Long Island Dog Training

Dedicated Dog Training is located in Levittown, NY (those of you from the city, that’s Nassau County, Long Island!) Dog training is not a job for us, it is our passion. Providing modern methods of dog and puppy training throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties has elevated us to be considered by many pet owners as the premier Long Island dog training school.

Most of our dog obedience training takes place in Nassau and Suffolk Counties; however, we provide dog obedience training to Manhattan as well as Queens. For more information please email us at info@dedicateddogtraining.com


Dog Board and Train Long Island

With so many resources, most available in seconds to us, it becomes very difficult to get a handle on what type of training is the way to go. Many dog owners that we consult with are hard-pressed on a jump start to their obedience training through our most notable Dog Board and Train Long Island program. In general, board and training programs have gained wide popularity among dog owners. Dedicated Dog Training offers a Deluxe doggie boot camp on Long Island. Our doggie boot camp trains your puppy or dog to respond to many commands:

  • Come when called off leash dog training, in the face of distractions
  • Heel (walk nicely on a lose leash or without a leash)
  • Sit/Down Commands
  • Stay Commands
  • Kennel Command (can be used for interior crate or vehicle crate)
  • Inside and Outside Commands
  • Leave-it/Drop-it Commands
  • Off Command
  • Confirming commands (NO, GOOD and/or YES)
  • ….And, whatever discussed and agreed upon at the time of the evaluation

Our Doggie Boot Camp, Long Island program does not stop at command training. Our dog boarding and training also takes care of the following issues:

    • Jumping (this is done via commands
    • Counter-Surfing (jumping o the table for food & human things)
    • Digging
    • Nipping
    • Chewing
    • Talking back (excessive barking & Whining)
    • Dominant & Aggressive Behaviors
    • ….Also, anything else we speak and agree on

Our Long Island Board and Train Program has helped many dog and puppy owners

Dedicated Dog Training

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Long Island, In Home Dog Training Programs

Have the time to train your dog on Long Island and want to work side by side with a professional dog trainer? If so, our in home obedience training program may be the program for you. In just five (5) lessons, your dog can be responding to you on and off leash. Together, we can stop all unwanted behaviors and help you to be in control of your dog. Our in home dog training on Long Island addresses all the above areas of focus. Want to lear more? Contact us


Suffolk County Dog Training Classes


After completing one of our advanced dog training programs in Long Island, we grant you free access to our dog training group classes currentyl held in Suffolk, NY. Unlike many of our competitors on the Island, we use dog training classes to polish and keep our dogs current with training. We do not sell it as a service, it is a bonus; therefore, it is separate fro our dog training programs.

Our Long Island Dog Training Evaluation

Prior to the commencement of any dog training program, Dedicated Dog Training prefers to conduct an evaluation of your puppy or dog; we look for independent behavior, and phobias such as: aggression, fear, territorial, resource guarding, food aggression. We also, observe the way your puppy or dog views you and the family. After the evaluation will go over your main objectives, obstacles, and suggest a game of action.

We have learned that just as no two (2) dogs are alike, not two (2) owners are alike either. The programs that we suggest are done after taking into a variety of considerations including your dog, your family, and desired results. We gave it away! This is our approach to proving top notch dog obedience training on Long Island to our clients!

Dog Obedience Lessons or Packages

This is a question that is presented to us all of the time. To be quite honest, we have over the course of time switched back and forth in a quest to find which yield the best dog training results on Long Island for members. Both have their pro’s and con’s. And is something that we are still investigating and will vary from dog owner to dog owner and situation to situation. During the evaluation, we will speak more of which is your best option.