E Collar Training for Territorial Aggression


Territorial aggression can be minimized through proper use of an electronic collar. More importantly, can be done so without the development of any other negative behaviors. How do we do this? This is accomplished by developing a behavior training platform tailored to the dog, owners, and the environment. When dealing with territorial aggression, the physical structure & layout of the protected area and the usage of space MUST be considered. Also, a quick note on dog behavior training territorial aggression: usually there are underlying dog aggression issues that accompany it.

Use the E Collar as A Command, Not as Punishment

Old school was, “I am going to shock my dog if he growls at me!” This more than likely will bring on other negative behaviors. Additionally, if your dog is growling at you, there is a good chance that he is not going to learn anything in that state of mind either. Why not get in front of it? If you know that your dog is going to growl and maybe even snap at you if you go space that he has claimed (It can be a room, a couch, a bed, just about anything) why not be proactive and get in front of it? Manage it and lessen the chance of other unwanted behaviors from surfacing.

e-Collar Training the Come Command

What about if we did this? Trained the dog the “COME” command with the remote training collar (e collar).  This way you’ll be able to have your dog come to you; thereby, eliminating your dog’s possession of the territory they are guarding.

No Furniture Policy for Territorial Aggression

Better yet, if you have a “NO” furniture policy, which we highly recommend for many pet owners that have dogs or puppies that are a bit bold & display territorial aggression.  By not allowing your canine to be on the couch can greatly reduce the behavior from furthering itself.  Not too mention – lessen the chance of your canine biting someone.

Consult with a Professional E Collar Trainer First

Please, do not try to attempt using the remote training collar yourself if you do not have any proper training with e collars.

Far too many puppies and dogs get screwed up by good intentions, but bad executions. There are many e collar trainers on Long Island and in the New York area for you to risk the side effects of a less than good training plan.

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