Our Elite Puppy Boot Camp Is Designed to Provide Excellence For Years to Come !

  Experience the joy of a having a well-trained puppy!!  Our extensive puppy boot camp is designed with the HIGHEST level of obedience training in mind.

Looking to take your puppy’s training to the NEXT level, then you’ve found the RIGHT place to help you!!!

How Does Our Puppy Boot Camp Program Work?

Step #1
4 Week Puppy Boot Camp
Your puppy is cared for & trained professionally to respond to an advanced training system that has consistently produced HIGH level obedience results!
Step #2
Private Lessons
You’ll work side by side to ensure that your puppy’s extensive training is transferred to you, for you to move forward with.
Step #3
Enjoy & Maintain Your Puppy’s Training
for years to come!

Puppy Boot Camp Benefits

Timing is said to be everything.  In our opinion and experience, nothing could be further from the truth with our puppy boot camp.  Yes, canines learn at all ages.  That said, our puppy boot camp is ideal for the puppy owner that wants to take a PROactive approach with an extensive focus on building a STRONG & RELIABLE foundation in their puppy’s obedience!   

Although puppies present us with some challenges due to their maturity level, they also provide us with a GREAT benefit – LESS bad habits……..So, much of our puppy boot camp is spent on training powerful responses to commands and behaviors.  

The older the dog gets, more time is spent on trying to eradicate or reduce less-than-desirable behaviors.  We train canines of ALL ages consistently producing great results spanning many years for our valued clients.  Truth be told, at the end of the day, if you’re going to have your canine professionally trained, take advantage of the small window period that puppies give us to supply them with top-notch training concepts that in our opinion more likely to stick!