E Collar Training for Resource Guarding


Unfortunately, many pet owners mistakenly use e collars to treat aggression in their puppy or dog. When inapproriately using an e collar to train an aggressive dog, it can lead you down a path where you’d prefer not to go.

Before we get into how well e collar training works with managing a dog or puppy that exhibits aggression such as resource guarding, let’s begin with….what not to do and why.

It has been Dedicated Dog Training’s experience that resource guarding is almost, for the most part in many canines an automatic response to protect an item that:

1. the dog views as limited;
2. that you are going to take away (here is a very important thing to be aware of; the dog just has to percieve you will take it away. So, in reality, you may just be passing by with no intentions of removing the item from the dog’s possession, but it makes no difference if the dog thinks that’s what you’re going to do – his reaction will be the same!)

Another important thing to remember about “resource guarding” is most of the time, if you are holding the item or the dog has not yet claimed it, aggression will not be activated. This is also where it gets a bit tricky; everything is most of the time, claiming it (which will be different for every dog), the tenacity of the aggression, and other factors that make it absolutely neccessary to have a professional dog trainer present.

What Not to do With Your E Collar

While the growling may be very disconcerting to you and your family when you attempt to remove an object from your dog once he or she has claimed it, you must try to remember, this on many occassions is an involuntary response. So meeting it with aggression will more times than we’d like to admit cause one or the other:

1. Aggression (other than resource guarding)or a
2. Fearful dog or puppy

….Neither good, and none an easy fix.
OK, now on to the good stuff. A quick reminder, this does not take the place of using a professional dog trainer that uses e collars to train successfully.

Use the E Collar as a Command, Rather than a Punisher

….You can train your dog to respond to a “COME” command. A”DROP” it command. Or something similar in nature. That way, if you remember what we stated above, your dog is no longer in possession of the item. When this happens, you may be able to safely pick-up the item. Mission accomplished. More importantly, the objective was met without any spill-over effect, the development of a fearful or dominant aggressive dog. E collars can also be used in territorial aggression cases as well.

Dog Behavior Modification, Aggressive Dogs & Puppies

Our Long Island dog behavior modification program has helped many pet owners to make things better for them and their dog or puppy. We can help you too! However, you MUST take the first step and make the call. We’re a professional dog training school that believes in treating potential clients respectfully, so you’ll never have to worry about pushy sales tactics.

Long Island dog behavior modification

  • Becky

    Would like information on training the aggression out of my dog due to resource guarding . Only with dogs tho and not people.
    Food, toys, personal space, affection

    • dogtraining

      Hi Becky,

      Thanks for taking the time to write. If possible, a good starting point would be to know how old your dog is? And, how long has he or she been displaying resource guarding towards other dogs? Also, it would be helpful if you’re able to share whether you are referring to other dogs as dogs outside of your household or in the same dwelling.

      Thanks and look forward to your reply.


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