How Much Does Dog Training Cost?


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The biggest question dog training schools are asked is “How much is dog training?” Before getting into the cost of training your dog it is important that you understand what the mechanics of real obedience dog training is.

Your average pet dog owner views dog training as an “appliance” when comparing the cost of dog training sevices.
They ask for guarantees, time it takes, etc….We know that we’re not the only Long Island dog trainers to face these challenges.

We believe it is best to view dog training more like people training. We will train you how to train your dog. With the exception of our dog board and train program, we charge by the hour. The reasons are:

1) Some pet dog owners do not need a ton of commands or dog behaviors

2) Some dogs are way easier than others & locking you into an obedience program that you do not need, means that you will not reinforce the commands – waste of money and times for all involed

3) Some clients are better coordinated than others and are able to spend more time training their puppy or dog which will lead to faster results with less money spent.

That said, our Nassau County dog training based school programs are geared to giving you what you need & having you decide what you want. Here is a list of our obedience training services.

What Challenges Does Your Dog Present You With?

How much dog training costs is largely depends on many factors. The first factor in determining how much does dog training cost depends on the problems your dog has created for you and your family. A good example: Let’s assume potential client “A” has a dog that attempts to bite anyone who enters the house and has bitten before. obviously, compared to potential client “B” that would like to have a reliable recall (come command) for his dog. Age is another factor that needs to be realized.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost for Younger Dogs

Not always, but mostly, dog training costs are determined by age. Although, enrolling in puppy training lessons is more critical than training a dog, it usually is less expansive. An older dog that may have aggression, will obviously take a little longer to yield the same results than a younger dog that begins to display these behaviors. The same is true for a dominant or hyper active dog. Again, this is not always the case, many times older dogs learn more quickly, but we still need to know the situation, and part of that is ‘how long has this been going on for?’

How Long You Have the Dog, Helps Determine A Program as Well

Some dog owners have recently adopted an adult dog, maybe 3, 4 or even 7 years old. If you are experiencing a problem that is occuring in the first week of acquiring your new dog, this is a little differnt than having a dog for that many years who has been in your home from 8 weeks or so. We’d like information on this is as well. Sometimes, a change here or a modifiction here is enough to prevent this habit from growing.

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