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Expecting a new puppy can be very exciting; however, it could be very nerve-racking as well, especially for first time puppy owners. On one hand, you want the puppy trainer to be present when your puppy is with you, anxiety may tell prompt you to want to hire your puppy trainer before the arrival of your new puppy.

We’ve compiled a new puppy check list to help relieve some of the associated stress with anticipating the arrival of your new puppy. Check lists are great to help you get everything in place for both your puppy and puppy trainer.

Here a few items that you should acquire prior to your trainer and new puppy’s arrival:

  • Paper towels – are number one on our new puppy check list as there will be potty training accidents while housebreaking your new puppy. It is best to be prepared for the mistakes.
  • Crate – a crate is going to be used to properly potty train your puppy and forge good behavior while preventing a mitigating unwanted behavior. The crate is there to reduce the chances of bad habits. It will help with your puppy’s nipping, hyperactive moments and again – housebreaking efforts.
  • Food bowls – sometimes we get so excited “what kind of food will our new puppy be eating?” “how many time will be feeding him?” “Who will feed him?” and the list goes on. Very often we get a bit overwhelmed and forget about where will he eat his food out of.
  • Food container – having a food container is a matter of preference, Dedicated Dog Training of Long Island recommends it. It hold the freshness and keeps out the bugs.
  • Nature’s Miracle (neutralizer) – a puppy elimination neutralizer is an important item to get. This should help deter future eliminations; however, it Is an assistant other measure should be followed as well. Our puppy workshopwill supply this information.
  • Leash – it is very important to get a puppy leash for your puppy to begin getting them acclimated to it at an early age. This can help with housebreaking efforts as well.
  • Collar
  • Treats (pupperoni or mini zeukes) – puppies will begin learning as soon as you bring them home; let’s train them what we want them to learn rather than allow them to train themselves. Puppy training treats are a MUST on your new puppy check list.
  • Kong – this is a rubber tube that can hold treats some that you can become creative with and others that are made by the company to specifically place into them. This can be used for a few new puppy training scenarios to help your new puppy through their early months.
  • Nylabone – another good assistant for the puppy to redirect his or attention to while soothing their young gums.
  • Poop bags – they’re important as your puppy gets older and you decide to take him or her for walks.
  • A great puppy trainer!
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