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Owning one dog or puppy can be a challenge for many pet owners, owning two, three or more dogs can really put a strain on families.  Most pet owners aren’t aware that obedience training lessons managing multiple dogs in the same household are not the same thing.
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Most dog trainers would rather NOT take on clients with multiple dogs (some obedience trainers, will set a limit (perhaps, two (2) dogs)) and others are stern on training one (1) dog households.  The reason is fairly simple and understandable from a dog trainers’ view.

Why Do Dog Trainers Prefer to Stay Away From Multi-Dog Homes

Simply put – it is a lot of hard work!  More specifically, it’s a lot of hard work for your average Pet Owner.  Unfortunately, because of many, not all dog training marketing and advertising leads your average pet owner believing that the dog trainer will come and wave a wand and train your dogs to reside in harmony with no supervision or engagement form the dog owner.  This  is why dog owners fail obedience training school (and these are the dog owners with ONLY one dog or puppy!).

Dedicated Dog Training’s Approach to Multi-Dog Homes

Our approach to dog training for a multi-dog home ALL begins with one dog at a time.
We train you how to train your dog, because at the end of the day – the dog KNOWS who is there (or not there) supervising him or her!

This means that we train the dog commands, but we also train you how to reinforce the commands via a reward & correction system that is best suited for your dog. If you stay on top of your game, the dog should realize pretty quickly that there is structure & consistency which is navigated by obedience training commands.

That said, if you do not stay on top of your game, the dog(s) will revert and progress as they were prior to the training.

Our Nassau County based dog training school believes in training one dog at a time.  As far as meshing the dogs together to have them coexist in a family setting is really up to the family – we do not reside with the dogs; therefore, we cannot assume the responsibility of how well or not-so-good they act as a group.  This may sound to some as “UN-dog trainer like,” but it is the truth.

Sure, we can tell you what you want to hear, collect your money & then tell you that you just have to keep working the program long after we’re gone.  What’s funny about this?  It’s the truth.

However, doing  this dog training STUFF long enough, you’ve come to realize that sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say, many clients jump in with their finger crossed and hope for the best.  The conflict begins at the end of the training sessions.
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Our approach to Multi-dog training is the SAME as training for one dog:

  1. we train one dog at a time (our agreements reflects one dog)
  2. we give you advice how to manage your dogs all together using the commands and behaviors that we have installed in your dogs – it is up to you to reinforce the training system.
  3. We stress the importance of you understanding that unless you can gain obedience over one dog, you will NEVER have obedience over two, three or more dogs in the same household.
  4. Pack Leadership is not optional.

On-Site Dog Training Lessons (Wantagh, Levittown, NY)

Although, our Queens & Long Island private in-home dog training lessons can help with your dog’s obedience training we feel that on-site dog training may be more beneficial in most cases. As we’ve mentioned in other posts, many times it is better to begin training your dog outside of their natural environment that promotes unwanted behavior. It is less of an obstacle and the dog’s attention may be more focused on you.

Our dog training lessons in Nassau County is an excellent option to begin training one of your dog’s.

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