Got Questions?!

Please find below some of the most frequently asked questions that our Long Island based obedience training school receives.  Each and every questions is very important to us.  If you have a question and do not see it on the list, please drop us a line.

1) What is your training approach?

Our approach to training is balanced.  Once canines FULLY understand right from wrong consequence for desired (rewards) and less-than-desirable behaviors (non-reward) are administered.

2) Do You Use Food with Training?

Food. Toys. Tugs. Verbal Praise. Social Petting are ALL incorporating into our training system.  It is VERY important to keep puppies & dogs motivated.

Our well crafted, unique system makes it possible for our clients & their dogs to maintain extraordinary results.

3) Experienced with Small Dogs?

Like people, canines, for the most part learn the same way.  Yes, breed, temperament, drive, age, etc….all come into play. 

However, well-versed trainer should know how to adjust their training program if & when needed based upon the individual canine & owner.

4) What's Your Success Rate??

Success rates vary by definition, by programs, by expectations and by the dog’s owner. With this said, this conversation is better left for a consultation.

5) Do You Use Positive Reinforcement?

As balanced approach trainers. We very much use positive reinforcement. Probably much more than most pet owners & dog trainers use. And, in a very different way too!

6) What Separates You From the Rest?

Our approach is to get it right with the client before moving onto their dog. We need to be inline with each other. Experience & trust matters.

7) Can We Select Our Training Method?

Yes. But buyer beware. You must understand that the more we train the way you want us to, the less accountable we can be held at the conclusion of any of our programs. Catch 22?

8) What Age Does Training Begin?

Canines begin learning very early. We offer puppy workshops for 6 weeks to 4.5 months.

Our Advanced training begins at five (5) months old.

9) Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans. In most cases we begin with a deposit for an evaluation. If you move forward, the balance is paid before the program begins.

For board and train, this process is a bit different. Contact for details.

10) Do You Offer Dog Socialization?

We do not offer dog socialization in our training programs.
However, if we have another dog that your dog gets along with, we will supervise play.

11)Do You Provide Independent Obedience Training?

All of our obedience training requires the owner (handler) to be present as a team. Unfortunately, outside of the owner’s presence we cannot modify a dog’s behavior.
Ex: when the owner is not home, we cannot train a canine to behavior independently.

12) Training Equipment & Training

Any training equipment used to train your dog, not limited to food, leashes, toys, collars, etc…you will need to continue in the same fashion to provide consistency.

13) Help with Dog on Dog Food Aggression?

Dog on dog food aggression in the same household can be helped by employing control over the environment to mitigate the risk of injury & number of incident
This falls under the category of “problem solving” & is best served with a virtual session to advise you.

14) Policy on Visits During Board & Train Programs

Dog board and trains were designed to provide a solid training foundation to canines by removing them from their environment (people, places & things) to give them a fresh start into commands/behaviors by a professional dog trainer.

Typically, we do not recommend visits during our boot camps because it erodes the very concept that boot camps were founded upon; especially, two (2) week boot camps.

Although we do realize that is not at all the same, we do provide videos of your dog’s progress on our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channels to help.

That said, as long as you know that there may be a slight regression to the training…….

We do ask that we meet at the training field no sooner than 10 days into the program.  We’d like to provide a good foundation to limit/reduce the potential of setback amount.

15) Can You Help with Dog Sleep Aggression?

Regrettably, we cannot make a dog respond non-aggressively when being startled during sleeping or taken by other surprise.
That said, we can help by offering control & management via our virtual coaching.

Didn’t See What You Were Looking For?

If you have a question and we did not have it listed, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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