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    Dog Training Lessons, Long Island

    Typically, our dog training lessons take place on our Suffolk County, outdoor training field.  These lessons are usually subsequent to either our 2 week dog boot camp or our elite dog board and train Long Island program.

    Dog Training Lessons

    How Many Dog Training Lessons?

    You can expect anywhere from 3-4 lessons.  Our dog training lessons last about 45-60 minutes in duration.  During that time period, both the dog trainer and you will be handling your dog.  Towards the later lessons, you will be handling your puppy or dog more than the dog trainer.

    Dog Training Lesson Goals

    Our dog training lessons on Long Island consists of obedience command training: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Yes, etc…. What we pride ourselves on is being able to have your dog respond to these command in low-med-high level distraction as well on and off-leash training depending on suitability and desired program level.
    Our goal is to transfer the training to you!

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