Obedience Training School, Why Most Dog Owners Fail?


Were you disappointed with the obedience training results that your puppy or dog and you received from your last dog trainer on Long Island or in the city? If you were, you’re not alone. Many dog owners do not receive their intended satisfaction after enrolling and completing a dog training course. Why is this?

There are many reasons why dog and puppy owners feel slighted after spending their hard-earned money and time. This blog post is going to touch on one of the biggest reasons why dog owner’s are dissatisfied with their obedience training results.

Dog Training is Misleading

Our industry has misleading names: Dog Training, Dog Trainers, etc… With the exception of a few, most Long Island pet owners who contact us are doing so because of some type of challenge they’ve been experiencing with their dog or puppy. The term “dog training” is misleading in itself, especially to many new puppy owners.

Many canine owners will experience a challenge or two and decide to call a dog trainer. Their perception, rightfully so, is the dog trainer will train their dog not to jump, nip, etc….That’s what dog trainers do, right? We’ll get to that in a second. But here is a hint – dog trainers should be called dog owner trainers, or something similar to that.

I did a comparison of ski training and dog training lessons which might help pet dog owners to better understand what the trick is to having & maintaining a successful dog

Dog Owner’s Expectations, Reality?

This is a huge problem! Dedicated Dog Training of Long Island has encountered more puppy and dog owners that one can imagine who believe that obedience training is something that requires no reinforcement on the owner’s part. This is not true at all. However, the level of reinforcement or follow-up will vary depending on the:

  • dog’s age;
  • dog’s personality;
  • owner’s consistency;
  • environment

Many dog owners are under the impression that training is a “set it & forget it” activity; it’s not, obedience training is something that is learned and polished as the puppy matures, goes through different phases, becomes a dog and then again is tested during its time with you.

When you give it some thought, it is kind of like a child, we teach them things that are age appropriate, reinforce the same things that we taught the child and have them apply the proper behavior under temptations and in different environments.

Puppy Training, the Foundation for Obedience

There are many puppy owners that believe that their puppy’s obedience can completed after a few lessons at the ripe young age of four (4) months. We know this because our Long Island dog training school fields these calls all the time from puppy owners who explain that there puppy went to puppy school when they were eight (8) weeks old and they are still not trained.

Do you really think that four or 5 weeks of training beginning at eight weeks old is the solution to residing happily ever after?

Sometimes it is, but don’t be disappointed if it is not. Please find comfort in knowing that you do have some control over whether you will need dog obedience training in the future. If you receive the proper puppy training and play an active role in your puppy’s obedience by applying rewards and consequences that are appropriate you may be able to side step additional training; however, sometimes, no matter what you do, problems or issues will develop that require additional training.

It is like having that child again; sometimes everything goes smooth, but other times there are a few bumps in the road that need to be addressed.

….Moreover, most puppy and dog owners do not realize nor have they been informed by their trainer that they will have to play an active role in the training. This is why MOST people and their pets fail obedience training on Long Island and elsewhere according to the feedback received by Dedicated Dog Training.

Dog Trainers Need to Communicate Better too!

OK. we do not want this to seem like canine owner bashing time, we’re moving on to the dog trainers that need some help in explaining exactly what type of obedience they provide to the dog and more importantly what type of training they give to the owner. Better yet, we’ll even settle for them just telling the owner that the owner needs to play a ROLE in the training and training is on going after they complete the training program.

There is “NO” excuse for a business, including dog training schools not to fully disclose what their products or services can and cannot do for the buyer. In our book, misleading someone is dishonest and there is no room for it. On the other hand, many pet owners never receive the proper obedience training required to coexist happily with their furry companion. Why is this?

Simply, because the dog training school that advertises to the tune of what the customer wants to hear will get their business. The obedience school that is completely honest, will never have the opportunity to train your puppy or dog. Nor will they have the opportunity to grant you the dog or tools that you need to have that bond that you’ve dreamed of.

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