’ll have ACCESS to your Personal puppy trainer during and after training sessions. Have something that you’d like an IMMEDIATE reply to? Call, Email or Text & we’ll be there for you!

Widely known as having the most effective “come” command system and puppy training Long Island has to offer, Dedicated Dog Training will lay the proper foundation for years of success to follow.

Congrats on your new puppy! And thanks for considering your enrollment into our puppy training lessons. Hopefully you’re here to take a proactive approach to your puppy’s training because this extraordinary window period doesn’t last forever, and it never comes back.

Our puppy training program’s material is age appropriate; therefore, you’re not going to receive any flashy obedience training, you’re going to get something more important – a STRONG FOUNDATION. Our puppy training lessons are the building blocks to your dog’s training.

We Want to Help YOU!
If you’re striving for top obedience training with your dog, our puppy training lessons are not something that you’d want to miss.  They are the building blocks to your dog’s training.

We refer to our puppy training lessons as the “teaching phase” in obedience training.  This is done mostly through positive reinforcement training using food and toys the proper way.

Did you know MOST professional dog trainers that compete, get so excited when they acquire new puppies? It is because we know that this dog’s obedience training will be better than the last. How do we know this? We know this because we learn from our mistakes that we made with our last puppy and will alter the way we train or handle certain behaviors and commands. Because we understand that it is much EASIER to instill GOOD BEHAVIORS than to BREAK BAD BEHAVIORS…..and truth be told, some bad behaviors cannot be retrained as much as modified.

At Dedicated Dog Training we like to say:
Puppy training is PROACTIVE & DOG training is REACTIVE!

Puppies between the ages of 8 weeks & 4 Months old. For canines 5 months and older please visit our Enhanced Dog Board and Training Program.

Puppy Training Lessons Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Our in-home puppy training lessons are ideal for the puppy owner on Long Island that wants a real head start on how to properly raise and train a puppy!

This includes what used to be our popular Puppy Training Workshop which begins with a ninety (90) minute extensive and detailed lesson which thoroughly goes over the BIG 3:

  1. Potty Training !: something that new puppy owners struggle a bit with.
  2. Nipping/Mouthing: a natural behavior that can cause frustration to families, especially those with young children.
  3. jumping:another behavior that left uninterrupted can lead to a major nuisance down the road as the dog gets bigger & stronger.

….And Sooooo Much More!

3 More In-Home Lessons (Reward Based System)*

      1. Come command: Many dog (older dogs) owners struggle with this command because they missed the SHORT window period to imprint their puppy with ALL three (3) phases
      2. Place command: having your puppy identify with a place of their own; later can greatly help you with impulse control of your dog.
      3. Sit/down commands:How to properly TEACH this command via food
      4. An INTRO to Proper Heeling
      5. PLUS some FUN, but VERY IMPORTANT relationship building games that you can use later in your dog’s obedience

This is done through a luring & reward based system.

It is super important that you comprehend that canine training has many components or phases.
Puppy training is the teaching phase or foundation level which is done mostly through positive reinforcement.
It is IMPERATIVE that you understand prior to enrolling into our Long Island puppy training program what the objective of this particular program is:

Puppy training is designed to teach them [pups] how to communicate with us via a universal language which is known as obedience training commands – this is the teaching & habit phase of obedience training.

This level of training teaches your puppy:

      1. What commands are;
      2. Provides you and your pup with a system of communication that can be added to later in the next developmental stage which is dog training.
      3. Creates habit for you as well as your puppy;
      4. And builds a RELATIONSHIP

Puppy Training Coaching & Mentoring Program

Another great bonus is while we work on training obedience commands with your puppy and you, you’ll have in person access to us for all other areas and puppy challenges while enrolled in our puppy program. Not limited to:

      • potty training & housebreaking manners;
      • behaviors such as nipping & jumping (age appropriate plan of action (POA));

Email & Phone Support

Ever have a puppy or dog related question that you want or need answered? While enrolled in our puppy training program you’ll not only have access during your in-home lessons, but after hours as well.

We encourage all of our obedience training members, especially the puppy program clients to take advantage of using these timely, amazing benefits while enrolled in our training program.

We’ll help you raise your puppy by providing timely suggestions on areas of concern, while making recommendations where we feel that you and your furry family member would benefit.

Puppy Boundaries

Our trainers will help you determine realistic and productive boundaries for you furry friend. Many puppy owners aren’t sure of choosing how strict or free they should be with their rules & regulations. Your puppy trainer will not only suggest what he believes to be best, but will give you the reasoning behind it.

Puppy Training Clients Receive 15% Discount Off Long Island Dog Training Programs

This training program is not intended to give you total control over your puppy – our dog obedience training program is designed for that.

It is very important that YOU, the pet owner understand that like children, puppies are taught at age appropriate levels. With certain pet training issues, it is not a problem to skip training steps; however, if you’ve just acquired a puppy and want to build a strong foundation the right way – this can be the pet puppy training road to lasting & reliable SUCCESS!!!!

Our dog training is the next level of training where we place responsibility on known commands, but first, they have to know them; whence, our puppy training teaching level.

Please note, our puppy training program is NOT a prerequisite for our dog obedience programs, but by enrolling into our puppy training lessons you afford you and your puppy to get off on the right paw and build a solid foundation where dog training expenses may not be mandatory, but instead discretionary to provide you and your dog with the best relationship possible!

Contact Your Puppy Trainer Now

Thanks for inquiring about our training services. We are more than confident that we can provide you with outstanding puppy obedience training. Our trainers are patient, skillful, and caring to your needs.
If you’re ready to begin obedience lessons or need more information or clarification on Dedicated Dog Training’s puppy training lessons please feel free to email us at: [email protected] or call (516) 512-9111, feel free to text us too!