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With so many dog trainers in Nassau County to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?  Most pet dog owners spend a considerable amount of time researching dog training schools.  Their goal is to ensure that they hire the perfect dog trainer for their puppy or dog. 

If you find you find yourself seeking the best Nassau County dog training school for your beloved canine, we have provided some tips & tricks of what to and what NOT to look for.

What Kind of Dog Training Are You Seeking?

First and foremost, it is important that you realize that certain dog trainers excel in certain training venues.  One dog trainer in Nassau County may be ideal for puppy training.  Another dog trainer may be better suited for canine behavior modification, executive personal protection, or sports dog training.

Nassau County Puppy Trainers to Consider

While we offer virtual workshops for puppies under 4.5 months old, designed to share professional years of experience on how to be successful, we understand that many puppy owners’ in Nassau, prefer in-person training lessons.  For this type of training venue, we’d like to recommend that you find a dog trainer that uses motivation and positive reinforcement as this is the teaching phase of obedience training.

What Breed Is Your Dog?

Although, we believe this is giving to much weight, it does matter.  And it is important.  Some Nassau County dog trainers excel with training German Shepherds, Malinois or Rottweilers.  Look at what type of breed they are most familiar with.  This can be done by viewing dog training videos, reading feedback, sending an email, etc….

What are Their Dog Training Methods?

This you must be careful with.  Some of the “best” dog training methods are not necessarily the best training method for you.  This is extremely important.  Sometimes using food can be a great method, but if you are reluctant to use food to train – that is not the best method for you – you would be less likely to maintain training consistency.  Therefore, results will not be optimal.

In-Home Dog Training Nassau County Lessons Vs Board & Train

Many dog trainers have transitioned to board and train programs for dog training.  These training programs have different features & benefits. However, this type of advanced dog training comes with a price tag.  In most cases, private dog training lessons that accompany this venue too.

Because of the increased cost & time spent away from their dog many Nassau dog owners opt for in-home dog training lessons.  However, these two obedience training venues should be considered.

Best Dog Training in Nassau County, Not Best Fit

This happens more than you believe.  And this is a hard one to swallow.  This takes place when you like everything about the dog trainer’s results, recommendations, videos, but when you finally meet – you are not feeling it!  There is no chemistry.  It becomes a struggle.

We recommend that you place the same (if not more) weighting on how you like (or don’t like) the trainer.  This to us, is even more important.  Here’s the deal.  If you do not feel that you’re a fit it will impact the training for many reasons, but in short, people do not like taking advice from people they do not like.

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