Puppy Potty Training

Need help potty training your puppy? We get it! You’re tired & frustrated with coming home or downstairs to a mess. How many times have you said “that’s it…..?” We understand the associated frustrations, mixed feelings, and second guessing with puppy potty training. And then on top of feeling upset with your puppy’s housebreaking issues, you have decide what’s the most cost effective program to help you. The good (GREAT) news is if you’re only issue is potty training your puppy, you don’t need our puppy training Long Island, NY program.
The great news…..we can help you!


Workshop Itinerary:

  • Meet with you & your puppy
  • Gather some information about your puppy through you
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Observe your puppy’s behavior
  • Go over feeding schedules & make suggested modification, if needed
  • Give you a realistic time-frame for housebreaking mile-stones, based on few variables
  • No empty promises or gimmicks, just a game plan that has worked for so many of our clients
  • Crate training (the proper way to introduce & what NOT to do)
  • Eliminate the guess work out of potty training or housebreaking/li>
  • Demystify some of all the conflicting information that you may have received
  • Save you a lot of money on gimmicks and products
  • FREE temperament test while we’re at your home
  • Answer any questions you may have about obedience training
  • Discuss training options
  • MOST important, to be treated with utmost RESPECT

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Puppy Potty Training – In Your Home Consultation/Workshop

With several different potty puppy training Long Island programs offered by Dedicated Dog Training, how do you know what’s the right one for you? Housebreaking a puppy does not have to be a frustration for you, many puppy owners call us in a frenzy, in great despair — they’re in dog the house, so to speak!

We can’t even tell you how many are ready to give up. What we can tell you though is….with a proper game plan in place, at a fraction of the cost and time spent away from your puppy, we’ve helped many puppy owners in Nassau & Suffolk Counties as well as the greater NYC area to achieve their potty training goals via our “Puppy Potty Training Consultation!

The cost for this ninety (90) minute in your home workshop is $150 (also comes with documentation)

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Puppy Potty Training Boot Camp

If you’re pressed for time or really at wits-end our potty puppy boot camp may help you achieve your training goals. We have a board and train program that is specifically designed and tailored for puppy potty training only; this program differs from our puppy training boot camp on Long Island, although, they can be combined as well.

….Our canine potty training boot camp has been helping Long Island puppy owners house-break their pups with Great Success, we make it very easy!

We do this by providing your puppy or dog with a good foundation and then pass on the information for you to continue with.
To be successful in potty training your puppy it is very important that a few things be taken into consideration. They all have equal weighting:

    • Age of the puppy;
    • Severity of the problem;
    • Family schedule;
    • Type of previous potty training attempted (wee-wee pad, outside, or a combination of both);
    • Specific housebreaking challenges;
    • How much do you want done (fully potty trained requires time, the younger they are the more time)

    Because the above factors will vary from puppy family to family. We have instituted the minimum potty training program below. Most of the puppy board and trains will require you to maintain a schedule in the beginning and gradually modify it to fit your needs.

    Our program is a minimum of four (4) weeks,priced at $3995; that’s our starting point and we will tailor it around your puppy’s needs as well as your family.

    Please note: All of our puppy training boot camp program will require upon their return to you to follow our instructions. The directions will be based on your puppy’s age, progress, your home structure, as well as family schedule; however, one thing that will be a constant is continuing with crate training with your puppy until they are between the ages of nine (9) and eighteen (18) months of age, closer to 1 year though. If you’re struggling with this idea, this program is not for you. Frankly, most Long Island puppy owners would benefit of our puppy training workshop!

    Many puppy owners opt to add some obedience training to their puppy while they are being housebroken. The type of obedience training your puppy will be eligible to receive largely depends on their age. Our Long Island canine boot camp programs offer different types of training for your puppy.

    Phone Consult For Potty Training

    For many pet puppy owners, a puppy boot camp is NOT needed. Most puppy and dog owners would benefit greatly from our puppy potty training workshop ($150 per (90) minutes) or even better, our phone consultation at a fraction of the cost!

    We can walk you through the things that you’re doing wrong and provide you with better, easier and simpler answers. By obtaining all relevant information from speaking with you over the phone, we can set you up with a game plan for you to easily & Successfully move forward with – ONLY $50 for a 30 minute call.

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