Are You Ready?

Thanks SO MUCH for considering us to help you exceed your dog training goals!  We have helped many puppy & dog owners to create that special relationship with their canines.  That said,  through our experience and speaking with you we’ll determine what we believe to be the BEST course of action to provide you with the MOST OPTIMAL obedience training results.

Here’s the catch – YOU must implement our training.  Reliable training is as good as YOU are at being consistent & committed.

Initial 2 Lessons $395/2 hours (NON-Aggressive)

You come to us – Huntington area
Age: 5 months & older
Type: Non-aggressive
Each lesson after is $50 per 30 minutes.

Teach your dog: come, heel, down, sit, stay, no, yes, good commands, place command.

On and off-leash training; low-high level of distractions
* cost of equipment not included

Initial 2 Lessons $495/2 hours (non-aggressive)

We come to You!
Age: 5 months & older
Type: Non-Aggressive
Each lesson after is $95 per hour.

Teach your dog: come, heel, down, sit, stay, no, yes, good commands, place command.

Learn how to control & manage become your dog’s trainer through obedience commands.
* cost of equipment not included

Lesson Structure

What separates us from many of our competitors is we train YOU how to train your dog.

Our lessons are structured as follows:

First 3rd of the lesson we are training with your dog as we give you instruction.

2nd 3rd: we are both working with your dog

last 3rd: It is all YOU.

At the end of the day, your dog needs to listen to you

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What's Covered in a Lesson?

Each Lesson we will train one or two (2) command/behaviors.

We will give you homework/plan for you to immediately go home & begin practicing.

When you feel that you have met a milestone of 90% or so, you will schedule your next lesson.

What Commands & Behaviors Can Be Worked on?

jumping, leash pulling, excessive barking, hyper-behavior, sit/down/stay, come (recall command), yes, no, good commands, off-leash (once a certain level of training is achieved) place command, dog advice on anything: separation anxiety, reactivity, potty training, etc….

What Guarantee Do You Offer?

We do not offer any guarantees.  We are teaching you how to train your dog.

We’ll be honest, dog training is not for everyone – it requires a certain level of commitment & consistent to succeed.

We can give you the tools and knowledge, but the rest is up to you!

Do I Get to Pick What We Work On?

For the MOST part (except “maybe” for aggression), Yes.

If there is a command or behavior based on your dog’s temperament that we believe should be inserted within a certain sequence we will advise on that.

Why Do You Essential Go Lesson by Lesson?

As mentioned above, obedience training is not for everyone.

Instead of getting locked into a lengthy program only to find out obedience training is not what you’ve expected.

This will save you time & money.

Many of our clients, turn into long-term members; you have the option to go as far as you want without the BIG commitment of a lengthy program.


Support, Support & After Hour Support

We are VERY BIG on Support.

We are by your side during and in between training sessions.

We Strongly Encourage you to get in touch  should you need additional guidance or have any questions or concerns on anything that we’ve covered during our lesson (or anything else about your dog!)


Your 1st step in potentially becoming a member of our team is to schedule your complimentary 15 minute or so, phone session (click here to schedule)

This session will provide an opportunity for us to furnish lesson details & answers any questions that you may have.

Most importantly, will help decide if we’re a fit for each other before moving forward with the initial two (2) lessons.


Assuming all went well during our phone session, we’d schedule the in-person initial two (2) lessons.

During these lessons we’ll provide an evaluation of your dog while speaking more in detail about your training goals before jumping into hands on training!


Prior to the start of the initial two (2) training sessions, payment will be secured.

Subsequent lessons are on a “pay as you go” venue.

We look forward to helping you exceed your training goals!

A Little More Information:

The truth about reliable, long lasting dog training is similar to raiding a child.  It is more than teaching them something once or twice even 10 times; you have to make sure they understand it, but also ensure that they do it.

If you’re consistent enough, the behaviors that you have to call upon can become habit.

Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about our training philosophy to determine if it is in-line with you.

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