Suffolk County Dog Training

Do you want to learn how to train your dog like the professionals do?   Did you know that dog training is SO MUCH MORE than just a bunch of commands?  Our training in Suffolk will help you to achieve the highest level possible with your dog.  We’ll share our system to provide you with real world results.

Controlling Hyperactivity

Would you like to be able to control your dog’s excessive hyper outbursts?  You’re not along.  Many Suffolk County dog owner’s have accomplished remarkable results through our successful training system.

We understand how to channel that hyper behavior into something more productive for your dog & you.  Jumping, excessive nipping & barking can be controlled.  We show you how.



Get Your Dog's Attention

The first step is to get your dog’s focus.  In our experience, a fair number of dog trainers on Long Island can do this.  The more difficult part, but most rewarding part is to maintain that attention.  This is one of the most simplest observations one can make.  Yet, there is very little time spent on this.

Getting your dog’s focus & keeping it – is the foundation to success!  With our cutting-edge dog training system, we make it possible.

Dog training with James

Train side by side with James in Suffolk to learn the tricks of the trade. Yes, dog training has technical parts to it. If you have a certain temperament dog, you can learn how to train the SIT or DOWN command on Youtube.

Our dog training Suffolk County program is much more than a sit or down command. You want a dog that is reliable under distraction. Perhaps, off-leash control. Our dog training program provides you with the ins & outs of training dogs. You will not learn this online.


Want to Understand Dog Training?

Are you ready to roll-up your sleeves and adventure into learning how to train your dog? We hope so. Because our dog training program has you doing most of the work. Yep! That’s right. Our private dog training lessons in Suffolk County consists of us training you how be your dog or puppy’s trainer.

Our unique program yields unique results. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good a trainer is because he or she doesn’t come home with you. Your puppy or dog needs to respond to you. That begins with us!

What Are We Teaching You?

The core of our successful obedience training is communication reliability. The language is obedience commands. This is not a secret, but having your dog respond in different environments under distraction is. Are you ready to get down to business and learn how to communicate with your dog? Are you ready to really bond & develop a training relationship with your dog?

To do this, we will apply the: come, sit, down, stay, heel, yes & no commands.

* We work on one or (2) commands per session at our Suffolk dog training field before you go home to practice.

What Can I Expect?

This is where we lose most! We know how to train dogs. Our job is to pass knowledge to you. Of course, we’ll prove our competence by training your dog. We will share how we do this with you. Your dog will respond better to you before leaving the training session.

You will practice what we taught. When you feel that you have reached reliability, we will schedule your next training session so we can review & move on to new material.

* training is ongoing for the life of your dog, you should know this. Clients that understand this are the ones that excel for years to come!

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