Off Leash Dog Training

Off leash dog training can really enhanced the relationship between you and your puppy or dog. Also, an off leashed trained dog or puppy could be the training needed to save him from harms way. Many of our potential members opt for our basic dog training services, after articulating that they do not have a need of off-leash dog training.

….And other members can not understand how anyone dog owner would not want their dog or puppy to be able to respond to commands when off-leash.

….And some members, the ones that Dedicated Dog Training refers to as “sitting on the fence,” are not sure if off leash dog training would serve their puppy or dog and their family as well. In order for you to see the benefits or needs we have created a few lists and reasons for enrolling in an advanced dog training or dog board and train program that both will provide on and off leash dog training to your puppy or dog.

Off-Leash Dog Training – Discretionary Want

The following list identifies why puppy or dog owners WANT to have an off-leash trained dog or puppy in NYC or Long Island:

  • Pretty cool to be able to walk your dog around the neighborhood without a leash or one just hanging;
  • Nice to be able to throw a ball or Frisbee and have your puppy retrieve it and COME back to you
  • Nice to be able to control your dog inside without having to get up and grab a leash

….If you would like to turn the heads of your family, neighbors, friends, and strangers while in the presence of your dog, the above might be a few things to do that

Off-Leash Dog Training – Necessity

Although the title of this segment says necessity, for many, it is not, but can be.

  • Your dog bolts out the door, off-leash training gives you the ability to call him or her back;
  • Your dog slips out of the leash while on a walk on Long Island, worse yet, in NYC;
  • You are at a dog park and a dog fight breaks out, you have the ability to prevent injury with the “COME” command;
  • Your dog is hyperactive, and begins to advance to children on your block, you can call him back before he unintentionally hurts them.

….Those a few listed reason how and why off leash dog training can make a difference regarding safety; of course there are many more scenarios.

Off Leash Dog Training and Dog Health

Well, there is no reason for a list here – an off-leashed dog will natural have the ability to put on more miles during the day then a dog that is confined to a leash or tie-out, it is only natural. Therefore, that puppy or dog that is trusted to go off-leash will receive more physically exercise then one that is not trained off leash.

….Because your dog is trained off leash, one would imagine that he or she is a good candidate to take to more places than other dogs. You may find yourself spending far much more time with your dog than before; this added time turns into a dog that receives more mental stimulation from visiting more places. Dedicated Dog Training has a few members that take their dogs to work with them: warehouse, NYC office, truck routes, and more. There dog is truly their…. best friend!

Ahhh, the affection. If your dog can go with you to work and behave around others while off-leash, then it is safe to say that your puppy or dog will attend more family outings as well. Your children and dog will really bond.

The above mentioned lists and citations, in Dedicated Dog Training’s opinion, will help create that well-balanced puppy or dog. Off-leash dog training is much more than having your dog run around off-leash, it is having more control over your dog to let them off-leash. And as we have seen, more control, equals more time spent with your dog, more exercise for him or her, more stimulation for him or her, a stronger bond between family and dog, and let’s not forget about the safety issues mentioned above.

Off-leash dog training, is a conduit to having a balanced dog!

For more information regarding our off leash training please feel free to contact us, you can do this either by phone (516) 512-9111 or through our contact form.