Online Dog Training Video Membership

We have decided to provide instructional dog training videos to our members, pet owners that are on Long Island, NY and puppy and dog owners that are out of our jurisdiction as well as pet owners that cannot afford to invest the time that scheduled dog obedience training lessons require

That said, it is imperative that you FULLY understand that these videos do NOT and should NOT take the place of professional dog training lessons. However, in our opinion, they will render some pretty good advice and instruction to MANY DOG TRAINING questions.

What Will The Videos Cover?

What is different about these videos is that they will, in no particular order, cover everything from potty training puppies to philosophy and the real deal of dealing, managing & proper behavior management for aggression, puppy & dog separation anxiety.


Email Your Questions and We’ll Endeavor to Make A Video Response

We’re charging a recurring monthly small payment of $4.99. Yes, this is LESS than a fraction of the cost of our dog training lessons and consultations. We will add to your video library.

Have a behavior or obedience training question? You may not be alone. You’ll be very surprised how many inquiries our dog training school gets that are almost IDENTICAL – a lot of our dog & puppy training video clips will answer many of your dog questions.

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Available Videos For Viewing


  • Positive Reinforcement with German Shepherd Dog

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