Dog Training Nassau County

Our dog training lessons in Nassau County are for pet ‘ENTHUSIASTS’ who want direction on how to train their own dog. This is more of a program and requires a level of commitment to obtain Great results! Our dog training lessons require you to be:

Motivated, Committed, A Good Student who is willing to take direction

dog training lessons Nassau County

Learn the Secrets to Handling your dog confidently by training side by side with a Pro!

  • Heeling (walking nicely)
  • Come Command
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Place (dog bed) command
  • Controlling your dog at public venues
  • Teaching your dog how to calm when you need
  • Yes & No Commands
  • Proper use of e-collar & training collars
  • How to transition from lure to reward
  • Controlling your dog during distractions/li>
  • Nipping
  • Controlling your dog while entertaining
  • A constant “attetention seeking” dog
  • Boundary setting
  • Proper off-leash behavior
  • House training advice
  • Competetive obedience
  • Proper relationship secrets
  • How to properly read your dog
  • When to use prasie & when not to

2 weeks dog board and train 1995

Email: or Call us at (516) 512-9111 to learn if this is the best Nassau dog training program for you!

1) you to do a lot of the work AFTER we train both you & your dog on-site
2) and teach you how to practice at home

We provide oral and written details for your guidance and your homework.

Your consistent reinforcement is essential for this training to be successful

Unlike our in-home dog training lessons on Long Island which are dedicated to pet owners that are struggling with a few behaviors relavent to their environment, this program is ideal for the dog training enthusiast. Want to be your dog’s trainer and learn the secrets to reliable obedience training?If this sounds like you, then our on-site dog training Nassau County lessons may be a perfect fit.

Our Dog training in Nassau County takes place in the Wantagh and Levittown, New York area of Long Island. Additionally, on-site dog training (when you come to Dedicated Dog Training it is LESS expensive than having a dog trainer come to you.

That said, besides being more affordable, there other major dog training benefits by training with us in Nassau County!

Dog Training in Nassau County Lessons Vs In-Home Dog Training

There are many benefits to training outside of your dog’s home or environment. Here are some advantages that you may want to consider when deciding on an obedience training platform for your dog or puppy:

1) When training dogs something new, many times it is easier to remove them from the enviroment that promotes the unwanted behavior which may have prompted your call.

2) It is easier to get and maintain your dog’s attention because they will be dependent on you in unfamiliar territories

3) There is less distraction for the dog and the pet owner when training outside the home so we can get MORE done in a lesson saving you Money and Time.

How Does The Nassau County Dog Training Program Work?

Here at Dedicated Dog Training, we believe in keeping it Simple. If you opt to train on-site with us, this is how it works:

a) Email Us or call us in Nassau County (516) 512-9111
b) Show up
c) and train!

Note: Although, we can train anyway you like, we will make suggestions based on our level of experience and your dog training situation on what we beleive to be the MOST cost effective, Reliable & easist to implement.

Additionally, for those that want to use remote training collar (electronic collars) in their training we will suggest the best remote collar for you to obtain (please do not buy one before meeting with us).