Doggie Boot Camp and Dog Separation Anxiety


Unfortunately, it has been our professional dog training experience that a doggie boot camp program to resolve separation anxiety in puppies or dogs is not the route to go.

Many pet owners believe that separation anxiety in dogs is the same as a canine being disobedient or not following commands; they believe that a doggie boot camp program can help to solve this type of dog training challenge.

Separation Anxiety is Environmental

If your main focus is your dog’s separation anxiety, we would not recommend this training venue to dogs with separation anxiety.  A dog that exhibits separation anxiety, mostly is geared towards their primary caretakers; however, depending on the degree of the dog separation anxiety, in many cased it does extend towards anyone that is caring for them – even if short-term and new.  Although canine separation anxiety comes form your dog’s genetics, it is also environmental.

The owner becomes part of that environment.  In other words, because dog’s have separation anxiety with one person in a certain area this could, but doesn’t automatically transfer to another person and environment.  It is possible that a canine going to a board & train type of venue will not even display the anxiety until he or she returns home to the owner.

Canine Anxiety Impedes Learning

With respect to obedience training, a dog that displays anxiety is better off being trained with their owner present.  This will help to reduce the anxiety to free the mind up and allow training to flow a bit more smoothly.

Additionally, when it comes to separation anxiety in canines (as well as aggression) we believe it is far more productive to incorporate the owner into the training form the ground up.  It is more important that we teach the dog’s owners how to properly handle, reside with their dog to assist in making things better.

Genetics & Canine Separation Anxiety

The truth is, dog separation anxiety in most cases begin with a canine’s genetics.  What does this mean?  It improvement is what your focus should be on.  Genetics are very strong and often will trump environmental factors.

That said, changing the environment and how one resides with their dog can show good improvement for mild to medium cases (maybe lesser progress with sever cases, but nevertheless, we should be seeking to make things better) and is usually augmented by environmental factors.

Dog Separation Anxiety Workshop

Our Nassau County dog training school believes the most optimal training course of action to help make things better with your dog’s separation anxiety is NOT a doggie boot camp program, but an in-home training workshop.

In summary, canine separation anxiety is when your dog is addicted to YOU. Most dogs, with separation anxiety are fearful, non-confident and overly dependent on you. And, if the dog has the temperament, he or she can even become very aggressive to other dogs or people when they are around you; after all, they need to protect the resource (you) that they are addicted to and overly depend on.

Train the Dog, Teach the Dog Owners

Many dog problems pet owners face are a direct result of the way they are managing and residing with them. And a doggie boot camp program will not change how the dog owner responds to their dog or how they manage their dog – we need to teach you how to properly manage & respond to your canine.

If you’re experiencing dog separation anxiety with your furry family member, you may want to consider a more inexpensive and effective approach to managing and making things better for you, your family and your dog – Feel free to get in touch with Dedicated Dog Training of Nassau County for your canines’ separation anxiety.

  • Ruby Silver

    My 2 yr Chihuahua has bad separation anxiety when I leave her in her crate, yet she she sleeps in it when I am home near my bed. Also aggressiveness to other dogs. I would like some help. I am in Bayside, Queens. Can you please send me some quotes, and your procedures.
    Thank you

    • Dedicated DogTraining

      Hi Ruby,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read our post on dog boot camps and separation anxiety. Please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (516) 512-9111 so we can discuss how we can help you.

      A quick note: the separation anxiety is not with the crate, but with you. So, your dog apparently does not mind the crate as long as she is near you (not minding the crate already places you in a better position than many!). We can help with these issues. Look forward to hearing form you.

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