Dog Separation Anxiety

Dedicated Dog Training understands the frustrations, sadness & other emotions that this phobia presents to many dog owners. Our Long Island dog training school has helped many puppy owners to mitigate/prevent the onset of separation anxiety in puppies which ultimately leads to dog separation anxiety. Our programs are QUICK & EASY to implement (you have to stay the course though)

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If you have a dog or puppy that exhibits these behaviors, the worst thing you can do is to procrastinate before receiving professional help; the problem usually does not disappear on its own, more than likely, it will worsen.

Usually, there are many things that dog owners of canines with separation anxiety can be doing better to obtain BETTER results. Dedicated Dog Training will devise a step by step plan that is easy to follow to help you in making your dog’s and your anxiety better!

Note: Before scheduling your appointment you must understand that there are many degrees with puppy and dog separation anxiety; therefore, the benefit that we provide will vary as well – there are no quick fixes and no guarantees.

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Dog Separation Anxiety – Consultation & Workshop

Our consultation & workshop for pet owners having a puppy or dog with separation anxiety takes place in your home, place of business or any area where your dog is displaying the behavior. Lasting approximately ninety (90) minutes in duration we will obtain relevant information from you & set up scenarios and triggers before recommending a game plan for you to execute.


What is Dog Separation Anxiety?

A good way to think of separation anxiety in dogs would be to compare it to a child that is having a difficult time going into kindergarten; he or she has been with the mother for their first three (3) or four years and now has to be separated from the mom. Some children will be OK after the first day or so, and others, well, as we know depending on the genetics (the child’s personality) and the environment (his exposure level away from mom prior to kindergarten) will assist in determining how fast or slow his integration into kindergarten will be. Dog separation anxiety can kind of be viewed in the same way!

Dog’s can also have separation anxiety from being removed from another dog or even a cat in the home. Dedicated Dog Training has observed this Long Island dog separation anxiety many times. Dog to dog separation anxiety is a combination of genetics (the canine has the trait in its genes) as well as environmental (the way we’re raising two (2) or more puppies in the same home).

Need Help With Your Dog or Puppy Separation Anxiety?

If you need help with your dog or puppy separation anxiety feel free to book your canine separation anxiety workshop with Dedicated Dog Training by sleecting a date and time that works for you below.