Private Dog Training Lessons

Our private dog training lessons are designed to “Train You How to Train YOUR Dog!” You cannot get the results that our clients get if you are idle in your dog’s training and just as important your dog’s maintenance which is forever!

A good client should possess:
2) Desire to train their dog
3) Ambition
4) An understanding that we are there to help you train your dog
5) Comprehend that everyone goes through obedience training, but fewer maintain the training
6) Success is up to the dog trainer and dog owner
7) Trust for their dog trainer and a willingness to take direction

Our private dog training lessons are ideal for the pet dog owner that wants and has the time to dedicate to learning how to train their own dog. This differs from our 4 week dog board and train program where Dedicated Dog Training trains your dog and then offers FREE private dog training lessons to teach you how to “MAINTAIN” your dog’s obedience training system.

How many private dog training lessons does it take?

Unlike many other dog training schools, Dedicated Dog Training realizes the number of private dog training lessons will vary from dog to dog as well as client to client.

Here are a few questions that will determine the approximate number of private dog training lessons you may require:

1) What type of obedience training are you seeking?
2) How old is your dog?
3) What is your dog’s temperament?
4) Is there dog aggression involved? If so, what type of aggression?
5) How are your handling skills (how well or coordinated are you)?
6) Are you able to be consistent?
7) Can you and are you willing to follow directions?

These are some of the questions that will help decide how many private lessons to begin with.

Where Are Private Dog Training Lessons Held?

Our private dog training lessons are usually held outdoors where there are real world distractions and usually take place in Nassau County, Long Island. Our private dog training lesson are held in Levittown/Eastmeadow/Wantagh areas, NY areas.

However, there are slight differences to consider when selecting either private in-home dog training lessons verse our dog training in Wantagh/Levittown, NY area lessons.

Private Dog Training Lessons In Your Home

Although, in home dog training lessons, may have some advantages to the pet dog owner and their human family, with regard to obedience training the disadvantages outweigh (many cases) the advantages of in-home dog training lessons.

Disadvantages to private dog training lessons in your home

  • Sometimes we need to remove a dog from the environment to change behavior
  • Distractions for both, you and your dog (phone, neighbor, family, other animals, etc.….)
  • Cost of training is higher
  • The change of environment will better prepare for real world dog training
  • Private Dog Training Lessons Wantagh/Levittown/Massapequa Areas

    Our onsite dog training lessons take place in Nassau County. Private dog training lessons in Wantagh, Levittown or Massapequa have proven to be VERY beneficial to many of our obedience training clients. Like in home dog training , onsite dog training has it PLUS and MINUS as well:

    Advantages of private dog training in Massapequa areas:

    • No distractions other than the ones we want for our dog training goals
    • Exposure to real world scenarios in an unfamiliar area
    • Remove the dog from an environment that promotes unwanted behavior to help train the dog first
    • Cost of obedience training in Massapequa/Levittown/Wantagh (you come to us) is less expensive
    • Disadvantages private dog training in Massapequa areas

      • You must add time to your training session because of travelling on both ends.