Dog Training

Dog Training, Long Island, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York, (NYC)

If you’re struggling with your dog’s obedience, you’ll be HAPPY to know that our popular dog training program can help you.

We have helped many with our doggie boot camp and private dog training lesson combination.

Our doggie boot camp style of obedience training WORKS because your dog is being trained by a professional dog trainer who is doing all the heavy lifting for YOU before transferring the control to you and your family!

Your dog will be returned FULLY trained, no ifs, ands, or buts about it!
We FULLY Guarantee this!


Dog Training Guarantee!

Although it is not, it’s like MAGIC! but with our Guaranteed dog board and train, the proof is in the pudding; you’ll observe your dog’s training via video, then in person under the dog trainer’s control & then YOU will be navigating a well-trained dog! If we cannot train your dog, there is NO Charge to you at all!


Here’s How Our Dog Training Program Works

We strive to make your dog training experience with us SUCCESSFUL, EASY, RELIABLE & LASTING! We accomplish this by leaving no stone UN-turned; we professionally train your dog to real world distraction levels & then teach you how to maintain the HIGH level of obedience training that we’ve installed in your dog or puppy!

Step #1: Contact Dedicated Dog Training!

You contact us via phone (516) 512-9111 or email we’re Super Easy to Speak with; never any sales pressure! We will correspond a little and then set-up an in-person evaluation.

Step #2: Dog Training Evaluation

After speaking with you on the phone, we’ll set-up an in-person dog training evaluation. This evaluation will last approximately thirty (30) to 45 minutes in duration. We’ll evaluate your dog, go over the training program & answer any questions you may have.

Step #3: Drop Off (untrained dog)

Assuming everything goes well and you’ve decided to Join the Dedicated Dog Training Team, you’ll drop your dog off with us to begin his or her three (3) to 4-week doggie boot program.

Step #4: Pick Up (Well-trained dog!)

At the completion of your doggie boot camp, your dog will have returned to you FULLY trained! We will then transfer the power and control to you via a private dog training lesson approximately ninety (90) minutes to two (2) hours in duration.
You’ll be AMAZED at how EASY our dog training system is, BUT, it doesn’t have to stop there!

Step #5: Supplemental Dog Training Lessons

Although, not many of our pet dog owners have the need to take advantage of our weekly dog training which take place in Nassau & Suffolk Counties, you’re more than welcome to join us to hone in on your dog training skills, learn more, ask questions and MUCH MORE!


Impress Family, Friends, Neighbors & Strangers With Dedicated Dog Training!


With a FULLY trained dog, a TRAINED owner and the option to participate in dog training lesson on Long Island, you and your family will turn the heads of family, friends, neighbors & strangers when they see you and your teammate (dog) coming!

If you’re struggling with dog aggression and would like to learn more about our dog behavior modification program, we’d be happy to walk you through your dog training options.

Please If your puppy is less than 5 months, please refer to our puppy training obedience venue

Deluxe Dog Boot Camp (Long Island, New York & All of New York City Boroughs)

This is Top Of The Line Pro Dog Training ! The Gold Standard !!

Email Directly at: or phone us at (516) 512-9111 to receive details

3 week Doggie Boot Camp

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