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Read on to learn how we can help you to gain control! This puppy biting stuff can be very annoying! It hurts too!! Most puppies nip, but this may be or seem a little a different, especially for new pet owners who classify their puppy’s nipping or mouthing as their puppy biting aggressively. Whether your puppy is nipping or biting through aggression, we can help you!

A puppy that bites aggressively is something to be very concerned with, as this is an indication of what the future may hold in terms of having an aggressive dog. It can be a sign that only some of the best dog trainers Long Island has to offer (Hhmmm…. Dedicated Dog Training) can provide insight through a real temperament test of your puppy shark.

What to Do About Your Puppy Biting Aggressively?

There are several things that we can implement to help with your puppy biting aggressively. Our system is very easy to implement & the results are seen immediately; however, the secret to our puppy biting success is be actively involved by employing:

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1. Consistency;
2. Clearness;
3. Timing;
4. Exercise;
5. Mental stimulation

These five (5) components only scratch the service, but have helped many of our puppy owners in Long Island, New York City & the surrounding states to achieve success in different areas of puppy training, but has really made a quick difference in their puppy’s biting.

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Consistency: no matter what program you and your puppy trainer decide on, there should be a focus on consistency; this is fair to the puppy and will have an impact on how fast you observe a change in your puppy’s behavior. Additionally, consistency is also key in managing dog aggression.

Clearness: A big mistake our dog trainers see is lack of clearness to the puppy. Consistency can be present, but absent clearness, things could remain the same or deteriorate quickly.

Everyone involved with the puppy needs to be on the same page. Having a pack-leader structure early in your puppy’s cycle can go a long way in your relationship. A puppy biting aggressively needs for everyone to handle him the same way.

Timing: Whatever method you choose to employ, timing must be there. Intentions are good, but to successfully deal with a puppy biting aggressively – timing must be there. If it is a “time-out” it must occur immediately during or after the aggressive biting.

Exercise: Now aside from genetics (this is another blog post), I can tell you first hand, MOST dog aggression comes from the way we reside with our dog. If your puppy or dog has aggressive genes or doesn’t, but has a lot of energy we need to make sure they’re getting their daily dose(s) of exercise.

This is imperative. Opening the back yard door and letting the dog out to run often is not enough. You need to challenge & be engaged with the dog. For ideas, email me directly at: [email protected]
Mental Stimulation: This is something that many puppy owners can employ to make the early weeks of a puppy adjusting go a lot easier for them.

It is relatively easy, but most pet puppy owners shy away from some of the easy mental stimulation techniques because of conflicting information.

Your Puppy Nipping Program

There are a few things professional dog trainers and you should look at to determine what your best course of action maybe if your puppy is truly biting aggressively. More often than not, we need to understand that it is not just your puppy’s nipping, it is the entire picture that we must take a glance at to formulate the best nipping program.

Many times we will employ a program that uses multiple ways to curtail your puppy’s nipping; the real art of any program is having our system fit into your family’s structure. We provide clarity to much of the conflicting information that puppy owners receive from all sources of information.

After we obtain some information from you, we will set you up with a puppy nipping program that will teach you how to stop the nipping; our clients usually see a 75 percent reduction in puppy biting in less than ninety (90) minutes.

Oh! By the way, you do not have to worry about your puppy reverting when the dog trainer leaves – we train you how to be like a pro obedience trainer that way wherever you go, you’ll know how to have handle your well-behaved puppy.

Is Your Puppy Biting Aggressively?

This question seems like an easy one; however, it really isn’t that simple. Some pet owners are unsure whether or not they have a puppy that is nipping or may have a future dog aggression problem. Most puppies are NOT biting aggressively; however, depending on the breed and whether or not you’re a first time puppy owner, it may seem like puppy aggression.

Our Nassau County dog training school is based in Levittown, NY. We have helped many pet dog owners in identifying and handling dog aggression. If you are unsure whether or not your puppy is exhibiting aggression we can help you – sometimes through and email or phone call (Free).

Please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or get in touch by phone (516) 512-9111 – we’re super easy to speak with and our track record of success is second to none!

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