In Home Dog Training Lessons

Our private one on one in home dog training lessons are for pet owners who want direction on how to train their own dog. Private dog training lessons entail:

1) us training your dog new commands
2) and teaching you how to practice at home

We give you verbal and written instruction for your guidance and your homework.

Email us directly or Call us at (516) 512-9111 to learn if our in-home dog training program is right for you!

Your consistent reinforcement is essential for this training to be successful

Perfect for the dog owner that needs to gain control over dogs that are hyper-active, dominant, mouthy, nippy, jumpy, and defiant.

If you are challenged when meeting people or other dogs during your neighborhood walks – we can help (please note, if your dog is aggressive, you should visit our behavior modification program section. Here are some more obedience training areas we can drastically improve for you and your family:

• Controlling your dog while entertaining company;
• Controlling your dog around children in the household;
• Teaching you how to become a pack leader;
• Training your dog to calm down when you need them to

For many, just coming home from work can be very frustrating. We get it, we know that some dogs over step their boundaries. We completely understand that dog owners need direction on how to forge a healthy bond with their dogs.

Who Benefits from In-Home Dog Training?

Our in home dog training lessons are a model program for the dog owner that has one, two, maybe three (3) issues that they need resolved in a relatively quick period of time.

Dedicated Dog Training understands that not every canine owner has the time to become a full time dog trainer, nor do they desire a dog that responds in a robotic manner. They just want a dog that they can happily coexist with.

Lesson by Lesson Perks

Aside for being ideal for the dog owner that has a few obedience issues that they need resolved, there are a few more perks when enrolling in our in home dog obedience training program:

1. A “pay as you go” approach; pay after each lesson. This allows you to receive the following benefits:
a. No time limit to use lessons – need another obedience training lesson in your home? Just contact us.
b. The “pay as you go” program also acts as a motivator, the more you put into what we train, the less lessons you will need to get that dream dog you desire.
c. A small dog training commitment that yields big results.
d. A great way to test the waters with Dedicated Dog Training before making a larger commitment.

How Much Does In Home Dog Training Lessons Cost?

We begin with a lesson which consists of three (3) hours and costs $450; this does not include cost of equipment if needed/desired for advanced dog training. If you come to us, the intitial three (3) hours is Reduced to $295 and each subsequent one (1) lesson, if needed or wanted is also more inexpensive at $50 per lesson. Please feel free to learn more about our On-Site Dog Training in Wantagh, Levittown areas of Nassau County.
This is the cost of obedience TRAINING which is leashed based. If you want to learn how to use dog training equipment such as e-collars (electronic collars) the Proper way or other training collars and clickers we can help with that also; however, the cost of equipment does not include the training cost.
Note: for e-collars we recommend you NOT purchasing your own, we will advise on the best suited collar for you and your dog.