Welcome to Dedicated Dog Training’s FAQ Page.

Although this pages’ intentions are to answer questions pertaining to our dog and puppy training services, we understand that it not possible to cover each and every questions potential clients may have.  If you should not see one of your questions here, you may want to contact us directly via phone (516) 512-9111 or info@dedicateddogtraining.com.  Lastly, just because you do not see a question here, it doesn’t mean it is not important, as a matter of fact….the most important questions are usually the ones that are the least popularized.

How Many Lessons Will it Take to Train My Dog?
This is one of the MOST popular questions our Long Island based dog training is school is asked. The truth is, we are training you how to train your dog (you’ll be maintaining your dog’s training for as long as you have him or her). Therefore, once we determine what the best obedience training platform is for your dog and situation we train the dog, but, more importantly, train you how to train your dog. Because every dog and owner are different, our programs begin with a set number of lessons to build a foundation, then we go on a lesson by lesson basis which are discounted

What kind of training methods does Dedicated Dog Training Use?

Dedicated Dog Training uses a balanced approach to obedience training which means we utilize: food, toys, treats, prong collars, harnesses (infrequently), e collars (electronic collars), which we specialize in, martingale collars, verbal praise, touch, social rewards, k9 rewards, and much more!

That said, we can train your dog with any method you want but….

….The less we control the lessons, the less we can control or be held responsible for the outcome. This will become a problem between many pet dog owners and their dog trainer. And sometimes (depending on the clients) it won’t.
Of course, based on our experience & obedience training results we’ll recommend the BEST training methods that have worked for pet owners with similar dogs, etc…Obviously, the more you stray from our suggested method, the training probably will be less reliable.

How do I know if my dog is a candidate for obedience training?

This is a GREAT question, but should be paraphrased a bit to read “How do I know if “I” am a candidate for training lessons?” If you’re the type that can understands that dog training is really a combination of people and dog training you’re off to a GOOD start! Secondly, it is important to be able to commit time and energy to your dog’s training (during and after training lessons). Most importantly, you must understand that having a really well trained dog calls for some human behaviors to change.

How do I choose between a Board & Train and Private Dog Training Lessons?

You don’t, based on the information received from you & experience, we’ll recommend the best suited program(s) which include details and cost. Sometimes you’ll have a choice between several and other times, there will be no choice. Please understand that if we limit you to one recommendation it is in the best interest of your dog and you; many times, it will cost us your business.

Does Dedicated Dog Training do Free Evaluations/Consultations?

No, Dedicated Dog Training does not offer Free evaluations/consultations. We understand that many Long Island dog trainers provide free obedience training evaluations, we’re just not one of them. We much rather dedicate on time to our current clients. Evaluations often are not what pet owners are lead to believe they are.