In-Home Dog Training Lessons | Evaluation

We help with jumping (on you, guests, counters) and other unruly behaviors such as not leaving you alone while eating.  We help you to get a nice lose leash walk while controlling your dog when passing other people/dogs.  Excessive nuisance barking/whining/digging are also areas that we’ve exceeded in.  You do not have to wait months or weeks for results; you can see results in one (1) lesson!

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Two Lessons then Pay as You Go | Lesson by Lesson

There’s NO need to get locked into a lengthy program that requires payment up front.  With our two-lesson then pay as you go plan, we ensure that not only is your dog motivated, but you are as well.

Our initial (2) lessons are one (1) hour each in duration, The cost for the initial (2) lessons is $295.  Schedule your next lesson when you want.   Sky can be the limit if you are consistent.  Although MOST of our clients stay on board for multiple lessons, there are those that realize that training is not what they thought it to be. 

And that’s OK, that’s one of the reasons we go lesson-by-lesson ($95 per hour) after the initial two (2) lessons. Please note: Any training equipment is not included in the cost of lessons.

What are the Lessons Like?

The training is usually split into 3 segments, the first, James from many years of experience with ALL breeds, ages & temperaments as well as different types of owners, figuring out the best training platform for you and your dog.  He will then jump into that with you guys.  The second portion, you and James are working together with your dog, and lastly, prior to the lessons end, it is all YOU.
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