Dedicated Dog Training Specializes in using a balanced approach to training via remote collar training (electronic collar training) and/or prong collars in addition to any other training tools such as clickers, food, toys, etc….We do limit ourselves, clients or their dogs to one tool or one method.

Our dog obedience training begins at five (5) months old

Welcome to Dedicated Dog Training’s FAQ Page.

Although this pages’ intentions are to answer questions pertaining to our dog and puppy training services, we understand that it not possible to cover each and every questions potential team members may have.  If you should not see one of your questions here, you may want to contact us directly via phone (516) 512-9111 or info@dedicateddogtraining.com.  Lastly, just because you do not see a question here, it doesn’t mean it is not important, as a matter of fact….the most important questions are usually the ones that are the least popularized.


Puppy Training Programsold does my puppy have to be to enroll him into one of your puppy training programs?

We have a few puppy training programs, the youngest would be our clicker training puppy program.  for this program as early as eight (8) weeks old?  We also have a puppy consult program, which we give at this age too.  Both programs can be tied together, really giving you a head start!2. Are some puppies more difficult to train than other puppies?

Yes, of course, however, we are talking about individual puppy characteristics, not breeds.  We take a different approaches for different types of puppies and with our dog training programs too.3. Will you meet with us prior to purchasing our puppy?

We, do puppy selection consults, where we speak to you about what breed might be best for you, where you should look to acquire your new family member, what signs indicate an honest breeder, tips on selecting a correct puppy with good temperament.

General Questions:4. What if my dog is is not trainable?

Well, luckily, most dogs are trainable….absent extreme circumstances, a dog will learn.  We should have phrased that question to read more like: what if you are unable to provide the results that we agreed upon?  It is simple, if we can’t deliver, we do not retain or accept payment.. What are you payment methods”

We accept cash, check (personal too), credit cards.6. When is payment remedied?

For our private dog training lessons, we accept payment on full prior to the first lesson; at this time we will go over the “agreement,” sign, and begin with your first lesson?

For our elite board and train programs payment is remedied at the completion of our program when you receive your fully trained puppy or dog. Where will my puppy or dog stay if we elect a board and train program?

In an atmosphere that you would highly approve.  An atmosphere that is family oriented, animal friendly, and loving and caring.  As a matter of fact, most of our dog boarding members are our dog training members too! If I elect to enroll in one of our private Long Island – NYC Dog Training Programs will I have the same trainer for every session?
Like dog training, persistence is the secret formula to success; Dedicated Dog Training has a very consistent business model, yes you will.9. What is you success rate?

Well, to be quite honest, we are working on our testimonial page as of this writing; it will contain real testimonials with email address of real members, many who maintain current relationships with, in the meantime please feel free to visit or do a search for “dedicated dog training yellow pages reviews long island” or something along those lines.10. Do you offer any specials?

Yes, we have just recently started to run specials, you can find them on the home page of Dedicated Dog Training!11. What porograms does Dedicated Dog Training offfer?

In addition to our boot camp where your dog receives training from a pro Long Island dog trainer we offer in home dog training in Queens and Long Island and private dog training in Nassau and Sufflok Counties. For young puppies and older dogs, our obedience school provides puppy housebreaking potty training.12. What types of dog training methods do you use?

With the exception of puppies from eight (8) weeks to four (4) months (this is REWARD ONLY), we are big fans of using a balanced approach to training.

There are many more questions, we are sure.  However, we will add questions to this page as your emails or phone conversations guide us.