Dog Boot Camps, Who Are They Good For?


A dog boot camp is NOT good for every puppy or dog owner; however, dog boot camps can be perfect for the right pet owner. If you’re the dog owner that is:

      1. Dedicated to your dog;
      1. Actively Engaged with your pet;
      1. Consistent;
      1. Believes that dogs and people are different;
      1. Understands REINFORCEMENT on your part is more than NECESSARY to maintain your dog’s training
      1. Realize that dog boot camps provide you a head start to your dog or puppy’s training

Then a dog boot camp may be the PERFECT option for your obedience needs!

Many dog owners that we encounter on Long Island as well as in the New York City Boroughs from Manhattan to Queens explain how well or how much their canine’s performance improved after successfully completing their dog boot camp on Long Island with Dedicated Dog Training!

We know, this sounds like we’re patting ourselves on the back for a job well done! We are, but not in the manner you may suspect – it’s not the training that we’re applauding, it is our ability to HONESTLY & CLEARLY communicate to the dog or puppy’s owners on what we can do for them, but just as important what we can’t.

After careful review and years of experience, we’re not so sure that it’s all about the training as much as it is about the human communication prior the board and train enrollment which yields the optimal results and experience for our dog training members as well as our pet owners!

The communication and honesty from our Nassau County based obedience training school for sure reduces the amount of business that we do, especially with our dog boot camps. Let’s be honest, MOST pet owners, NOT ALL, but many are seeking a dog boot camp because they don’t really want to put in the work (training).

Dog Trainers Job in a Dog Boot Camp

Here is where the confusion lies in dog boot camps:

Dog Owner
The dog owner believes when their dog is returned after a doggie boot they will have this dog regardless of:

      • Age;
      • Temperament;
      • Owner dedication
      • Consistency be the dog owner
      • Other animals in the dog’s house
      • Small children
      • Hogh levels of distraction of traffic in the household

And the list can run on and on!

After all, isn’t this why they spent all this money and times away from their dog?

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