Dog on Dog Aggression at Home

Many households experience dog on dog aggression at home.  This type of dog aggression can be extremely
frustrating compared to other types of aggression in canines. 
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There are many reasons why, here are some of the most prevalent:

1) Acceptance

2) More time consuming

3) Greater chance of altercation



Accepting Dog on Dog Aggression at Home

One of the main reasons dog on dog aggression at home is so difficult for pet owners to get a grasp on is that they’re not ready to accept this. Many times, it was not something that started out that way. Sure, there may have been tell tale signs, but incidents were probably far & few between with much less severity.

Perhaps, the triggers were more identifiable too.
So, yes, accepting dog on dog aggression at home can become a BIG reason why pet owners regrettably find themselves rehoming one of their dogs, one of their dogs becoming a victim and even themselves or another human acquiring injuries while trying to break up a dog fight.

The Secret to Success with Dog on Dog Aggression at Home is Management & Control.

With older dogs or dogs that have been rehearsing this aggressive behavior at home for a while, it is more about managing the dog’s aggression by controlling the home environment. Often, this is hard to swallow, especially if the dogs once got along.

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Because this is not what we’d like, we often “HOPE” that things will go back to normal; however, this HOPE is at the dog’s expense. Because if we’re not ready to accept that “management” & “control” is going to have to be part of the equation going forward that means we’re probably not implementing these controls and incidents are still occurring.

Unfortunately, many pet owners that experience dog on dog aggression at home with their dogs are reluctant or don’t have the means to put in place the proper controls and will continue to search for the dog trainer that is going to magically fix their dogs aggression in the home. In Dedicated Dog Training’s experience, this is highly unlikely with TRUE dog aggression.

Dog on Dog Aggression at Home, More Time-Consuming vs Other Dog Aggression Types

Any dog owner that has experienced or is going through dog on dog aggression at home will tell you how time consuming and frustrating it is.
They constantly feel as if they are walking on eggshells. They become very anxious when certain situations present themselves.

This for many, especially with homes that have children & busy daily schedules can be very difficult to manage.
Dog on dog aggression at home not only poses a problem for the resident children, but for visiting friends as well. Busy schedules are more prone to error than less intense schedules.

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Dog on Dog Aggression in the Home, Greater Chance of Altercation

Compared to other aggressions, such as, but not limited to dog on dog aggression outside of the home (where your dog becomes aggressive towards other dogs) or people aggression to others outside of the home is much easier to manage. 

You can pick your time of day & your route to walk.  Additionally, because of the environment, usually, there is a greater level of supervision & management: dogs are leashed, there is one owner to a dog & the distance is usually greater – this help a lot with controlling your dog’s aggressive behavior and outcome.

However, this type of supervision is usually diminished greatly with dog on dog aggression at home.  Often there are times that there is ONLY one adult in the home, and this becomes exceedingly difficult (sometimes dangerous too) to manage their dogs.

Also, there is that “ACCEPTANCE” issue that gets in the way so many times as well.
So, what how does an owner address their dog’s aggression towards each other at home?

How to Address Dog on Dog Aggression at Home

Like MOST obedience training (or any training for that matter) it is not so much about the technique, it is about the information. Our Long Island based school has been helping families address dog aggression for a long time.

If we had to pick one of the biggest obstacles people face with addressing their dog’s aggression is accepting that they can’t FIX it.
The clients that succeed are the ones that are not only ready to accept it, but the dog owners that are ready roll-up their sleeves and actually listen to the dog behaviorists or obedience trainers advice on how to address it through:

1. Identifying triggers

2. Management

3. Controlling the environment

4. Time management

5. Rewriting the script

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