Manhattan Dog Training

Our dog training school provides all levels of pet dog obedience training, but we specialize in real world training,or as some dog trainers refer to it as obedience dog training for distraction. We accomplish this through our Manhattan dog boot camp program where we professionally train your dog to pay attention to you, behave and respond to obedience training commands to better navigate and communicate with your canine.
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Owning a dog in Manhattan, NYC can be a very awesome experience as often the puppy will become part of the busy, fast paced and noisy environment and fit right in. This happens throughout natural progression as it does with children.

That said, if you’re seeking a dog trainer in Manhattan, you probably need a little help getting to that dog or puppy obedience level. Our NYC Manhattan dog board and train can help you!

Manhattan Dog Board and Train, NYC

Let Dedicated Dog Training do ALL the grunt work for. We’ll care for, and train your dog to be obedient in Manhattan. NYC offers a lot of distractions, although private dog training lessons in NYC provides value – we have found an easier, faster, more reliable, long lasting – a better way!

The difference between providing dog training lessons in NYC verses a dog board and train is the removal of the learning curve. Put another way, your dog is being train day in and day out by a professional dog trainer.
With private dog training lessons, we are not only training the dog, but we’re teaching you how to train your puppy or dog – which means you must put the time in, be well coordinated & make adjustments where necessary and ultimately will be responsible for how your dog’s training turns out.

This type of pet obedience training works, but is not the best for everyone or for every geographical location in New York.

Dedicated Dog Training develops programs that are rapid, reliable and easy to follow.

In high pedestrian and vehicular traffic, congested areas, we’ve decided to forego on the private dog training lessons & provide only our dog board and train. Manhattan doggie boot camps that return a well-trained dog with instructions on how to maintain the training is the way to go!

If you reside in Greenwich Village, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan, Midtown, Uptown, NYC, Battery Park, Chelsea, and the surrounding New York City areas and like to learn more about our dog board and train please feel free to get in touch either by phone or directly by: [email protected]/