In Home Dog Training Lessons

Beginning May 15th until November 1st Dedicated Dog Training has decided to invoke a pilot program regarding our in home dog training lessons.

Our Nassau County based dog training school is always attempting to make our obedience training:

  • Easier;
  • MORE reliable &
  • Better for our clients

To make this happen….

Dedicated Dog Training has initiated a different approach to our dog training programs. Our in-home dog training lessons are now offered at a reduced rate to our clients AFTER completing our advanced dog board and train program.

In addition to our in-home dog training lessons available to our graduates of our board and train program at a discount if desired, we’re also making our dog training Nassau County lessons FREE to all members upon completion of our dog boot camp as well.

Why the Change with Our In Home Dog Training Lessons?

We find it much easier in today’s world to lay a strong obedience foundation on your dog and to use in home dog training lessons to train you how to maintain and properly handle your dog It is much easier for the pet owner to take the wheel of a well-running car then to help build it.

Our doggie boot camps do all the heavy lifting for you making things a lot EASIER on your end.
Truth be told, the majority of dog boot camp graduates do not need in-home dog training lessons, especially if they reside on Long Island. Our free on-site lessons are MORE than enough to make the transition from us to you seamless.

How Do Our In Home Dog Training Lessons Work?

At the completion of your dog’s stay with us you’ll be afforded the oppurtunity to come to us and train with us for free. The amount of private lessons depends on:

  • Your dog
  • Your dog obedience needs
  • The degree or level of training you want to place on your dog
  • As well as what type of board & train program your dog was enrolled into

Because MOST, if not ALL of the work will be done during your dog’s stay with Dedicated Dog Training in home dog training lessons will be on a lessons by lesson basis. There is no need to lock yourself into an extensive program outside of us training your dog. Our pay as you go approach has benefited many pet owners.

Our in-home dog training lessons usually last one (1) hour in duration and we’ll go over anything that you’d like to address. We can also enhance, modify or add to your dog’s training during these in-home lessons with your dog.

Why Move Away From In Home Dog Training Lessons?

As the way dog training has evolved over the course of decades so has the American family. Yes, we do achieve GREAT results with the more conventional in home dog training lessons that many pet owners are familiar with.

However, as most dog of our dog owners know, proper dog training is more than just training a dog; it is training the dog’s owner as well. These days, our Nassau County based dog training school recognizes the shift and dynamics of your average dog owner and their family. Time has become more limited for most families. Between the children’s activities & both parents working it becomes very difficult to find time to just relax at home.

Never mind trying to make time for keeping in home dog training lessons appointments. But wait, there’s more……Pet owners are required to NOT only find time to meet with their dog trainer, but they’re supposed to also find time everyday to train in between their dog’s in home training lessons.
It happens, but the success rate across the industry here and abroad seems to have dropped.