Our Take on Dog Fear & Aggression


Thanks SO much for getting in touch with Dedicated Dog Training!  We hope that you are doing well. As with all of our training programs, especially with canine aggression and/or fear, we need to be totally transparent with what we can do (and more importantly, what we probably cannot do for you).

True aggression is very rarely fixed, but managed & controlled through obedience training and modifying how we reside, interact or have others interact with our dog. Not all dogs are capable (as much as we’d like them to be) to be put in what we deem friendly situations; to them it is a stressful situation that you are placing them in (this often results in them feeling that they have to take control; whence, the potential for aggression.)

What we do: We help you to handle your dog through obedience commands such as sit, down, come, stay, etc….but more more importantly, we advise you what is socially doable and not doable with your dog. Regrettably, more harm is done when we try to force our dogs to accept things that they just aren’t built to accept. We can in many cases make the aggression or fear more pronounced and lower the threshold by placing them (of course with the best of intentions) in situations that we want them so badly to excel in.

Canine fear & aggression is a very complex subject to understand. I believe it is because it generally goes against every human’s natural response to help another to get over their fear and aggression tendencies. We apply what we would to another human, but unfortunately this doesn’t work, instead in many cases it leads to worse behavior.

In all honesty, if you’re searching for us to help you make your dog naturally accepting of other people or dogs we are not the right dog training school for you (this may sound blunt, but we do mean it with the most sincerity; we’ve been around the game long enough to know what works, what doesn’t and what could).

I will never intentionally mislead our clients or potential clients down the wrong path with regard to expectations to make a quick buck. It is not my business model and certainly not my personal character.

Now, of course, having been around a long time, helped train many dog owners, competitive dogs, k9’s and have trained with some of the best trainers doesn’t make me the end all of dogs, so please take this information and apply as you see fit in your search to find the solution to your dog’s behavior.

That being said, if you are seeking a combination of obedience training for control & management as well as becoming a willing participant in behavior modification (not your dog’s behavior modification, yours). Let us know and we’ll send you our program details.

Thank again so much for considering Dedicated Dog Training to help you meet your training goals. If you’d like to learn a bit more about me please click here.

If you’ve received this in response to an email, please reply to that email indicating that you’ve read this post and you understand and what like to receive program details, costs, etc…..

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