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    About Our In-Home Dog Training Lessons

    James, has SUCCESSFULLY trained canines from basic to highly advanced levels.  And he will tell you first hand that YOUR SUCCESS comes from him teaching you how to be your dog’s trainer.  At the end of the day, your dog needs to be attentive to you, needs to listen to you & needs to respect your boundaries.  James, shows you how to get there!

    Stop - What Does NOT Work

    Many are under the false impression that a dog trainer comes to your home and spends a total of 4-5 hours with your dog and you will have long lasting results.  There is NOTHING further from the truth.  What do you do when things aren’t going well? What’s your back up plan when the trainer is gone?  With James, there’s no need to worry, you will know because James trains dog & people!

    What's the Course Like?

    All of James’ in home dog training in Nassau County is command based.  James teaches you how to exercise management & control over your dog in the face of distraction.  Your dog needs to be obedient to your command; when they are, you & your family will benefit from so much MORE ENJOYMENT!

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