Dog Training Lessons

Long Island Dog Training (Lesson by Lesson)

Have a few dog obedience training problems that you need resolved? This can often be handled in a couple of dog training lessons. Below are lesson by lesson options that provide solutions to your canine training needs. Please feel free to contact Dedicated Dog Training.
In-Home Dog Training Lessons
Ideal for the dog owner that has one or two (2) main obedience issues taking place in and around the home that they need resolved. This is not limited to: nipping, mouthing, chewing, digging, and jumping. Dedicated Dog Training currently offers in-home dog training lessons to residence of Long Island and Queens. These lessons take place in your home and around your home. We can also extend these lessons to dog parks, place of work, friends home, baby sitter, etc…. After all, this is usually where ninety (90) per cent of your dog obedience challenges are occurring. Learn more about our in home dog training lessons. If you reside outside of Long Island, you may opt for our private dog training lessons below which require you to visit Dedicated Dog Training in Nassau County. Additionally, if time is of the essence and you can’t seem to get way for our private obedience training in, you may consider our board and train Long Island program that predominantly takes place in Levittown, East Meadow, Wantagh areas.

Private Dog Training Lessons on Long Island
Our private dog training lessons in Nassau County are for potential clients that reside outside of Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well as Queensboro. Private dog training lessons are ideal for dog owners that reside in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan. These dog owners often will take a small road trip to train side by side with the best dog trainers on Long Island. However, we also understand that time is of the essence with many New Yorkers. Because not everyone has the time to travel or even to participate in the obedience training process of their dog or puppy, we offer dog boot camp options that take place on Long Island. Many Staten Island and Manhattan dog owners choose doggie boot camp. have opted for this awesome jump start to a well-mannered dog! Discover how our private dog training lessons can help you and your dog.

Dog Obedience Training Lessons (Packages)

Dog training lessons can be grouped into packages saving you money. Obedience packages are designed for:

    • The dog owner that has more than a few issues they need corrected and
    • For your dog enthusiast that has no pressing issues but, wants to take a proactive approach to training with their dog or is seeking advanced dog training on and off leash.

….Below are two (2) obedience training packages to address your dog training needs:
Basic Dog Training
Our basic dog training package can be done in your home if you reside in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens. If not, feel free to visit Dedicated Dog Training on Long Island to participate in this obedience training program. Our basic obedience training package includes five (5) to seven (7) obedience training lessons which will be determined at the evaluation. Perfect for the dedicated dog owner who has several issues they need a resolution for.

These issue are not limited to: nipping, jumping, counter-surfing, digging, heeling, coming when called, and calming down when meeting people and more. It should be noted, these lessons are leash based and are proportionately different from our on and off leash dog training program below. You can acquire more information on our basic obedience dog training package over here!
Advanced Dog Training
After passing an evaluation your dog will be able to participate in our advanced dog training program which is on and off leash obedience training. Usually comprising of ten (10) to 12 lessons. Our advanced obedience is geared for on and off leash training in Long Island, NY (this includes all the boroughs) Learn more about what our advanced dog training has to offer you, your family and dog.
Please note: All the above dog training lessons and programs are not for dogs with phobias, we have behavior modification programs for canines experiencing phobias.

Contact – Dedicated Dog Training

If you should require additional information on how our Dedicated Dog Training lessons can solve your dog obedience issues please feel free to give us a call at (516) 512-9111 or email us directly at: We look forward to giving you the dog of your dreams.